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Regional Star to Global Leader

Global and Intercultural Competencies of Yang Jianguo

Using the information case study from regional star to global analyze the global competencies and intercultural competencies of Yung Jianguo. What are his strength and weakness?

Yang Jianguo possesses some of the most important and competent skills having been promoted from a regional to a global leader. Getting an appointment to this position demands great qualities that only a few educated and well-experienced persons can possess. This man had certain cultural and global competencies that enabled him to be among the best people. For instance, he is very innovative and can form ideas and opinions that can take a business so many milestones. His critical analysis of situations and business environment makes him capable of tackling global issues that may seem a bit complex. His ability to apply these skills competently made him one of the best global leaders who shoot to higher ranks. In most cases, these skills are developed with time. Such skills enable someone to have some critical thinking when handling the situation whilst achieving the best and desirable results. Being a global leader requires that one learn to accept other people's culture and habits (McCall & Hollenbeck, 2010, p.43). This provides an environment in which a person can offer the excellent performance.

Global and intercultural competencies are major factors that usually drive a business to its success. Some of the global competencies that proved pertinent in running of the perfume company managed by Yung Jianguo were networking, competition, market dominance, and customer attraction. Evidently, he was a good networker since he vividly understood the nature of the business. Therefore, it was easy for him to network analyzing the strategy of the business in comparison to the competitors. This global competency skill enabled him to embrace the business environment in the area of his promotion easily.

Yung Jianguo's competence made him be promoted from a regional manager to global manager to a perfume maker. In this case, two of the factors that propelled him to that level are intercultural and global competence. Some of the global competences are as follows. His adaptation of change was critical for his success. He adapted change easily from being a regional to the global competitor. Pertinently, the above factor is one of his intellectual advantages that made him rise to the global level of management. Adopting changes fast and easily is very important and can lead towards the attainment of the excellent results. This attribute makes him very successful and to stay ahead of other people in the market (Mobley, Wang, & Li, 2008, p.14).

Another competitive advantage in his field was accountability and transparency. Evidently, the issue above is another pertinent factor that made him rise to the level of global management. He was accountable to everything he was doing since he took all the responsibility of the perfume making company. Further, he was transparent to every step he was taking concerning the industry since he had in full responsibility of the company. The above was a great to him as a manager, since he incorporated evaluation and complaint response in his management criteria. Another important part is the target, where he did target American women, which made him successful since they were ready and willing to buy his perfumes as stated in page two of the case study.

Intercultural competences are other pertinent issue that Mr. Jianguo was keen to address. With his capability, he managed to face some cultures and make good out of it. Frankly, he was from China and promoted to work and deal with people on the global front. He had a problem in handling American women because they had different taste relating to perfumes: he had to learn what they needed under the influence of their culture before delivering what they needed.

Apart from his strength and competing nature, he had several weaknesses. Some of the weaknesses were slow in adapting other cultures. His over-dependence on the staff administration for the execution of the decisions for the effective running of the institution was unnecessary. In most cases, the committee was the ones who were controlling the company: he opted to follow on since he had submissive character. This showed him as a weaker element as opposed to the real nature of him (Mobley, Wang, & Li, 2008, p.27).

2. Using this week's readings including Figure 3.3 text, develop a specific plan to help Yang Jianguo become a more effective global leader.

Having developed very successfully in this field, Yang Jianguo can adopt certain work plan to enable him become more successful and lead properly in his area. Success and competence are habits that people form to achieve the best of what they want. Therefore, Yang Jianguo can set a work plan that will help him find the very best and most effective results. Being a man of great skills in terms of both management and interpersonal skills, he decided to maximize certain elements that enabled him achieve great results (Adler et al., 2008, p.34). Here is a work plan that he can set to help him achieve the very best results.

First, Yang Jianguo must have an in-depth understanding of the business environment he is carrying out the operations. He needs to know the nature of employees he is dealing with as well as their levels of competencies. Proper understanding of the people you work with can help you find various means of motivating as well as making them give out the excellent performance. Employees are a very important part of organization that needs to be treated with a lot of care. For this reason, he has developed a close and mutual relationship between him and other workers.

Global leadership requires person to have great knowledge both in regards to the international market as well as the products being handled. This knowledge can help him sufficiently understand the customer demands and needs. From this point, he can understand the best ways of satisfying them to the later and ensuring that all the customer needs are met. Customer satisfaction is very important and can help one find a large number of people. Therefore to enable them remain competent in this field, he should fully understand the market niche he is operating in and the customer requirements. Many cultures and religious settings require various aspects to be accomplished by its members. He needs to understand these cultural and religious beliefs of people fully to enable one to get the very best results.

Being competent and consistent should form part of his major priorities. The efforts that he has always put on this work should be consistent. He needs to aim at achieving the best. This will make customers love and fully trust their products. Consistency demands that something or a task is performed in a much better way as it was previously performed. It is paramount to ensure that these aspects are featured. Since Mr. Yang Jianguo has always shown competence and consistency in his previous jobs, he needs to exude them at high levels to enable him deliver the very best results. Incorporating these two aspects in his game plan and marketing strategy can help him retain many customers as well as gain their trusts (Mobley, Wang, & Li, 2008, p.44).

Brand development is equally very important. He needs to develop a specified brand for his products as a global leader operating internationally. Many people will recognize such a brand and reveals the identity of the company and its products. A product brand is one that makes it unique from others in the market. It is thus important to ensure that they have a brand that other counterfeits cannot copy. Many people have a tendency of duplicating already made products in…[continue]

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