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Jewelry Exhibition Plan

Exhibition Plan

Anderson & Sons Co. is a forty years old company specializing in diamond and platinum jewelry. It is planning to conduct an exhibition for its elite clients on 25th November, 2012. The idea of this exhibition is to present the new collection of Anderson & Co. And its strategic alliances to the respected customers. The jewelry collection is based on the theme of Christmas and will be released a month before this festival.

Our jewelry is designed by country's top designers who have worked with reputed brands like Tiffany, Swarovski, Chanel and Renaissance. Along with our creations, we will be presenting selected and limited work of other apparel with the idea of presenting exclusivity and style under one roof.

Location of the Exhibition

We are planning to arrange this event in one of the most reputed art galleries of the New York City, Luhury Augustine Gallery. The respective art gallery has been known for its exceptional location and interior. The art gallery can accommodate up to five hundred people other than the catering area which is a spacious hall itself and can be used for serving the refreshment.

Purpose of the Event

This event is not just an exhibition where the business clients and other customers can view our collection but also an opportunity to bring different businesses enterprises together under one roof and exploit this opportunity for enhancing the communication between the various service providers and vendors present in the Diamond industry.

Theme of the Exhibition

The current product line of Anderson & Co. is based on the Christmas theme, therefore the selected diamond range constitutes of Pink (which is the world's rarest diamond), Green and Red shades other than the traditional white cut diamonds. In order to brief the audience about the variety in diamonds and the quality of the varied products, our panel of experts would be available to advice and assist the audience (McKeever, 2005).

The theme of the exhibition is selected keeping in view that where Christmas is an event offering festivity and a chance to be happy, it is also an occasion where one wants to show others the affection and respect that they feel for them. On the other hand, it is also an occasion where our customers might just want to present themselves with an exclusive gift which would add value to the way they take care of themselves. Anderson & Co. wants to pamper its customers and offer them products which would help them show their loved ones that they care about them as Christmas is precisely the occasion to express this feeling. For our female customers, Christmas might be occasion where they have to meet their friends, family and acquaintances and a product from Anderson & Co. would just make additions to their stylish persona.

Where Christmas holds an integral value in the lives of many, it is also a neglected occasion which has not been exploited much by the diamond industry since it is considered as an exclusive luxury commodity. Therefore, Anderson & Co. would take a leap forward and present its customers another chance to feel happy, well taken care of and stylish at the same time on this occasion.

Extension of Business Relations

The concept of this exhibition is to facilitate the communication between the industry players and provide them a platform where they can discuss business opportunities in a comfortable, classy and chic environment while enjoying refreshment and cocktail. Where various market players will be present here, Anderson & Co. will be using this opportunity to extend its business to business relations, crossing borders and also penetrating into niche market segment comprising of corporate executives.

Exploration of New Markets

In addition to penetration into new market, we will be inviting our existing customers and they will be offered with exclusive deals related to our last and new collection. The very idea of this exhibition is to invite the loyal customers to view the exclusive limited edition of Anderson & Sons' latest diamond collection. During this exhibition, we will inviting various designers as well who would be advising the customers about the kind of jewelry that would some suit them considering their physical features and will also guide them about the art of matching jewelry with the outfit. The presence of designers would take this exhibition to the next level as other than just viewing the jewelry, the customers would be able to get guidance about styling from the reputed designers.


For this exhibition, Anderson & Co. is having limited sponsors since it is an exclusive exhibition which would be entertaining around five hundred people only. Keeping the theme of the exhibition in view, our sponsors only include the leading apparel brands. These brands include Gucci, LaCoste, Endel and Garcia. Since the theme of the exhibition is Christmas, therefore these sponsors would be displaying their exclusive outfits (only three per sponsor) in a separate hall (McKeever, 2005).

Exclusivity is the only point of concern for this exhibition. Therefore, the given sponsors of the exhibition would be displaying limited products of theirs and they will also present their designers on the panel for the purpose of providing professional advice to the attendees. These sponsors will also be offering special packages over their last season products and the give-aways would include the vouchers of discounts that can be availed by our respective customers while visiting their outlets or through online shopping (Pinson & Jonnet, 1995).

Issues of the Exhibition

Year-end Closures of the Businesses

The idea is to gather industry players, business corporate and our loyal customers under one roof on 25th November, 2012. Where we have contacted our corporate clients and business executives, we have come across a common issue that many of the companies are going through year-end audits and other closing activities; therefore attendees from many of them has not been confirmed however our PR department is in touch with them.

Price Differential as a Concern

It is also a general notion that since the jewelry presented by Anderson & Co. is exclusive therefore; the prices offered may be higher than the products offered in the showrooms which also a big turnoff.

Segregation of the Customer Base

Thirdly, where Anderson & Co. offers exclusivity, it does have a customer base segregated on the basis on income. Where the high income segment has shown an encouraging response, we are not sure about our marketing strategy about the other customers and also if having an exclusive exhibition would attract this customer base.

Management of the Event

In addition to that, there are also concerns related to management of the exhibition. Since the invitees include corporate customers and socialites, the good will of ours and the related sponsors is at stake. Although, we have a strategic alliance with New York's leading event organizer, Rafanelli organizers along with a 4-hat restaurant as our caterer but for unforeseen contingencies, we will also have our administration engaged during the event.

Security Concerns

There are security concerns as well. The guests expected during this exhibition are socialites and reputed corporate executives; therefore we need to pay extra attention towards the security measures. Furthermore, the jewelry is all diamonds, so we are obviously concerned about that as well. For parking and other services, we also need a special arena since the Art gallery management is taking responsibility for that.

Permission from the Municipal Corporation

Permission for the exhibition from the Municipal Corporation is yet to be taken. We have sent our request and the response is awaited.

Event Layout

The organization of the exhibition has already commenced with the date of the exhibition confirmed on 25th November, 2012, one month before the Christmas. The team is working on the plan and we are in touch with our event organizers and caterers (Pinson & Jonnet, 1995). Other arrangements and order of the event is as followed:

For the security purposes, we have contacted some reputed security agencies and have asked for their details. The service provider will be decided by 5th November, 2012.

The jewelry is in designing phase and it will be presented for approval on 30th September, 2012. After the approval, the production will begin on 2nd November, 2012.

The administration from our office is in constant liaison with our sponsors and we are also considering their ideas to be incorporated into our jewelry.

The invitations have been sent to the corporate clients and dependent on the responses received, the guest list will be finalized by 10th November, 2012. The list will be further shared with the security agency and also our event managers for necessary arrangements.

All the respective consultants and designers that are expected to be present on the exhibition for the purpose of providing necessary information to our audience will be finalized by 30th September, 2012.

The list of the individuals involved in the arrangements will be provided to the event managers from us, by 2nd November, 2012.

From 30th September, 2012 onwards, we…[continue]

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