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Is digital technology a "natural" consequence or product of human evolution?

Over the last several years, technology has been a major part of most peoples' lives. As, it has transformed how everyone is entertained, works and the way business is conducted. However, depending upon each individual their views as to: if this is a natural consequence or one of human evaluation will vary. The reason why, is because these transformations have occurred so fast that most people are unsure about what they mean or how to understand them. Instead, they will see the changes as something that they are enjoying. When this happens, it means that they will often forget about how the way things were before these shifts. To fully appreciate the changes requires determining if they were from natural consequences or human evolution. Once this occurs, is when we can be able to offer specific insights about how these shifts are impacting businesses and the kinds of products they are delivering.

In the field of Jewelry Design, this has been occurring through human evolution. This is when the knowledge of a professional working in the field increases to the point that they are able to use technology to improve the quality of their products. During this process is when they begin implementing different tools and programs to create artifacts that are very unique.

A good example of this can be seen by looking no further than the wrist watch. In the early 1970's, there were a number of innovations inside the industry using LED technology. This is when a crystalized battery was used to power the watch. At first, only a few features were offered such as: unique lights and displays for the watch. This is because, there were some problems in how small and inconvenient they were. Despite this fact, the innovations in technology had improved to the point that these watches began to sell more in comparison with those that have the traditional clock face. As they offered more functions, worked off of a battery and were considered to be stylish. Over the course of time, this lead to a shift in watch design, with most manufacturers focusing on: using this new technology to offer their customers a unique product that they are demanding. Once this occurred, it meant that LED watch purchases increased over those with a clock face. This is when many people began to associate the traditional images of clocks with LED displays. This is significant, because it is showing how in the field of Jewelry Design has been impacted by innovations in technology. The above example is highlighting how this occurred through human evolution. This is when there were tremendous amounts of learning taking place. That led to innovations, which transformed watch design. In this case, knowledge evolved to the point that designers began to create watches with more features (which is changing the entire marketplace). (Margolin 1989, pp. 115-116)

As a result the use of technology, during the jewelry design is a part of an underlying trend that has been occurring within the field of art. What is happening is technology is being used in conjunction with other traditional elements to create a new form of expression. Evidence of this can be seen with observations from Cox (1989). She found that when art is used in conjunction with new innovations in technology, it is creating another form of expression. Once this occurs, is when there is a transformation in how people are looking at the world around them. (Cox 1989, pp. 7-11)

In the case of jewelry designers, this is when a change will take place in the kinds of products that are sold to the public. Over the course of time, this will cause a shift to occur inside the markets. As these new innovations will transform the demand for the kinds of products they want to purchase. This is important, because the way a company is able to implement these tools in conjunction with the changes in consumer tastes, is proof that the shifts in digital technology is a result of human evolution. As knowledge has advanced to the point that manufacturers and consumers are changing how: they design, produce, market along with distribute the final product.

A second example of where a shift has occurred in the field of Jewelry Design can be seen with way sketches are created. It used to be, that when artists were working on a new piece of jewelry. They would often use a pen and piece of paper to sketch out the idea. As technology has evolved, there has been shift in what tools are used to assist them during the process. One of the biggest changes is the way computers are utilized. This is because it helped artists, to see how the constructed piece will look. During this part of the process, is when they have the ability to make changes to the design itself. (Loughran 2009, 28 -- 34) This is important, because it is highlighting how technology can help the artist to create products that are unique. Once this occurs, is when the designer is able to create something that is one of a kind (which will stand out in the minds of consumers). This is the point that they will begin redefining the marketplace.

The reason why this tool so essential, is because the use of the computer innovated the kinds of sketches that were being created. At the same time, it allowed the individual to keep track of their notes and their schedules. This meant that when new designs were introduced, they were of higher quality and were more creative. As this tool, allowed the artist to be able to easily keep track of their designs in one single place. What this is highlighting, is how human evolution and technology helped to improve the kinds of designs and products that are being sold. Over the course of time, this means that these pieces are receiving more money from customers. This is when the market place, will continuously seek out new products that are in demand. (Loughran 2009, 28 -- 34)

However, it is important to note that technology is only one part of the process. This is because whenever anyone is working on jewelry, they will use a combination of different approaches to create the finished product. This means that any kind of advancements are part of basic evolution. The reason why, is because human thought and creation are involved. Once this takes place, is when various forms of technology will be used a as tool to achieve the artist's larger objectives.

Evidence of this can be seen with observations from Dynes (1994) who said, "The use of technology is a part of a larger system of hardware that includes: plants, animals, knowledge, inventors, operators, repair people, consumers, marketers, advertisers, government administrators and others involved in the process. This is a comprehensive approach that addresses a number of different elements most notably: tools, hardware, rules and software." (Dynes 2006, pg. 35) These different elements are important, because they are showing how technology must be used in conjunction with everyone who is involved with the process of designing the jewelry. Once this takes place, is when everyone is using human evolution to be able to understand the overall scope of the changes in the markets and how to respond to them.

As a result, the use of technology is part of an evolutionary process of learning by helping to improve someone's understanding of their field. This is when they can begin applying what they learned to improve upon the product they are creating. For designers, this means that they can use this process to enhance their thoughts and what they think would make the final piece most appealing to investors. (Dynes 2006, pp. 26 -- 36)

Moreover, Dynes (1994) found in another article, that there is a marriage between the technology and the person that is using it. This is because the individual will develop a connection to the pieces of equipment they are using. The reason why, is due to the fact that it will make their life much easier. If this is taken away, it will be as if they have lost a vital necessity for living. (Dynes 1994, pp. 327-333)

To explain this phenomenon Dynes has a word that he uses called a cognitive cyborg. According to his basic definition this is when, "We are becoming meta-organic. Barriers are disappearing. The machine penetrates us, we penetrate the machine and this knotting creates a cyborg 'identity (or, to be a little more rigorous, an understanding of the world created by an organic and a technological deciphering and modeling of information) that is distributed and multiplied over information networks. From the 'islands' of individual bodies we seem to be steering toward what Marcos Novak called a liquid architecture (of and in cyberspace). This can be defined, as a 'meta-organic electronic ocean' peopled by permeable…[continue]

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