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The reputation aids in moving of the organization's products in the market. It also safeguards the company's various brands against lawsuits, which may hurt its performance. The company's chief executive officer is on record asserting that the food and health quality is paramount as it reflects how the organization handles its employees as well as consumers. KORE sees to it that the company's culture and organizational structure are safeguarded as they offer a platform for smooth operations. As a matter of improvement, the company subjects its staff to practical training programs (Kemp 2002). This equips them with modern organizational practices and orients them toward meeting for the common good of the organization. The organization has a wise choice of designing its quality management assessment procedures. The design of the quality management of the company corresponds to its size, nature of its products, complexity of the market, and other relevant fields. The KORE department is responsible for the organization and documentation of quality assessment procedures. It undertakes all disciplinary measures arising out of poor quality tendencies. This sees to it that the proposals are executed, and results produced.

The report also sought to connect the quality management assessment of the company to its performance during hard market times (Pfeifer 2002, p.532). The report considered the criteria as effective. This is because a profitable and well-organized organization is one that is able to beat hard economic times. This it does by maintaining high sales and market share. During times of inflation, the report found out that the company has been able to maintain productivity. For instance, during the great depression in the 1980s, the company recorded steady financial outcomes. This is regardless of the low performance records by major multi-nationals like the general motors. The financial strength the organization has accumulated over the years has steered it safely through the hard times.

The report recommends that organizations aspiring to establish a lasting and exemplary performance in the market should invest in quality management of its operations. Managing the quality of the organization is tantamount to predicting a profitable future (Charantimath, 2006). This guarantees a healthy financial background for the organization. A strong organization is one that remains intact during critical financial times, for instance the great depression. Managing an organization's reputation facilitates the management process. This is because the company is able to sell itself to the consumers while avoiding the marketing complications associated with weak brands (Pfeifer 2002, p.652). Investing in the quality management assessment of the organizations proves to be a tricky affair. This arises when the management does not realize short-term advantages of the process. The organization might not identify the short-term worth of their efforts, but in the coming years, their efforts would pay up. Quality requires dedication and sacrifices if an organization is to benefit from the process.


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