Oversight in policing

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Thus the investigations into police misconduct do not bear fruit. Laws like the 'Police Accountability Act of 1991' provide legal remedies including criminal and civil liability. But the Judicial authority has limited scope for example the Supreme Court's decision in Los Angeles v. Lyons, laid down that while the private can sue for money damages, there is no way for the court to prevent future harm or misconduct. (Simmons, 2008)

This was compounded by the Bush administration blocking judicial review of the agreements. The citizen oversight is a negotiated model. The citizen thus has to take preventive action against possible harassment not only of the individual but of the community. The primary duty of the citizen therefore is to participate in the community policing and enforcement of the community policing principle which will cooperative model produces much better liaison between the police and public. Therefore it is a must for citizens not only to participate in the process of bringing the erring officers to book and preventing atrocities, but also be aware of the need to be a member of the community policing concept. Thus treating the police with dignity and helping them bring erring members of the society to book would be the better idea. The concept of citizen oversight can go hand in hand only with the community policing concept. It was tried out in many states including Chicago where the effort was made in getting the residents involved in police activities.? It was suggested that like a police officer, the residents too must be brought on board, and they often do not prove readily cooperative. The poor and disenfranchised neighborhoods, residents often have a history of bad relation with the police. The police thus are thought to be, brutal. (Skogan; Hartnett, 1997)

The Chicago experiment even had a policy of having beat meetings where in churches and schoolrooms patrolmen of a locality spent time with the people of the neighborhood to exchange views and share information and the public also learned about police procedure. It also humanized the police. Though there was some distrust, and fear, on the overall the effect was salutary. (Skogan; Hartnett, 1997) This coupled with the settlement strategy that aims at providing relief…[continue]

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