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I like to think that my ability to focus and make their success as important as my own has prepared me for managing and inspiring others. When I was young, I never felt like I was alone, even after our father left. I always felt like I was a part of a greater good, a greater family. My mother instilled this way of thinking in me and I believe that we were all able to overcome strife by holding onto each other and never forgetting that we were all in the same boat together.

As a business manager, I believe that inspiring people, listening to people, showing them and making them feel that they count are some of the most important aspects of running a great business. I feel that I am a good communicator and that I am good at understanding the differences in how each distinct person communicates. I am also able to change the way I communicate with people in order to reach them on their respective levels.

Throughout my high school and college career I was involved in different extracurricular activities. I played basketball throughout high school and I feel that the sport instilled within me some very important values pertaining to teamwork, diversity, and competition. I feel that I have a very healthy idea of what it means to be competitive and I owe this to the game of basketball. Not only does basketball require physical strength and endurance, it also requires that strength of character and a knowledge of the importance of community. I was captain of the basketball team my senior year in high school and I believe that I was chosen because of my healthy sense of teamwork, community, diversity, and my ability to communicate and inspire my other teammates.

I have been involved in academic clubs in college as well. The club I was most involved with was the Entrepreneurship Society at my school. The purpose of the club is to nurture an entrepreneurial fortitude in students through the coordination of programs that highlight entrepreneurship. Our club coordinated many guest speakers throughout the school year, came up with new and innovative ways to raise money while also providing experience in beginning new ventures, and offered resources to students who were interested in beginning a new venture but didn't have the resources to do so. The Entrepreneurship Society taught me that innovation ideas and leadership can transform not just organizations but the world at large.

I feel that I am ready for business school because of my personal experiences related to having to "grow up" before my time as well as because of my experiences in extracurricular activities like basketball and the Entrepreneurship Society. All of these experiences have made me the person that I am today and I feel both ready and excited about the challenge of business school. I have always felt that business is where I wanted to be and management feels like a natural direction to go in.[continue]

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