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For instance, British researchers of late administered natural Vitamin E supplements at the rate of 40-800 IU daily to men and women who had suffered a heart attack. Following an average of eighteen months, people who got Vitamin E were seen to have 77% less heart attacks compared to those given a dummy tablet. An additional example can be taken of Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD of Victoria, Canada who has been treating terminal cases of cancer with a severe potency vitamin/mineral regimen. He began performing this several years back to treat their depression and tension associated with the diagnosis of cancer. He observed that 30% of the patients in early states who were long-term users of vitamin supplements have survived ten-year more than comparable patients who were given solely conventional treatment which is a stupendous success. Hence the message drives home that vitamins can reverse cases of very serious diseases. (Challem, 4)

Besides, it is also seen that vitamins are even good for healthy people also. Vitamins and minerals are also capable of rectifying a lot of damage and undo or make the course of a lot of diseases to be slower. One can prevent or at the minimum lower the risk of disease by consumption of a diet which is high in fruits and vegetables, exercising, and consuming vitamin and mineral supplements. When one is healthy, it might take a few years before one can see the benefits from vitamins. However with the passage of time, one will feel that he is not falling ill as regularly as people who do not take vitamins and minerals. Besides, the person will also notice that his cholesterol and blood pressure are not rising and there are fewer pains and aches. It is a fact that vitamins operate like the biological spark plugs which energize the cells and safeguard them from damage. They facilitate the numerous biological actions of human cells and in this process they keep them running more akin to younger cells. A lot of studies have demonstrated that vitamin supplements help in prolonging life. Some supplements have properties which help in reversing age in animals, implying that they probably have identical impact on people. (Challem, 4)

According http://www.checkyourassignments.org/images/spacer.gif the President of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine -- A4M, Dr. Roland Klatz, http://www.checkyourassignments.org/images/spacer.gif happens to be a leading proponent of vitamins, finds it important to remind doctors, scientists, governmental officials, and the public that, for the teeming millions of population, the health benefits of vitamins has been observed to distinctly outweigh any probable dangers. For instance, a team of scientist undertook a meta-analysis of past research using mega vitamin sie. vitamins in amounts of 10 times at the minimum higher than the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance -- RDA, stipulated by the FDA. It was discovered by the researchers that in excess of 50 genetic diseases could be treated with success by the megavitamin treatment that saturates the body so as to prevail over a binding flaw linked with a genetic mutation in these particular sicknesses. It was recommended by the research that there might be a lot of other diseases which can be treated with high-dose Vitamins, especially the B-Vitamins that are sold as Over-the-counter drugs in potencies up to 100 times the U.S. RDA and are normally regarded as safe at such levels. (Klatz; Goldman, 249)

It has been observed that protection of brain against age- associated damage needs sufficient consumption of nutrients as absorption of nutrients replenish with advancement of age. Hence it is always advisable to have a wholesome a-Z multivitamin and supplements consisting of minerals in later part of life. This is because such products are based on the government's nutrient target intake suggestions for adults to avoid deficiency disease associated with vitamins and mineral diseases. In a study delivered at an annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology in 2006 it was proven that the a combination of Vitamin C & E. along with a dosage of ibuprofen might assist a lot of people lower their dangers of Alzheimer's disease -- AD. The research also went on to prove that people having a gene variant APOE-4 have increased likelihood to develop clumps of protein known as amyloid plaques. There plaques are perceived to contribute to the inflammatory response - the cause for brain-cell death leading to Alzheimer's disease. (Icheku, 195)


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