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At the same time, it also needs to be mentioned that one has to take a decision based on the consideration that whether the person has any individual choice of his/her own in the matter. One of the main reasons for developing such an attitude may be because of depression in the minds of the patient. This matter needs to be raised and decided by the doctor and medicines prescribed accordingly to the need. These medicines have to be given by force, to the patient, if necessary, if he is unwilling to take them. At the same time, one may also understand that when medicines are being forced down a patient's throat, the effects and situation of the mind of the patient makes the medicine to be less effective, unless otherwise it is a medicine which has enough direct physical action. All the developmental effects are being slowed down by the minds of the patients concerned. There are certain useful actions which the patient may be willing to do it himself and which will also help him. These are matters like exercise, acupuncture, relaxation and herbal therapy. (Ernst; Rand; Stevinson, 1998) These may be given to the patients as some sort of a bribe for the patient so that treatment can be done.

One of the areas wherein this type of a situation is being faced or is being found is for the patients who have been tested and confirmed as being HIV positive. The entire emotional state of mind of these patients is being disturbed as a result and they probably feel that they are emotionally drained, have a lack of potential development in future, and they think that they have purposeless existence. This probably makes them feel and ask to as to what is the point of their living and being in existence. This is clearly a form of a depressive symptom and has to be treated upon. The physician is probably trying to treat this through means of medicine, but if the patient does not take the medicine required then how will the treatment succeed and make the patient fit? Thus the efforts of the entire medical treatment have to be supplemented by the efforts of the nurse as the nurse is a person who is often able to become a confidant of the patient. The depressive symptoms in these cases are treatable, and interpersonal psychotherapy is generally very useful for individuals who have gone through these experiences. (Markowitz; Kocsis; Fishman; Spielman; Jacobsberg; Frances; Klerman; Perry, 1998) This is a matter where the nurse may take a leading role and bring in a suitable psychiatrist even as a personal friend, or a student doing some research, etc.


All diseases are hence a combination of both the results of mental and physical sickness, and this view has to be maintained by the nurse at all stages of the process. This is the reason why it is considered that placebos are given for the cure of patients who really require the mental conviction that they will be cured. In order to give them enough confidence that they are curable, even when they do not really feel that they do not have any sickness, placebos are given to these patients. The nurses are a thus a group who are being viewed by the patients as their friends and confidants unlike the doctors who are being viewed by them as experts. The nurse has to be patient and should nurse like a mother, sister or friend who is trying to help the patient.


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