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The purpose of the bowl is to catch the chaff as the coffee begins to roast. In addition some coffee beans may shoot out of the popper and the bowl will catch those beans (Romanoff). It is important that the person doing the roasting does not touch any of the beans that come out of the chute during roasting as they are likely to get burned; coffee beans hold a great deal of heat.

The article further explains that once the machine is on and roasting has begun, the author points out that the individual doing the roasting may need to tilt the popper backwards to stop the beans form falling out of the popper and the hot air moves the beans around (Romanoff). The need to tilt the machine is dependent on the depth of the machine that is used.

It will take about 3 minutes before the beans begin to crackle and turn brown. During this time the beans must be carefully watched because they will start to rapidly get darker. The article also explains that if the beans begin to crackle at a rapid pace, they are roasting too quickly and are likely to burn. The coffee beans should only be roasted until they are a little lighter than the desired color. The author explains that the coffee beans will remain hot and will continue to roast even after they have been removed from the heat source. The beans should be place in the colander once they are roasted for the desired amount of time.

Once in the colander, the beans need to be stirred constantly to help with the cooling process. Once the beans are cool enough to touch they should be placed in a container that is airtight. The coffee can be immediately ground and brewed but it will not reach its flavor peak until 12 hours after it has been roasted. The peak of the flavor will only last for about 12 hours. However the beans will remain fresh for nearly two weeks and they should only ground prior to the brewing of the coffee.

Overall the roasting of coffee at home using a hot air popper seems quite simple. The directions are clear and most people would be able to follow these directions without any problem.

It also seems that it can be rather inexpensive and a wonderful way to participate in the creation of a wonderful cup of coffee.


Coffee is indeed a popular beverage throughout the world and for many nations, coffee is vital to economic success. The research found that fair trade makes the growing of coffee more cost effective for coffee farmers around the world. As it pertains to the coffee beans, raw or green coffee beans are needed for at home roasting and they can be readily purchased through the internet, coffee wholesalers and some coffee shops.

The research demonstrates that coffee beans can indeed be roasted at home using various methods. The research indicates that the popularity of at home coffee roasting has grown substantially in recent years and many people choose to use the hot air technique to roast coffee at home. The purpose of this discussion was to explain the manner in which coffee beans can be roasted at home using air heat provided by popcorn poppers.

The research found that the roasting of coffee using a hot air corn popper requires five supplies and/or ingredients. These items include raw coffee beans, a hot air popper, a colander, a wooden spoon and a stainless steel bowl. The research found that it only takes about five minutes to roast coffee using a hot air corn popper. The research also found that it is a simple process that can yield great results for the connoisseurs of coffee.

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