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Jordan has said that "When the right situation comes up, it will happen. I'm very patient. I enjoy being home. I enjoy being with my kids and doing a lot of the things that I haven't had a chance to do" (What pp). Michael Bauman said that "Jordan was probably the one who got me watching basketball. I always tried to double-pump a jump shot like he did. I would always shoot an airball, because I wasn't strong enough. I was always amazed when I saw him do it" (Bauman pp).

In a 1993 interview with Ebony magazine, Jordan said, "For me, my job begins the moment I walk off the floor. It's everything that surrounds the actual playing of the games...a product endorser, an employee of the Chicago Bulls...dealing with the media. That's my job" (Jordan pp).

Critics, such as Michael Hunt, believed that Jordan stayed in the game too long, and in doing so, shed his "regal guise to become a mere symbol for what is wrong with the NBA...he has become just another selfish player whining about playing on a bad team as an ugly lawsuit portrays him as a hypocrite" Hunt pp). In May 2005, it was reported that Jordan's lawsuit accusing a woman of attempted extortion and the woman's counterclaim that he reneged on a promise to pay her $5 million in hush money are both headed back to Cook County Circuit Court, since the Illinois Supreme Court refused to hear Jordan's appeal (Illinois pp).

Jordan has appeared in several movies, including 1996 Space Jams (Michael4 pp). He appears on a myriad of products, such as wallpaper, trading cards, and screensavers (Products pp).

He has transcended his on-court achievements to become a corporate pitchman who hawks for giant companies like Coke, McDonald's and Nike (Crowley pp). Michael Jordan's 23.sportcafe is a vibrant and lively casual restaurant that celebrates his extraordinary career (Michael5 pp).

Sixteen-year-old Jeffrey Michael Jordan has no desire to be known as M.J. Jr. (Chavez pp). Jeffrey, Michael's son, is a 6-foot guard, who says that "People already compare me to him enough.... But I like the name. I'll take the pressure that goes with it" (Chavez pp). Jeffrey will be a junior at Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois, in the fall, is able to take the hoopla about his own fledgling basketball career in stride (Chavez pp). Following in those footsteps might intimidate most kids, but not Jeffrey, an all-conference selection as a sophomore, who says "To me, he's just my dad" (Marot pp). Jeffrey's number is 32, a reversal of his father's familiar No.23, and wherever he ends up, he knows he will never escape his father's shadow (Marot pp).

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