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If a religion forbids dancing, those children should not have to learn a new dance, even though it might be a lot of fun for others. In other religions, any kind of image is forbidden. These children should not be served cookies that have, for instance, a jack-o-lantern or the country's flag on it.

At the same time, such a day can help students learn about each others' cultures. In those cases, parents who belong to those cultures might organize the activities. For instance, if there are Jewish children in the school, parents might make latkes with applesauce or have an activity that explains the significance of a Jewish holiday. Ethnic minorities might set up an activity that demonstrates something important about their culture and history. "Under Eights" can be a learning experience as well as a lot of fun.

13. You are a teachers' aide. Discuss with a teacher a way in which you could communicate with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Make notes on how this communication supports working in the school environment and assists in avoiding misunderstand and conflict. Identify some of the communication skills you need.

One of the most important things in this situation is to avoid stereotypical language. One culture may have a slang name for another culture. The dominant culture member may not realize the slang is offensive, but school staff simply must know these things. it's also important to not presume to understand where a person is coming from based on his or her cultural background. Reflecting back what a person has said is a good way to make sure there has been no misunderstanding.

14. Explain how the current changes in technology were monitored in your school. Some examples are staff meetings, professional development, specific recording formats etc.

We have a technology specialist who monitors such changes. She makes sure all computers are compatible with each other and does any needed software updates. When we have staff development opportunities, learning more about technology is always one of the session choices.

Record one of the changes in technology below and briefly explain: Current changes:

Our school has set up a web site where teachers can list homework assignments and upcoming projects.

How this change was shared with colleagues: When and if these changes will be implemented. If not, why not?

This was explained at a faculty meeting. All teachers are expected to be using it by the end of the year, but when they start using it has been left up to the individual teacher.

How the school implemented the change into the classroom and/or school:

The faculty meeting for this purpose was held in the computer lab, and each teacher was able to practice posting homework information, editing it, and taking it down. Teachers were provided a form letter they can send home when they start using the web site to explain to the parents how they can use it. The local library has been informed so that those parents without computers can access the information at the public library.

15. Briefly comment on the following points and in two columns main heading APPLICATION (Program/Software) underneath that main column two columns headings

Benefits": "Considerations": record your responses in these columns and below give a brief comment.



The current technological changes that apply to the classroom / school

Using a web page for homework assignments is new. It should improve communication between home and school.

Some teachers feel the students should not need this assistance and don't think they should have to spend the time to learn and use the system.

The impact technology will have on effective performance within the school

Technology should expand the numbers of ways students can both learn and demonstrate what they've learned.

Teachers have to make sure that the computer approach isn't just a novelty but that it really does improve teaching and learning.

The changes in equipment and/or technology throughout the school over a period of time

Right now this mainly involves upgrades in software, which is easily accomplished.

At some point, the school may need new computers, and that will be expensive.

The effects of technology on current work practices

Teachers now produce narrative reports for report cards on the computer. This saves a lot of laborious handwriting, and the teacher can get the wording exactly as he or she wants it.

There may be a risk that sometimes doing a task on the computer will be a newer way but not any better, and possibly more time-consuming.

The ways of upgrading skills to include the use of new technology.

Teachers are required to do in-service activities to keep their certifications current, so it is relatively easy to keep skills up to speed.

Computer technology isn't the only important change in education and should not be given more emphasis…[continue]

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