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God calls everyone to himself so that one can know Him personally and follow him (Niswender, 2012). He calls us for a particular reason and purpose. This vocation or calling has implications on occupation and including our giftedness, our weaknesses, and the way we run our lives in the society. This report endeavors to explain about what I believe is my calling, the lessons I have learned from the course and in what ways my assumptions, knowledge, critical thinking and behaviors have changed as a result of this course.

I have learned to identify my purpose as a human being. According to Gordon Smith, one should discover his or her vocation by listening to God's call and ensuring that you become a coworker with God. I have appreciated my need to live with my vocation in the midst of moral challenges and difficult relationships. I have learnt different ways of competing demands and needs and ways on which I can design a balanced way of living.

God's calling according to the Bible

Our calling can be durable and profound sure in our hearts (Smith, 2011). It is God's work to bring an individual's heart to a conviction point that everything, including Scripture is the path of obedience. Conviction is infallible and if it comes from God with peace. God awakens such a calling in ten different ways. The only infallible means is the Bible while the rest are relative. However, any of them can be overridden by the rest. Combining these factors act as fuel by which God uses to manifest his callings on people.

I have learnt to know my Bible and to saturate my mind with it

The Bible has shaped my mind for mission durability and makes me burn for Christ. This is according to (Luke 24:32). God tells us that he has a purpose for everyone: He knew us even before we existed. Besides, he had consecrated us and appointed us as prophets to the nations even before our coming into the earth. This is according to Jeremiah 1:5.

From this course, I have realized that my calling is to serve God in every possible way. According to 2 Peter 1: 10-11, the Bible tells us to make our election and calling was certain. Practicing these qualities, guarantees our success. This way an entrance to the eternal kingdom of our Savior Jesus Christ will be provided for us. The Bible also appeals to us to present our bodies as a living sacrifice that is acceptable and holy to God. This is according to Romans 12:1-21 that insists not be conformed to this world, but should be transformed by the renewal of one's mind. Through testing, one can discern the will of God, and what is perfect, acceptable, and good (Smith, 2008).

I have known myself and the gifts I have

According to 1 Peter 4: 10-11, everyone has gifts. I have realized that knowing my gifts shapes my convictions about my calling. Besides, knowing myself deepens my sense of fitness to various ministries as exemplified by Paul in (Romans 7:15-24).

Reading missionary frontline and biography stories

The Bible treats biblical heroes of faith as inspirations divinely appointed for the awakening of ministry and vision. According Hebrews 13:7, everyone is surrounded by witnesses and that we should lay aside every sin and weight that clings closely to us. We are encouraged to run with endurance every single task that we face (Hebrews 12:1).

Other callings

Other callings include commerce and business, education and arts. In business and commerce

Working within organizations to increase the success capacity of the organization

The key to a profitable business and financial success are not the systems or strategies of the firm. What counts is the skill and character of individual managers who recognize their role in coaching employees and motivation of employees in the company. This is all about character and courage, according to Gordon Smith. The manager's role is usually the key to motivation. According to a recent survey, successful organizations usually score better on every part of employee attitudes. In most cases, employee attitudes cause financial results.

I have learnt that if a business wants its staff to make numerous amounts of money for them, it has to set high standards and give its workers something to get excited about. These workers must be managed by a trustworthy individual who cares about the business and people in general. It also requires that a person must act with integrity (Ramsey, 2003).

I have learnt that for every business to success and increase in profitability level, managers and the organization must have certain qualities and characteristics. They must portray the courage and character in every sense. The first one is that the client's priority should be the top most priority for every organization. Secondly, no room for those individuals that put their personal interests ahead of the interests of others should be closed. Thirdly, the management should ensure that those that contribute to the overall success of the organization are highly rewarded. This motivates the employees in the organization. The work of the management is to ensure that they bring out the best in every employee. It should encourage the staff to develop and learn new skills in every way (Ramsey, 2003). The managers should ensure that a significant amount of money and time is invested in bringing out the best of employees.

I have learnt that for every business to succeed, all employees should treat each other with the utmost respect (Ramsey, 2003). The quality of management on the client's projects is uniform. According to this, managers in every organization should not only ensure that the strategy, vision, or mission developed, but must also ensure that the well-being of the clients and employees is protected well. I have realized that managers should play a key role in the motivation of its workers this way they will discover their roles and talents.

Managers are supposed to act as though they are part of the team and not just be the boss of it. They should reduce the emotional gap between themselves and the rest of the employees and minimize the trappings of the office. Employees need to feel the management is a crucial part of them and should routinely help and participate in the work. Managers should be readily available to every single person who has a problem, whether personal or work-related. I have learnt that every single should ensure that they stand up for something and stick to them


I have learnt that for me to live a normal and free person I should embrace the concept of freedom. Freedom is equivalent to liberty and normally divided into several subcategories. It is usually the external right of every human being. It requires that every human being should respect the dignity of others by practicing ethical and legal right of being free. Political freedom allows individuals to participate in political activities of a particular state freely. In developing countries, political freedom is a rare thing. When citizens are denied the chance to make decisions about the government, then there is a lack of political freedom.

The individual freedom is usually related to personal liberties and rights. It is the most important type and matters to every single person. Some countries fail to provide their citizens with complete individual freedom. Resultantly, these countries face tough resistance from their citizens. Where an individual freedom is denied, a nation's development is negatively affected.

Physical freedom ensures that a person moves from one place to another freely. Most people in the world enjoy this form of freedom. Economic freedom is freedom that allows a person to work where he wants, and can sell and buy services and goods freely. It also means that one…[continue]

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