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I also support the rights of grandparents to see their grandchildren, regardless of the relationship that is held between the child's parents. It can be difficult for a mother or father who is clearly estranged from the other parent to allow his or her child to see that other parent's parents. However, many times the grandparents have had nothing to do with the breakup of the family, and they have a good relationship with their grandchildren. Because of that, they should not be cut from the lives of their grandchildren just because the parents were not able to remain together. There can be extenuating circumstances, of course, but each case should be weighed on its own merits, instead of automatically cutting grandparents out of the lives of grandchildren and not providing them with any legal recourse for that when the parents of their grandchild decide not to remain together.

Long-term, I plan to continue my education and work toward therapeutic, compassionate, and family social work. I can always improve, and continuing my education will allow me to do that more easily. It is very important for me to remain up-to-date on all of the latest ways to helping people move past abusive relationships and built strong families of which they can be proud. I intend to place a strong emphasis on God's design and plan for the desired family unit and help people attain and keep that bond that He wants them to have when they build a family. That is an important part of my life, and I will use that to show others the value in adhering to the right plan for their lives.

I would like to focus on major decisions such as life purpose. Everyone has a purpose, but many people do not know what that purpose actually is or how to find it. Even once people have found their purpose, they are sometimes confused about how to go about making their desired purpose into a reality. The strength of their relationships can help them, along with their physical and mental health and wellness. By utilizing executive leadership and confident communication, I can interact with families that need my help and also with my superiors and colleagues. That can make for a cohesive working relationship that will give the largest benefit to everyone involved.

People must be empowered if they are going to make powerful choices for their lives. They need financial insight, rapid results, and personal accountability, along with good mental and physical health practices. Because I see the value in those things in my own life, I can pass on what I know and have learned to others who need insight and information. By making their lives better, I also help to improve my own. Everyone benefits from that kind of interaction, no matter what else they have been through in their lives. Most importantly, I intend to make a positive difference in the world when it comes to overseeing foster families. This can involve supervising visitation for children who are in foster care, observing scheduled visits between the agencies that foster children and those children's biological parents, and extensive compassion and support for foster families.

As a single parent who is leading a healthy life, I have a unique and more complete understanding of my chosen career. I believe this will help me in the long run, as I work to bring health and wholeness to people who are struggling in the foster system or as victims of abuse. When they work with someone who can relate to them and what they have been through, they are more likely to open up and actually talk about their problems. As they share their problems with me, I will be able to provide them both a personal and professional perspective on what they are going through and what they might do in order to improve their particular situation. It is my hope that they will take what they learn from me and use it to make a better life for themselves and their children. If they do this, I will have fulfilled my purpose in following my passion and becoming a…[continue]

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