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Students' Adjustments and Skills

Every book has a preface that gives an overview to the reader regarding the content. Since, it prepares the reader's mind according to theme and thus enables him/her quickly understand the concept of the writer. Similarly, preparing yourself before moving towards any new task helps in better outcome even if it is the matter of taking admission in University. An institute has the responsibility to teach students everything related to the subject but before that, students themselves have to develop certain skills required for effective learning. These key skills ensure the bright future employability and higher levels of attainment. Since, students with these skills have enhanced study skills and capable of effectively plan personal development processes. This essay discusses the importance of these key adjustments that students must make before starting University.

The Dearing Report emphasized on four major skills that are important for success in higher education and which students must develop in before entering University. These skills include communication skills, numeracy, and use of information technology and learning of how to learn. The report recommended that these four major skills are important for success in any field of study. Since, the specific knowledge taught by an institute, eventually gets obsolete and then the learning skills within a person are most important assets of him/her to lead in life. Those students make themselves prepared before entering the university by learning the required skills, continues to progress throughout their life and career. (Stepenson and Challis 1997)

Several Apprenticeship Programs and Foundation Degrees have also been started for the skills grooming of students so that to improve the learning standard. Some of the Universities organize workshops for the first year students that intend to blossom their learning skills and give an understanding of the professional world and reality life. Counseling programs and special classes for the first year students are also organized to train them for the required skills. Upon completion of these workshops or courses, students are then able to develop cognitive skills, quickly understand methodologies, critical analysis, and learning laboratory skills. These programs are making great contribution towards bright future of students. Even Universities now give more importance to the learning skills than knowledge and admit those students who qualify in the skills test.

Qualifications and Curriculum Authority also defines the key skills that also include Dearing Report's set of skills. As according to QCA communication, information technology, problem solving, improving own learning and performance, working with others and application of number are the key skills required in students. Now most of the universities follow the framework defined by Qualification and Curriculum Authority and organize students' learning programs accordingly.

The World's leading companies also prefers to hire those new graduates that have better presentation or communication style, numeracy skills, team working skills and quick learning abilities. Even the organizations give more importance to these skills as compared to the knowledge learnt in university education. However, most of the graduates lack these skills even if they have higher scores in their degree of education. It is for this reason why even high scorers fail to get a job in big companies. Therefore, students must give their prime attention to learning these skills first.

In addition to learning four major skills, it is important for the students to get accustomed with the university environment as soon as possible. Since, the semester system at SSK12 level does not give much time to the students to get used to and centrally focus on only studies. Therefore, students must make up their mind earlier according to the university culture. Students are required to think more critically, make time adjustments and learn tough academic courses. (Learning and Teaching Support Network n.d.)

Managing own Learning and Performance

Time management and ability to memorize are the key skills to success at university as well as future employability. Improvement in these skills ensures the future of students and success in every field of life.

Time management is the most important skill of all. The SSK12 education does not give much time to students to relax. Therefore, students must learn in prior that how they can better manage their assignments, exams, projects and so on. Information technology can be the best tool to reduce the workload and better manage the work in time. It is for this reason recommended to the students that must have basic knowledge of information and communication technology before entering in the University culture.

The daily workload at the SSK12 is much higher than in previous classes. Even the students are unable to grasp all information communicated in a day. Either, students miss some of the parts of lecture or fail to submit an assignment in time. It is therefore highly important for the students that they prepare themselves for better communication and time management prior to taking admission in university.

Students also need to improve their ability to memorize important points. Learning institutes also teaches students, how they can work out on improving their memory.


Academic writing is another important skill that students must improve. Since, the writing plays an important role in assessment of the students' learning and become the reason of passing and failing in exams therefore, students must emphasize on improving their academic writing. In North America Universities, undergraduate students provided with special classes for how to write academic texts that are mainly required in almost every course of study. The course for academic writing is taught in levels and in a way that introduces creativity and ability to critically analyze the situation. Thus, students do not only stick to the general information but keeps on improving their knowledge that is required for the successful employability.

The academic writing skills also help the students in making better notes. Since, most of the students do not get an idea that which points are more important to be noted down but they consider all points as equally important. For this purpose, there are generic skills courses organized at university and institute levels to develop improved learning skills in students. These courses mainly focus on teaching how to write essays, reports, project briefings, and presentation; moreover improves the skill of making critical analysis.

Information Technology

It is an age of information technology and every other organization demands the candidate to be fully efficient in IT. Additionally, today computing and information technology help is required in doing every other task. For example, collecting information regarding any topic requires help of internet or digital libraries. Similarly, documents and presentations are developed using computers. Therefore, it is highly important for students to learn basics of information technology before starting SSK12.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is one of the most important skills required at the university level. Since, SSK12 is the class of tough academics and information is supported with reasoning and evidence. Therefore, students must learn how to solve the problem or explain reasoning rather than just cramming the general information. Problem solving skills help students a lot in employability and all over the life matters.


Numeracy refers to the use of statistics, graphs and figures in presentations and documents. This skill is considered more important in fields like Business Administration and computing and other skills. However, some of the learning institutes still considers as the key skill. As per the numeracy, students are required to learn how to add significance and meaning to the document since, supported facts add weight to the presentation or writing. Skills learning institutes usually assign a case study to the students and ask them to give their views regarding the case. Students are then required to express ideas based on facts so that to convince the audience with their points. This practice helps in developing the skill of reasoning and problem solving in students.


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