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AAPA, NJPAS, and NJSSPA are professional bodies representing the Physician Assistants. AAPA is a nation wide body which claims to be the sole national level organization, which is representing the Physician Assistants in the United States and is working for the benefit of PAs in all specialty areas. This organization mainly provides support to the Physician Assistants in employment matters and other professional issues. AAPA stands for "American Academy of Physicians Assistants. On the other hand, NJPAS and NJSSPA are New Jersey-based organizations representing the PAs in the New Jersey region. NJPAS is basically a student organization, which provides educational and professional support to PA students while NJSSPA is a professional body of Physician Assistant practitioners operating at the state level.

The development of the website "" will be beneficial for both the Physician Assistant students and the working students. This website will serve as a platform for sharing the experiences and information of the members which will help the members to broaden their spectrum. This will also facilitate in meeting the long-term objectives of these organizations i.e. To promote quality medical care to the general public by educating them about the medical care issues and by developing a more skilled and qualified medical care team of experts. This website will provide the physician assistants of New Jersey, professional support from each other which will help them to improve the quality of health care.

This website is expected to serve the information needs of a number of Physician Assistant students by providing valuable information to them. This website will provide information on the PA career to the public and will serve as a resource for the students. It will provide detailed information on the profession of Physician Assistants and will educate the people about the role of PAs in health care. In addition to this it will give detailed information about the organization representing the Physician Assistants in New Jersey (New Jersey Physicians Assistant Students).

This website will also serve as a useful resource for professional information and recent issues, for the member or the organization. It can be used as an archive on a number of health care issues. Members can access any kind of professional information by just logging on to the website and searching for the information for which they are looking. In addition to this, the website will also serve as an online publication journal where new research works and findings will be published and all the members will benefit from it. It will be a primary source of useful information for its student members who might find it difficult to search for the desired information in the library. Moreover, it will help them to get more relevant and accurate information with in a very short period of time because of the ease of information search. Most importantly, this website will help the students to remain updated on their school events and to keep in touch with other fellow students.

As far as the matter of benefit to the community as a whole is concerned, the usefulness of this site will not be limited to the Physician Assistant Students or professionals only. It will also be a source of useful and relevant information for the other members of the community. As the information available on this site will be related to the health care issues, it will educate the community members on a number of health care issues resulting in the form of increased awareness among the public.

The community will also benefiting from the program by getting some useful information on the ideal living pattern that may minimize the risk of health risks and will improve their quality of life. Moreover, this website will also educate the public about the profession of Physician Assistance, their role in medical care and the importance of a Physician Assistance in providing quality medical care.

This website will be a great resource for students to gain up-to-date information about there school events and upcoming programs. As the website will be accessible from any location, students will get the timely information without any delay. Moreover, its message boards will help the students to remain in touch with each other and share useful information with each other even when they are on vacations or are not attending the school. It will also support the students by providing recent statistics on the Physician Assistants and by assisting the members in looking for various advanced education or employment opportunities.

When the question arises as to whether is there a need for a website to be developed exclusively for the students of University of Medicine and Dentistry, NJ, we shall consider a number of factors to justify the development of the website.

The primary reason that justifies the development of this website is that this site will be a useful source of information not only for the students of NJ but also for the professionals of the locality. As far as the matter of developing a website specifically for the students of NJ is concerned, this website will focus specifically on the issues that are creating challenges and bringing opportunities to the physician assistants in the New Jersey area. As the challenges, opportunities and a number of other issues vary from state to state because of difference of government legislations, it is necessary to separately address the issues of PAs working in NJ.

While considering the pros and cons of developing a website like this, one hardly finds any disadvantage of implementing such a useful project which is expected to benefit the community as a whole, improve the quality of medical care education and practice and provide a platform to the Physician Assistant students of New Jersey. One of the major advantages of this site will be, as discussed before, that it will serve as a very useful resource for gathering information on the profession and to get accurate and up-to-date knowledge in a timely manner. Another major advantage will be that it will allow its members to share each other's knowledge, experiences and observations which will help the students as well as the professionals to widen their knowledge base and will allow them to provide highest possible quality of health service.

At present there are a number of Physician Assistant Student organizations operating online as the concept of forming an online platform for professionals, whether they are Physician Assistants or any other professionals, is gaining popularity. The AAPA itself recommends the SAAPA i.e. The Student Academy of Physician Assistants. At present there are about twenty nine societies operating online which are registered by the American Association of Physical Assistants. The list is expected to grow further in future.

The student societies, as is that of the University of Medicine and Dentistry NJ, have proved to be very useful not only to the students of these universities but also the universities themselves. These website are a very productive promotional tool for the Physical Assistant programs of these universities and can help in a great deal in educating and attracting the potential students of the University. Moreover, the website will also be a means of getting recent and up-to-date information on the latest events taking place in the University. This will help the university to develop a stronger and effective alumni base of its graduates which will benefit the university in the long-term. In addition to this, it will help the currently enrolled students to access and read the public notices and announcements online which will ensure the delivery of announcements to almost all the students in the university. This was not possible in the old traditional approach as sometimes students used to forget reading the announcements or missed the announcements posted on the announcement boards.

The biggest advantage to the University itself…[continue]

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