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Marketing Proposal

Safi Rania Diamond Cell Youth Booster is a new skincare product for women aged 40 years and above who are seeking to prevent and lessen signs of aging. The paper provides a strategic marketing mix analysis that is geared towards successful marketing and advertising the product. This marketing mix analysis is to be presented to the Board of Directors of Graffiti Group, Inc., which has just purchased an operating facility in Malaysia that manufactures the product. The analysis is geared towards influencing the decision of the board in an attempt to have them approve investment and marketing of this product in Canada. Upon approval, the company will market this product to target market of women aged 40 years and above, especially those who want to prevent and lessen signs of aging, under the brand name PureBeauty Diamond Cell Youth Booster. The analysis includes an overview of the product, its main target market, benefit of product branding, alternatives to the product, and a positioning strategy. The discussion also includes an analysis of the marketing mix for this product. Therefore, it provides information regarding branding, positioning, and strategic marketing mix analysis.

Marketing Proposal

Graffiti Group, Inc. has just bought the SAFI operating factory in Malaysia that manufactures Safi Rania Diamond Cell Youth Booster. This product is a powerful concentration that enhances cell metabolism to deal with wrinkles, strengthen sagging skin, and lessen age spots from as early as the first application. The product continuously retains skin moisture and skin elasticity through its Ultra Hyaluronic Acid formulation and Nano Diamond DNA Technology. Some of the other aspects of this product include its sale in other countries, especially to a market that targets women in the 40s. The product is a new area for Graffiti Group and new in the Canadian market. In order for Graffiti Group, Inc. To become successful in the production and sale of this product, there is need to conduct strategic marketing mix analysis and determine brand positioning through an effective branding initiative. This information can be provided in a marketing mix analysis that incorporates various aspects of successful marketing of the product and branding strategy. The need for a strategic marketing mix analysis is primarily because Safi Rania Diamond Cell Youth Booster is currently on sale in other countries, is a new area for Graffiti Group, is new to Canada, and needs to be marketed through New Branded Item. The strategic marketing mix analysis is also geared toward enabling Graffiti Group to market this product in Canada under a new brand name.

Product Description

As previously mentioned, has just purchased an operating facility in Malaysia that develops Safi Rania Diamond Cell Youth Booster. In order to develop an effective marketing mix analysis that will contribute to effective marketing of the product, it is important to have a good understanding of the product itself. Generally, Safi Rania Diamond Cell Youth Booster is a powerful concentration that enhances cell metabolism to deal with wrinkles, strengthen sagging skin, and lessen age spots from as early as the first use or application. The product accomplishes these objectives because of its dependence on Nano DNA Technology and Ultra Hyaluronic Acid formulation. Moreover, the Nano DNA Technology and Ultra Hyaluronic Acid formulation enables Safi Rania Diamond Cell Youth Booster to constantly retain skin moisture and skin elasticity. The product actually delivers best results when used in combination with the Intensive Corrective Serum.

The production of Safi Rania Diamond Cell Youth Booster has demonstrated that diamond is not only worn as an accessory but can also be applied on an individual's face as an important component of a skincare regimen. The product generates twice as much collagen for the skin because of the mixture of Nano Diamond and Nano Gold. The use of Nano Diamond DNA Technology in the production of Safi Rania Diamond Cell Youth Booster is fueled by the fact that it doubles cell collagen, skin's stimulation, and elasticity. As a result, the consumer can feel considerable difference and changes on their skin on the first application.

Nano Diamond Technology is a process that has widely been used for various factors ranging from medical purposes to cosmetic additive in attempts to enhance the quality of life. According to Dagda (2009), the technology seems to be major contributions towards enhancing the quality of life as evident in the…[continue]

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