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Mobile computing devices can deliver data, insights, information, messages and updates in seconds globally, and as a result of this, customers are increasingly expecting this level of consistent performance of companies, regardless of when a request is made. Customer relationships as a result are becoming more interactive and like conversations (Bernoff, Li, and less like slower, more orchestrated and often "canned" or preplanned responses. Customers expect that the responses to their questions will be personalized, immediate, relevant, accurate, and reflect the totality of their history with a given company. In short, mobile platforms and the computing devices they support are revolutionizing markets to be more customer-centric than ever before and forcing companies to be more synchronized to their customers' changing needs as well. For those companies who keep pace with their customers' preferences and continually add value to customer relationships with useful and insightful information in addition to responsive service and support, profitability will be more attainable as customer churn will be reduced (Schierholz, Kolbe, Brenner, 881 - 883). Yet for organizations that fail to make these fundamental shifts in their customer strategies, they will over time be seen as less relevant and will eventually lose customers to competitors who have kept pace with how customers want to buy.

The multifaceted aspects of creating effective customer relationship management strategies using mobile computing platform and devices show strong potential to also increase customer loyalty (Sinisalo, Salo, Karjaluoto, Lepp?niemi, Studies indicate that the most effective CRM strategies that integrate mobile computing platforms and devices do so at the process level first, anticipating the unmet needs of customers and redefining process workflows accordingly (Stone, Hobbs, Khaleeli, 44, 45). The net result of this strategy is that each mobile-enabled and Web-enabled software application and process is made more useful, valuable and over time, profitable for customers to use. Enriching mobile- and Web-based applications with real-time data and intelligence significantly increases customer loyalty and leads to a more effective long-term customer retention strategy (Sinisalo, Salo, Karjaluoto, Lepp?niemi,

Companies getting the best results from supporting their customers on mobile computing platforms and devices concentrate first on how to streamline existing processes while enriching them with additional information from e-commerce, pricing, services and support…[continue]

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