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Interest in Accounting

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Admissions: Accounting

'Oh you won't be able to do that," she told me. "I tried all morning." I looked askance at her, wanting so badly to come right out and say, "Oh yeah? Watch me!" I kept my mouth shut, though. She didn't that as a personal affront; it was true. I knew that our new payroll software was full of glitches and that it caused everyone in the office to want to throw their computers out of the window. I didn't have much time to waste that day, as I was responsible for delivering a set of pension records to the CFO that afternoon; as much as I wanted to prove myself, I couldn't afford to fiddle endlessly with the program. However, I just knew that the solution was right around the corner. If I could figure out how to work with the new software system, I could complete…… [Read More]

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Having a Better Life

Words: 463 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80693206

Admission Letter

My entire life, I have strived to be someone who others could rely on and look up to. As a child, I became involved in the Boy Scouts of America. Now, many young men join this group and last a few years before losing interest and choosing another activity. I, however, was determined to achieve the highest rank possible in the organization. In 2002, I achieved my goal and became an Eagle Scout. It was one of the high points in my life because it was a major achievement and I was able to earn it through hard work and diligence.

I apply the same work ethic to all aspects of my life. In everything, I want to work hard and do the best that I can to achieve my goals. I decided early on in life that I would like to work in the field of Criminology.…… [Read More]

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Examine Religious Life Among Slaves in the Pre-Civil War South

Words: 611 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51466633

Personal Admissions Statement

As a transfer student, I am not new to the process of putting my life down on paper. This is the third time I am approaching a college, attempting to encapsulate my life in several paragraphs and to demonstrate my fitness as an applicant on paper. With every time I move do so, I find myself reevaluating my previous experiences and academic performances anew, with a more mature and hopefully a wiser light. Every time I do so, I seem like a slightly different person, and dare I say, a better person, or at least a more emotionally equipped person to deal with the stresses of life.

Twenty-four years seems both old to be writing a personal statement to a university, yet I know that it is still young in comparison to many. Regardless, I offer my age, at least in relation to my fellow first-time students…… [Read More]

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Letter of Intent

Words: 638 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78081536

Admissions Committee:

I have worked as a paraprofessional with special needs children for seven years in a diverse, socio-economically disadvantaged district of Brooklyn. Despite the tremendous challenges faced by the students and teachers alike in this geographic area, I go home every day feeling privileged to have witnessed the growth and compassion of my students and colleagues, as they fight against tremendous odds. Still, I am all too well aware that there is much more that needs to be done to serve at-risk communities. At present, I have a B.A. In psychology, but I seek the more rigorous and specific knowledge needed to help these types of children and the wider community that can be only provided by a graduate degree in social work. As a social worker, I believe I can make a more meaningful impact upon the lives of others.

As well as my professional experience, my personal…… [Read More]

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Diversity Policy at Lehigh This

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Diversity Training

The school aims to recruit students that will balance the spectrum of diversity. Before this can be accomplished however, existing and future employees of the university will need to be prepared. "Diversity is about encouraging and enabling all employees to draw on their talents, skills, and experience for the benefit of the business." (Bruno, 2004) Schools that are diversity sensitive will more often be prepared for the competitive recruitment markets and thus attract higher potential students and employees. The school has implemented the necessary training that will bring the entire student recruitment process together.

No matter what the level of need, a good diversity training program will maintain the most important aspects of the school's initiative. Diversity training has been proven to reduce the potential for misunderstandings, conflict and litigation which is often related to basic differences in communications and expectations. "All of the admissions staff has been…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Proposition 209

Words: 2754 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36740646

California has always been a leader. Many times it is the first to implement new ideas, plans and laws. In 1996 the state of California implemented something called proposition 209 which adjusted the requirements for admissions to colleges as well as employment opportunities based on race and gender. he proposition called for the weighting of admission standards regarding the enrollment of those who entered the state universities and colleges.

More recently the proposition was voted down and the last two years have been spent dismantling its structure. his paper will explore the impact that proposition has had on the admissions and enrollment of California universities. he writer explores the topic by defining proposition 209, explaining the pros and cons of it, looks at statistical data from California state schools.

he paper specifically look at the minority admissions impact that the proposition had on enrollment. Some of the ways this will…… [Read More]

The press focused on the impact of Proposition 209 as well, reporting that the numbers of minority admissions and enrollment did decrease once proposition 209 went into affect. Most of the attention was focused on UC Berkley with the other less mentioned schools were studied to a lesser degree (The UC Prior to Proposition 209 ( ).

The press directed far less attention to other campuses like UC-Riverside and UC-Santa Cruz, both of which posted impressive gains in minority admissions as a result of cascading. At Riverside, for example (The UC Prior to Proposition 209 (
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SAT Controversy

Words: 4764 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15586602

SAT Controversy

The application of SAT for College Entrance Examination has been widely debated, with several supporters for its continued usage and several opponents for its discontinuance. The paper shall deal with both sides of the argument and shall reach at a conclusion.

The SAT is the country's historical, widely prevalent, and misapplied, of College Entrance examinations. The SAT-I is constituted of two phases, Verbal and Math, each marked on a 200-800 point scale. The 138 questions include specifically many choices and the ten questions relating to Mathematics need students to pen down the answers. By pattern, the test denotes more speed that many test undertakers are prevalently finding it short of answering them within the stipulated time. The SAT-II, previously attainment tests, is one hour subject-based exams, which is completely in a multiple choice pattern (excluding the SAT-II written exam, which is comprehensive of one 20 minute essay). The…… [Read More]


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1978 the Aftermath of the

Words: 1048 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17030550

he standards were meant to provide access to the future successes of a UC-Davis education despite previous disadvantage, but were not without flaw.

In 1973 and the following year, Bakke applied to the medical school with a benchmark score of 468 out of 500. Each time he was rejected, as were all students in the regular applicant pool with a score below 470. Yet, four special admissions spots remained, and he was not considered to fill them. Bakke wrote a letter of complaint to the Chairman of the Admissions Committee, complaining about the program's admissions bias, but in 1974, his lowest review in committee was from the same chairman, who cited his opinions as too narrow minded for the UC-Davis standards. In both years, though, Bakke applied with a higher GPA and MCA score than his special admissions peers. Infuriated, he filed suit with the Superior Court of California seeking…… [Read More]

The decision went against the social flow of progressive American society, including that of the many of the Justices deciding the case. They understood that race was an issue that needed to be taken into consideration in admissions, but the unconstitutionality of the quotas could not be denied. Justice Powell stated that race could be used as a factor in admissions to mollify the social separation inherent in post-segregationist America, and he drew public attention to the Harvard College Admissions program which used race as part of "holistic review" of applicants. While he was in favor of the consideration of race but against the quotas at UC-Davis, the rest of the Justices were split firmly in half.

Since the case, the decision of the Court has affirmed Powell's approach to the admissions process and its treatment of race. In 2003, Grutter vs. Bollinger attacked the race processes used in admissions at the University of Michigan Law School, where Lee Bollinger, now the leader of Columbia University, presided over a process where race serves as a "predominant" factor of consideration. By establishing race as a point of "compelling interest," Bakke dealt directly with the problem of social hierarchy in the aftermath of the civil rights movement and segregation, and the ensuing concern with a modern reverse-prejudice, in a manner that remains relevant and valid thirty years later.

The Columbia Electronic Enyclopeida, 6th Ed. New York, Columbia University Press, 2005. [DVD]
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Letter of Intention Outlining the

Words: 348 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41873083

I also taught both History and Math at the Haverford School from 1989 until 1997. In addition to these leadership roles I have also completed career development courses such as: Curriculum Development, Team Building Techniques, Motivation Techniques, Classroom Management, Technology Integration, Marketing & Advertising, Recruitment & Retention Enrollment Management, Standardized Test Evaluation and others.

I feel that completing these types of courses indicates not only my continued interest in the field or work that I have chosen but also my dedication and commitment to performing well in that field. This dedication will help not only me but those that I work with in the future, and those that work as my subordinates. When one has a strong commitment to one's job, others are aware of that and they understand that they are not the only ones being asked to work for what is important to them. This helps the relationship…… [Read More]

Letter of Intention respectfully apply for the master's program in Organizational Leadership. I wish to use the knowledge that I will gain in that program to work toward my goal of leading a non-profit organization such as a school or a foundation. This type of work is very important to me and I feel as though I will do well for myself and others by working in this field. However, I understand that I must have proper training and education before I can be completely effective in my chosen profession. I also believe that I can bring a great deal of knowledge to the program, as evidenced by the work experience that I have already had.

I have worked at the Haverford School since 1995, both as the Director of Tuition Assistance and as the Associate Director of Admissions. In 1999 I was promoted to the Director of Admissions while still retaining my Director of Tuition Assistance position as well. I also taught both History and Math at the Haverford School from 1989 until 1997. In addition to these leadership roles I have also completed career development courses such as: Curriculum Development, Team Building Techniques, Motivation Techniques, Classroom Management, Technology Integration, Marketing & Advertising, Recruitment & Retention Enrollment Management, Standardized Test Evaluation and others.

I feel that completing these types of courses indicates not only my continued interest in the field or work that I have chosen but also my dedication and commitment to performing well in that field. This dedication will help not only me but those that I work with in the future, and those that work as my subordinates. When one has a strong commitment to one's job, others are aware of that and they understand that they are not the only ones being asked to work for what is important to them. This helps the relationship an employer has with his or her employees and also strengthens the bond that the worker has with those that he or she helps.
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Psychiatric Nursing

Words: 1372 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9450497

nurse working as a psychiatric-Mental health facility and have been asked to complete a suicide assessment on a client.

What are the different areas you would need to assess? List at least two questions you would ask to assess each area.

Suicide assessment begins with understanding the behavior of the patient. A patient may be acting in a way that causes the nurse to question the possibility of risk. Questions to ask might be: Is the behavior unusual for this person? Has their behavior changed drastically after a tragic event? (Mohr,, 743). Next the nurse needs to establish a therapeutic relationship that is built on trust. This relationship should have begun prior to the behavior change. Nurses should ask about family, talk honestly about issues that the patient wants to hear about, and try to seek a common ground that will help build rapport. If the patient is in crisis…… [Read More]


Freedberg, S. (2007). Re-examining empathy: A relational-feminist point-of-view. Social Work,

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Kintzle, S., & Bride, B.E. (2010). Intervention following a sudden death: The social work-medical examiner model. Health and Social Work,
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Admits & Readmits

Words: 439 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84306113

Hospital Admission Analysis

Readmission Statistics (Denominator)

Total Number of Readmits

Total Number of Patients Readmitted

# of Patients with Multiple Readmits

In looking at readmissions, there were only three patients that were re-admitted more than once. Everyone else admitted once and, at most, readmitted once. For the readmits, no single hospital seems to have a problem. One sidenote is that one of the readmits (patient 740019266) was readmitted once to Crouse and then twice more to St. Joseph's. The reason for each readmit for that same patient is actually different. Further, the overall reason for readmits varies greatly and is not defined by any primary or common causes except perhaps breathing/pain issues of many kinds.

Overall Admission Statistics

Admissions of Males (Total)

Admission of Females (Total)

Readmissions of Females

Readmissions of Males

Multiple Admissions - Males

Multiple Admissions - Females

In looking at the rates of admissions, readmissions and multiple…… [Read More]

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Legal Reasoning A in His

Words: 1647 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48680778

A d) the theoretical approach to legal reasoning that casts the most helpful light on judicial reasoning in determining whether or not evidence derived from torture should be admissible is legal positivism, as developed by H.L.A. Hart. Hart's approach to legal positivism focused strongly on the relationship between the law and morality. One would be hard pressed to describe an area where the relationship between moral behavior and the law is more at issue than in a question involving torture. The question is especially salient when a country may not have any influence over interrogation procedures, such as when the United Kingdom is relying upon interrogations performed in other countries. However, Hart's rule of recognition articulates the point-of-view that social norms should not always be legal norms. There is no question that the prohibition against torture is a widespread social norm, as reflected by the common law, informal international law,…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement From an Early

Words: 503 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16390705

In the past, I have volunteered for Tree City USA in Orland Hills in a number of projects and events. I also have a soft spot for communal well-being and development and in that regard; I occasionally coach the little league basketball just as a way of making a small contribution towards the development of others.

I may not be the brightest student in my class at Western Illinois University, the college from which am transferring, but I have made deliberate moves in the recent past to double my efforts so as to enhance my grades. As you will find out, I have had three grades in the past which may be an issue of concern i.e. An F (got a C+ on re-taking the same) and two Ds. I am fully convinced that poor time management contributed largely towards the three dismal grades and my relatively low GPA. With…… [Read More]

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Investment Higher Education Important Investment Anticipating a

Words: 2029 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40817113

Investment higher education important investment anticipating a national return.This relevant tool promoting economy eradicating poverty world. However, a huge problem taking consideration, inequality barriers colleges universities admission-based social demographic background.

Investments in Higher Education

The economic situation of most countries is in decline as a result of several environmental factors. The level of poverty is numerous countries has become a problem for these countries, but also for richer countries that must invest in helping poor regions in the world to improve their situation. The number of people living under subsistence levels is increasing, which means that something must be done in order to redress the situation.

The answer to the problem of promoting economy and eradicating poverty seems to be higher education. Whenever state governments present their long-term strategy for economic development, they consider investments in higher education the most important tool that can provide a national return. In other…… [Read More]

Reference list:

1. Alon, S. (2009). The Evolution of Class Inequality in Higher Education: Competition, Exclusion, and Adaptation. American Sociological Review. Retrieved April 10, 2013 from .

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3. Tienda, M. (2009). Hispanicity and Educational Inequality: Risks, Opportunities, and the Nation's Future. Retrieved April 10, 2013 from .
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Undocumented Students Equity to In-State Tuition Reducing

Words: 8115 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92893549

Undocumented tudents Equity to in-tate Tuition:

Reducing The Barriers

There exist policy ambiguities and variations at federal, state, and institutional levels related to undocumented student access to and success in higher education and this has created problems for these students. This study investigated specific policies and procedures to provide the resources and capital to assist undocumented students as well as reviewed key elements of showing the correlation of these difficulties with ethnic identity in access and equity to higher education that would help eliminate student's frustration. The study also illustrated that there is no accountability system surrounding the success of undocumented student's postsecondary education divide significant structure. Three research questions guided the study; a) Without the fundamental requirements met how will undocumented students achieve their goal to attain a degree, and seek a rewarding career? b) Is it unjust to extradite an illegal alien who has been living a constructive…… [Read More]

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