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" And a seven-year time limit was set for the states to approve so that the amendment could be ratified, and in 1982, it was found that it could not be approved because the number fell three short of the 38 needed for approval. Why did the ERA fail so miserably? What must be done to win? A Report issued by the U.S. Civil Rights Commission stated that the ERA would provide the constitutional guarantee of full citizenship for women, and would also treat men and women equally under the law, but this type of protection for women is yet to materialize. (The Struggle for the Equal Rights Amendment)

In the same way, when Scotland's First Minister Henry McLeish failed to provide free long-term care for his state's elderly, his entire administration came under threat. The Minister had in fact hinted that he would implement Sutherland's various recommendations on this care, and this in fact brought out the rift between Holyrod and Westminster, while just the day before, the state's Health Minister had announced a care package for the elderly, and this fell short of the universal free care for the elderly recommended by the commission. According to the Health Minister's recommendations, the elderly would receive free nursing and care, and would also cover those people suffering from dementia and other such disorders. (Elderly care puts Scots coalition at risk) The Social Welfare Policy is one Policy that is under consideration to improve the condition of the elderly in British Virgin Islands. (Social Welfare Policy in the British Virgin Islands) The American Psychological Association also has made attempts to pass certain policy statements on lesbian and gay issues, which would prevent discrimination of these groups. (APA Policy Statements on Lesbian and Gay Issues)

Bill was introduced in the House of Representatives, the United States of America, in March 2005, to be determined subsequently by the speaker of the House, for the purpose of establishing a living wage, jobs for all policy for all the people of the United States, and the Act would be called the 'A Living wage, Jobs for All Act'. The primary aim of this policy would be to help to promote the general welfare of the people of America, and also to encourage liberty for all, and it would promote better employment opportunities for everybody, as well as continuous training, for whoever desired to continue to work, health care would also be provided for all those deserving of it, and the Congress also states that it is the personal responsibility of each and every person to ensure that his health and well being are his sole responsibility, and that the elderly must be taken care of in an appropriate manner. If more such policies were to be passed, then the care of the elderly and the ageing would not be a problem or a burden on the country. (109th Congress 1st Session)


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