Spiritual Leadership as an Integrating Paradigm for Servant Leadership essay

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Servant Leadership Redo Assign. Order Servant Leadership

(n.d.). Open your mind inclusion & innovation. Unpublished raw data, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.

This presentation starts by describing what a servant leader is, and it then looks at what it actually takes if one is interested in becoming a servant leader. The presentation is very detailed in evaluating what an individual must do in order to become a leader in their community, and the University has come up with an abundance of questions they list to all people who are interested in becoming an active servant leader in their area. The questions are also the beginning of what a devoted individual needs to consider and ask them first and foremost before they even go any further in wanting to be in such a position. If the answer is no to any of the questions, then it is suggested that these issues must first be evaluated as to why the answer is no before they carry on any further. However, if someone could answer all of the questions with a yes, then they can proceed with the next steps in the process of becoming engaged in learning about how to become a servant leader. The professionals at the University of Nebraska go on in the presentation to state a basic description about what they feel are the traits and distinctiveness of what a person that wants to be in this role must contain with a full description of each one of the different attributes mean and how to obtain these skills. The University lists other crucial skills such as being just an excellent listener as a leader in order to be the type of servant leader that it takes because a lot of the responsibility requires that the person who wants to take on this role should take on this role if they are open minded and understanding to the people that they want to serve because the ideas of the people are just as important and are the ones that help make a difference in their community. This way a servant leader must engage in his or her followers so they are a fully active steward that is in control of the organization and knows how to handle situations.

The Francis A. Schaeffer Institute of Church Leadership Development. (2011). Servant leadership.

The Francis Shaeffer Institute of Church Leadership Development is also a part of the online web site found at ChruchLeadership.org where it is an organization for all people who are in to religion and Christianity from the followers, pastors, and members. The Christian web site has valuable information from servant leadership, to Bible studies, donations, a bookstore, contact information, prayer information, religious education, and a multitude of religious topics on religion in today's society for Christians. The particular article on Servant Leadership covers an entire article on servant leadership where the ChurchLeadership.org shows proof of how Holy Biblical scriptures have been quoted and defined within the reading that are directed at servant leadership and specific information on how the Lord intended for this particular position is to be implemented. The article does put an emphasis on people who want to be leaders and mentions how when churches and their fellowships are built there must be spiritual leadership and spiritual maturity so the followers will be encouraged and dedicated to Christ. The work also focuses on how servants need to encourage their listeners to be worthy in conviction and in humankind on Earth in which people reside and share with others their knowledge of what they know in order to make Him known to others who do not know God as they do. There are sub-headings of incarnation leadership which goes in to depth about what is expected of someone who is interested in the role of being a leader. The article asks the readers specific questions as a checklist to ask oneself if they have what it takes to be a leader, as well as the principles that should be carried out when this takes place. There are many links to different PDF files and additional information on the subject of servant leadership, their expectations, and other websites that are linked to their site and how it relates to religion.

Most people that are interested in being servant leaders are asked first and foremost "do you have what…[continue]

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