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They handled the situations in case the way they did in order to improve customer experience and increase their loyalty.

This behavior is supported by Nordstrom's management that encourages its employees to exceed their job requirements when assisting customers. From this point-of-view, there are numerous differences between Nordstrom and most of its competitors. For example, Sears is one of the department stores that do not seem to pay that much attention to the quality of customer service. Sears' merger with Kmart was supposed to improve customer experience, but the numerous complaints from customers reveal a different situation. Customers complain about the modifications made within the stores, which confuse them, and make it difficult for them to identify the products they are interested in. Also, customers complain about the fact that the staff at Sears is not able to properly assist them.

3. The retailing mix used the company ensures the combination of strategies referring to product, price, place, promotion, presentation, and personnel. Each of these components is important for the company's success and is differently addressed by Nordstrom. The strategy for each of these components is directed towards improving customer service.

The product strategy is intended to identify customer segments, their characteristics, and their needs. The quality of these products must meet the standards imposed by the company and in accordance with its loyal customer requirements. Customers have the feeling that they can rely on the products that Nordstrom commercializes.

The pricing strategy is an interesting one at Nordstrom. Although its competitors focus on providing certain deals, smaller prices in order to attract customers and increase their sales volume, Nordstrom insists on maintain a medium to high level of prices. This is because the company does not want to introduce smaller prices that would lead to the conclusion that their quality is also lower.

The placing strategy is another important aspect addressed by the marketing mix. Nordstrom wants its customers to feel comfortable within the stores, and to easily find the things they are looking for. This is connected with the component referring to presentation. In other words, the company wants to create an environment within its stores where customers can feel comfortable.

However, the most important component of the retailing mix is represented by the personnel. The company's objective regarding customer satisfaction can be achieved with the help of its employees. Their behavior significantly influences the purchase decision.

4. The retailing environment determines several challenges that Nordstrom must address. For example, the strong competition in the field is the most important aspect that the company must deal with. These retail chains develop strategies based on cost effectiveness. By introducing lower prices for their products, Nordstrom's competitors are able to attract a high number of customers. But such customers are not loyal, because they usually intend to purchase from the cheapest store.

The fact that Nordstrom insists on maintaining its quality standards, is not helping the company increase its number of customers and market share. However, the strategy seems to allow the company to appeal its loyal customers. This means that the company's approach is correct for some of the customers.

5. The behavior of competitors in this field has modified in accordance with the behavior of customers. The economic situation has determined numerous customers to modify their purchase behavior. Given the fact that their incomes have reduced, customers orient towards cheaper products. Nordstrom is not able to address such needs. Also, customers' needs change rapidly, forcing the company to increase its efforts in identifying and satisfying their requirements. Many customers have made a habit out of chasing promotions. This is another aspect that Nordstrom insists on not addressing.

Nordstrom should also modify its marketing strategy, even if this means the company should pursue some of the strategies it has excluded. The company must adapt to the characteristics of the environment in order to maintain or improve its market share. This is because Nordstrom must follow the requirements imposed by customers and provide them the products and services they need in accordance with their possibilities. By doing so, the company would prove its interest in its customers' situation. Therefore, it is recommended that Nordstrom modifies some of its strategy in accordance with the actions of its competitors and customers.

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