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Information system refers to the combination of software, infrastructure, hardware, and trained personnel in an organized manner with the aim of facilitating planning, control, decision-making, and coordination within the context of an organization. This indicates that information systems are vital components towards the achievement of the goals and objectives in the modern economies especially facilitating the aspect of international expansion and globalization. It is ideal to note that there are tens of millions of small enterprises in the context of developed and developing nations. Statistics indicates that approximately 90% of the firms in the developing nations are micro and small enterprises. These enterprises are vital in the creation of about 90% of employment cases across the globe. The main objective of this research exercise is to evaluate the influence of the information systems on the global e-commerce entities.


Globalization has led to the generation of a competitive and globalized world thus the need for the medium sized enterprises to compete effectively and efficiently with the aim of boosting economic and export earnings. E-commerce is also an emerging concept in the modern society because of the increase in the integration of information systems. These entities are essential in the creation of wealth through contribution to the gross domestic product and global market. E-commerce should also contribute towards increment of the employment opportunities and income levels thus an opportunity towards minimization of poverty in the developing nations.

The internet is known as one of the valuable means of communication in relation to the provision of possibility for interaction: one-to-one communication and email means. For others, web has developed into primary information resource for the purposes of broadcasting and one-to-many communication. It is essential to note that information on the web is either public relations or product specific information with the aim of increasing the awareness of the consumers in relation to the available products in the market. Like in the case of the traditional marketing media, the information on the web is free of charge. It is essential to note that various companies in the generation of information focus on the new possibilities. In the execution of their duties, they face severe challenges due to ineffectiveness and inefficiency of the information systems.

E-commerce is an emerging concept in a new way with the aim of helping business enterprises to compete effectively and efficiently in the market thus contribution to the economic success. E-commerce has the ability to generate economic growth, increased business opportunities, quality competition, and better accessibility to the diverse markets. In the modern economy, e-commerce lack sufficient knowledge of how investment would benefit their business thus helping them develop competitive advantage. Adoption and integration of the technical and communication infrastructure has led to massive development and rapid growth in the e-commerce across the globe.

Information systems and technology refers to the study, creation, utilizing, and management of computer-based information systems in the form of software and hardware applications. It is essential to note that information systems are not limited to the computers. There has been development of technology in diverse fields in the forms of PDAs, cell phones, and other critical handheld services. This has led to rapid transformation of the information systems and technology from the compartmentalized computer-focused areas to the elements of mobile technology. The field of information systems and technology is very large in the modern global society because of the advanced technological environment. There are various persons working in this developing field such as computer hardware and software designers, computer engineers, and expertise with the aim of maintaining large computer networks as well as database systems. Information systems professionals maintain databases for the diverse organizations with the aim of making sure that the systems are updated and efficient in their operations. They have the obligation of solving problems as well as monitoring overall health of the systems in order to resolve computer problems for instance viruses and systems crashes.

E-commerce refers to the application of the current and emerging information and technologies with the aim of executing business. This indicates that the e-commerce include substantive technologies like the landline telephone and fax, electronic mail, and other essential internet-based services. Despite this definition, e-commerce is not just about the new technologies. E-commerce is vital in helping the support profitable business relationships with the aim of offering effective management and operation of the business enterprise. This is vital through integration of effective and efficient external interactions with consumers and clients as well as other suppliers and collaborators. It is also essential to note the need of mean improvement of internal business efficiency and emergence of the new products and services.

E-commerce has the ability to involve selling direct from the businesses-to-consumers (B2C Ecommerce). For instance, producers and tourism enterprises have already found success in relation to handling the needs and preferences of their direct consumers. It is also essential to note e-commerce is applicable between businesses (B2B Ecommerce). This is the most common type of e-commerce in the modern society because of various influences and profits generated by the business entities as they operate in such transactions.

Information systems have tremendous influence on the global aspect of the e-commerce business entities. One of the essential influences of the e-commerce is generation and development of globalization. Information systems and technology plays a critical role in bringing the world closer and together. The e-commerce has developed rapidly and consistently in relation to the emergence of the world's economy to become single interdependent system for the purposes of maximizing revenues and profits at the end of the financial year. E-commerce has led to the ability of business entities and consumers to share information effectively, faster, and efficiently under the influence of integrated information systems and technology. Globalization under the influence of the information systems has led to the elimination or eradication of challenges and barriers such as linguistic and geographic boundaries. Information systems have led to the generation of a global village thus elimination of the geographical barriers and territorial boundaries. For instance, there is enhanced communication between business entities and consumers in the context of the United States and Japan who are separated by distance, languages, and information. The integration of the information systems has been beneficial to the development and rapid growth of e-commerce as a consequence of globalization.

Information systems have also led to increase in the level, effectiveness, and efficiency of the aspect of communication. Advancements in technology have led to the transformation of the information systems with the aim of improving the level of communication through reduction of the cost, time, and challenges. E-commerce enjoys cheaper, quicker, and more effective and efficient communication with all persons and entities across the globe. This is through communication by text messaging and email interaction in order to address the needs and preferences of the consumers in the markets and industries of operation. Introduction of internet has led improvement of face-to-face direct communication from diverse parts of the world. The interaction has been effective and efficient because of the ability of the information systems to overcome the barriers of culture shocks and diversities as well as linguistic challenges. E-commerce has integrated video conferencing because of the advanced level of information systems. It is ideal to note that management of the information systems has led to the development of effective and efficient communication and interaction between the consumers and business entities. This has been the strongest point of the e-commerce in relation to the generation of wealth and employment opportunities for the purposes of enhancing the economies of the current developing and developed nations.

Information systems have also enhanced e-commerce through reduction of the cost of operations in the modern global economy. This is an indication that information systems are cost effective and efficient in addressing the needs and preferences of the consumers. Information technology and systems have led to the computerization of the business process thus streamlining processes and business entities. This is vital for the business entities to reduce the cost of their manufacturing and distribution processes and activities. Reduced cost of operations has led to the development of e-commerce thus the increase in the level of productivity as well as profits and revenues at the end of the fiscal year. This has also led to the increase in the level of better payment methods and improvement in the working conditions.

Information systems are essential in reducing the cultural gap thus rapid and consistent development of e-commerce. This is through facilitating interaction and communication between persons from different nations and cultural diversity in the process of business transaction and development. E-commerce has been critical towards the achievement of the goals and objectives of globalization because of the integration of information systems and management. This has also promoted exchange of views, ideas, and information on the concepts of the business productivity and distribution process. It is essential to note that organizations operating over the internet have generated maximum revenues while reducing the level of barriers and challenges always associated…[continue]

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