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Health Care

After food, shelter and clothing, health services are a major human need. With the rapid evolution of the human civilization, and the increasing health awareness among the masses, the demands for health care services are increases. On the parallel end, the health sector today operates on corporate lines and many health care service providers operate their organizations as a for profit organization. These organizations have similar objectives as any other corporate firm, which includes, maximizing profits, increasing market share, eliminating competition or maintaining competitive edge and covering costs.

Being a private sector hospital that operates in a competitive industry, Lifeline General Hospital operates like any other corporate organization that is divided according to functional departments. The Human Resource department of the hospital is one of the key departments that is responsible for recruitment and training of workforce, including doctors, surgeons and mainly nurses, and is involved in general workforce management (Lee & Winters, 2006).

Organizational Analysis

Ever since it has been established, the Lifeline General Hospital has been known to provide the best quality health care facilities in a state of the art environment. Apart from being a well equipped and diversified health care institution, the Lifeline GeneralMemorial Hospital also has a diversified, and yet cohesive workforce, which is a team of the best and one of the most efficient health care service providers in town.

For any organization, its human resource acts as an important contributor to its success factor. An efficient, trained groomed and a well motivated workforce would mean an increment in the organization's productivity. The significance of the organization's human resource further increases when it comes to tertiary sector organizations, especially in cases where the nature of work involves one to one interaction with the customers. The same case applies to an organization that deals with providing health care services. This involves not just curing illnesses and ailments, but also looking after and taking care of the patients unless a desired outcome is achieved.

While doctors and surgeons are generally considered as a driving force of a health care institution, nurses make up as much as an integral part of the team. Nurses are responsible not only for directly dealing with the patients, but they also interact with patient's family and have a role to play in creating awareness in the community as a whole (Pierce, 2010). Nurses are responsible for physical, mental and spiritual nurturing of the patient and society as a whole. This nature of the job makes nursing an important part of a hospital's workforce and thus it is important for the hospital as an organization to ensure efficient recruitment and retaining of the nursing staff. This means that the hospital needs to have a system in place through which it can ensure reaching out to potential employees and through which the potential employees can reach the organization. Once recruited, it is important that the nursing staff is given proper induction to the work environment and practices of the hospital, and they should be motivated so that they can have their job satisfaction. It is important for the nursing staff to be well motivated and satisfied from their job because their inner strength and mental satisfaction has a key role to play in their efficiency of taking care and looking after the patient and meeting the health care needs of the patient.

The Lifeline General Hospital has an online recruitment center in place. From time to time, job openings are advertised on the hospital's official website. Jobseekers are required to fill in a form and apply for the required job online. If the information on the form meets the requirement of the recruiters, the jobseeker is contacted via email or phone.

An online recruitment of nursing staff would mean there is a great chance that the organization might fail to reach many potential employees and vice versa. Advertising vacancies only through the hospitals official website means that job openings are not advertised in any other more common media such as newspapers and recruitment agencies. This means that the person applying for the job must have an internet access, and must be aware of the organizations website address. This creates another problem as the Lifeline General Hospital does not have a domain name that in anyway indicates that this website is officially owned by the hospital (Joel & Kelly, 2002). As a result not many people know what the actual website address for the hospital is. Secondly, all tips, suggestions and information regarding the jobs is available online only. This means that the organization does not maintain a personal touch with the potential employees until they are formally employed by the organization. This may create a room of job insecurity in the potential employees.

There is a great chance that there might be excellent nurses seeking job and the hospital might end up overlooking them only due to their overdependence on the online recruitment system. The fact that jobs are only advertised through online systems would mean that many potential job seekers will not be aware of the job opening altogether. Moreover, online applications call for an additional skill of computer literacy in the nurses (Lumby & Picone, 2000). However, this argument is somewhat refutable as the organization requires its staff to be computer literate. The fact that the hospital's website domain does not represent the hospital name would mean that a large number of people would be unaware of the official website and thus a large number of potential employees would be unaware of job vacancies.

Before applying for the job on the website, the candidates are required to agree to a statement that is published on the website. The statement is a set of ethics and standard followed by the hospital and agreeing to the statement would mean that the person, if employed, will be obliged to follow and adhere to those ethics and standards. These set of ethics and standards are formulated on the basis of the fourteen forces of magnetism given by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Firstly, it requires the employees to anticipate the needs of others and then work towards satisfying those needs. This is in line with the fourteen forces of magnetism that require the nurses to work autonomously and should be able to assess the health care needs of the patients and then work independently towards achieving the required outcomes, adhering to the highest professional standards.

Secondly, the Lifeline General Hospital requires its employees to promote teamwork and help and assist the colleagues in order to achieve the desired outcomes. This is in consistence with the force that requires nurses to maintain interdisciplinary relationships and assist people from other disciplines of health care to achieve better results.

The hospital further expects from the employees to show respect and courtesy to their colleagues and patients as emphasized by the fourteen forces of magnetism. The hospital expects its employs to show empathy and courtesy towards patients and other co workers. The forces lays stress that nurses are required to respect people from their own and other disciplines working in the organization. Similarly, people from other disciplines are also expected to respect the nurses. In the same way, nurses are expected to show respect towards the patients that they are treating.

The Lifeline General Hospital also expects its employees to be good communicators with strong interpersonal skills. They are expected to be good with explaining things to others and be a good and tolerant listener there by promoting a positive image of the organization. This is also in line with the forces of magnetism that expects nurses to be good listeners and communicators and promote a positive image of nursing and the organization as a whole.

The Lifeline General Hospital also has a nursing management system in…[continue]

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