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Sleeters (2009) research helped to indentify and address some important issues within the realm of education, and specifically addressed the challenges and biases that these teachers hold when developing curriculum for the students. The purpose of this article review is to account for the arguments presented in the aforementioned article and develop some independent analysis that can be helpful in applying the data in more a practical and localized fashion. This essay will first describe the topic and then explain how this topic was scientifically explored through the positing of certain ideas and premises. The essay will then examine the procedures that the research undertook to realize the result. The conclusions will then be discussed to determine the results, validity and applicability of the work before offering a final summary relating the work to today's situation and how it may best applied in a real world situation.

The main thrust of this article is examining not what teachers are thinking but how teachers are thinking. This approach is useful because it examines a systematic pattern to model success and failure. The researcher was curious to examine how teachers think towards curriculum and what influences are present in their development. To accomplish this task a special case study was developed that followed and tracked the experiences of a young, novice teacher and her experiences with this topic.

The research is premised upon the idea that teachers are significant curriculum creator and this action plays an extremely important role in the overall quality of the education that is presented to the students. To find out the significance of this idea the research asked important questions: "How does teachers' thinking about curriculum develop in the context of teacher education coursework? How might an analysis of a novice teacher's learning to think more complexly inform teacher education pedagogy? " In other words, this article is evaluating the learning processes of teachers by investigating how they themselves are experiencing learning at the same time they are developing classroom curriculum.

The article aimed to eventually attempt to dispel notions that there is an objectively right, or universal method of teaching multicultural curriculum. This article attacked the idea that there is simple step-by-step method that can be applied generically that serves as a panacea. The research also attempted to assist teachers develop more sophisticated means of organizing knowledge and increasing their epistemological acumen.

To help prepare the reader for the ideas being discussed, the article presented some other assumptions and provided definitions to help guide the understanding of the presentation. Sleeter emphasized that recognizing the idea that different frames of reference and a relative understanding of the environment is key in developing and designing multicultural curriculum. What is missing in this definition, is a proper definition of the ideas of multiculturalism and how it is infused in society. The author simply assumed in this article that multiculturalism is in fact important and has a useful place within the classroom. This baseline assumption suggests that the author is arguing for multiculturalism as a necessary quality within the design and creation of classroom curriculum.


To illuminate and prove the questions raised in this article, the researcher used the case study method to highlight her main points and to create a worthwhile argument that supports her premises. This case study was chosen amongst a larger group of evaluated students. The researcher chose a student named Ann because she was a novice teacher who satisfied the requirements of being a graduate student in multicultural design class and she had responsibilities in her classroom developing curriculum. The author wrote " I wanted to focus my attention on a beginning teacher, who was relatively new to multicultural education, open to learning and teaching in a diverse classroom."

Ann herself was a 2nd year teacher who was from a different part of the country that she was teaching in currently. Ann is a young white woman teaching 5th grade that serves a very diverse student population. This was a new experience to Ann but she was dedicated to learning about it, which made her an ideal selection for analysis. The research was gathered using data supplied by Ann's papers she completed during her coursework, a journal of…[continue]

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