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On one of its website, LG has a process map showing its certification process. The mapping starts with a request for examination for the certification process. The plan to examine the technology performance is assessed, the plant and the relevant vendors are looked at, and then the certification is approved or denied based on the empirical results (LG Sustainability, 2012). LG also has a blog that contains a set of frequently asked questions that educates blog readers on the different technologies in the television market, which ones are better and why, and how TV buyers can be energy efficient yet entertained at the same time (LG UK Blog, 2012).

LG has also implemented solutions at its factories and offices so that the manufacturing process can be accomplished both with an attention to quality but also a commitment to sustainability and efficient operations, even if the latter is not always the cheapest solution (LG Vietnam, 2012). LG has also openly shared that they are going to invest almost $7 billion on the use of solar power, EV batteries, LED's and water treatment technology both in its products and for the processes and infrastructure that goes into making these products (Redell, 2011). LG has also made light of its "Eco-Design" product features prevalent in many of their products including their televisions (LG Global, 2012).

External Supply Chain

LG vendors should be held to a higher standard if they wish to continue work with LG. Perhaps there are situations where LG cannot or should not be picky, but when multiple vendors are available for a manufacturing item, LG should hold the vendor to certain supply chain and sustainability standards or they should be discarded in favor of someone else. Engaging in business with a company with an non-established or shoddy environmental record is not acceptable as it will tarnish the sustainability reputation of LG. Examples of this in motion are efficient supply chain pathways for raw materials, use of fuel efficient vehicles or aircraft, use of recycled materials to be used in the manufacturing of new televisions and so forth.


At the end of the day, LG's main focus has to be, and should be, on gaining and maintaining a profit. If it cannot do that, it will not continue to survive. However, LG has the means and the motivation to be a good partner to the Earth and to its client base and this means that they must be as environmentally friendly as possible. The process of improving sustainability and effective global supply chain practices is an ever-evolving process and the changes simply cannot ever stop. LG must continue to sunset the use of products and fuels that are exhaustible in nature and must instead focus on the use of technologies and products that can be easily reproduced and recreated in pertpetuity so that the planet's vital resources are conserved and used in an efficient manner.

As noted throughout this report, the focus cannot only be on the actual TV sets themselves but also anything and everything involved in LG's daily operations ranging from the air conditioners at the offices, how their employees get to work and the conditions they endure, and the supplies and materials spent for activities related both to manufacturing and other activities.


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