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The master of the ceremony will be the key agent of advertisement during the event (Argenti 37). He will adorn himself at four different times with attires that are representing the brands of each of the four key sponsors.

The event is expected to cost an estimate of $8,000, which is inclusive of the token of appreciation given to the artists and the total cost incurred in running advertisements via the various media outlets (Tassiopoulos 21).

Courvoisier S.A, 2 place du Chateau,

16200 Jarnac, France

Tel +33 (0)5-45-35-56 16

Sponsorship Proposal

As an organizer of Go-Go Music Show, which is an event held annually in Washington DC, I would like to invite the support of Courvoisier as one of the event sponsors. The event would be held on 10, November 2012.

As a sponsor in this event, you will have a chance to advertise the various brands offered by your business entity. The adverts that will be run through media outlets, banners, and social media will offer a proper platform for current and prospective customers to acknowledge the products offered by the sponsors. In this event, four types of sponsorship opportunities have been put forth depending on the sponsor's preference (Kahle 26). These offers include banner space, stalls and backstage space, Attires worn by K. Michelle and media coverage.

In addition, K. Michelle, who is a renowned artiste across United States of America, would be expected to acknowledge the sponsors of the event at various intervals of her presentation. This will include rewarding a section of the audience that she finds remarkable with the liquor brands. This will be a celebrity advertisement to attract individuals who associate with the artist into purchasing the brands as anticipated.

During the event, the stage lighting and decoration will reflect the key sponsors of the event, with each sponsor being emphasized periodically. The master of the ceremony will be adorned in attires four different attires, each at a given time, representing the brands offered by the main sponsors of the event (Tarlow 30). The event expects to have three other sponsors apart from Courvoisier. As regards to the total expenditure, the organizers have valued it at $8,000.

Ciroc Vodka 1,


BP 20, 17701 Cognac


Sponsorship Proposal

As an organizer of Go-Go Music Show, which is an event held annually in Washington DC, I would like to invite the support of Cirok Vodka as one of the event sponsors. The event would be held on 10, November 2012.

From the sponsorship of the event, your company will receive much publicity through the logo, brand, and company information that would be clearly displayed in the advertisement media. Since the event is expected to have high profile visitors, it will present your company with an opportunity to market vodka among people who spend much on liquor (Skinner and Rukavina 26).

During the event, your company would be allowed to have stalls at designated areas. In addition, the master of the ceremony will take the initiative of appreciating the sponsor of the event and event offer product rewards to the members of the public who make remarkable performances. There would be dedicated banner adverts for your brands within the venue. The visitors would also have a chance to make inquiry and purchase your products that would be conspicuously displayed at the venue (Tarlow 74). The event is estimated to cost $8,000, which include the money paid to the guests- Michelle and the band, cost of the venue, and amount spent on the advertisements.

The success of the Go-Go Event depends heavily on your sponsorship. When the event will be graced, we have the duty to ensure that you realize maximum promotion of your brand. The presence of renowned artists and members of the white house catapults this. The role of advertising in brand promotion will play a critical role in promoting your brand and company. In this event, we will do all it takes to assure the company that it is a worthy cause to sponsor this event.

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