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There are also challenges that will emerge from the provision of the Fair Treatment for Experienced Act due to its impact on the Aviation safety standards and guideline principles. These impacts include stricter measures regarding safety standards which comprises giving more firm limitations for pilots that are in the age of 60 and above and this will cause more dilemmas for other senior pilots who are responsible for guiding next generation of pilots (Brazy, 2008). There are some claims that the credibility of the Fair Treatment for Experienced Act has been degraded because of its consideration of age sensitive requirements particularly with the operating pilots.

The degree of discriminatory actions was considered as a violation and as a challenge for the reason that there is a segregation of particular groups known to be prohibited by the Federal law of the United States. Political pressure can also be a challenge because there are opposition lawmakers who are currently trying to challenge the integrity of the Fair Treatment for Experienced Act due to its insensitive statements and on its policy provisions that is affecting numerous flight attendants and flight operators. (Steve Weiberg, 2011)

The extent of safety measures are also being questioned because the presence of senior pilots in a significant numbers who are responsible for guiding the team of flight operators responsible for implementing the high quality standards of airline safety management. There will also be economic challenges because of the fact that the limitation of pilots in the age group of 60 and above decreases profitability measures. This will happen because there will be safety risks resultantly driving the passengers away who are the main contributors of the airline industry productivity.

Part III: Implication and Recommendation of the Study

It has been learned from the study that the Fair Treatment for Experience Act was a newly ratified law that governs aviation safety management being initiated by the FAA (federal Aviation Administration) in the United States. There is a realm that is raising numerous issues among the public for the reason that this law has raised concern regarding the segregation of operating senior pilots due to their current age which confines the pilots in particular from operating a commercial flight. It has also been realized that this law has triggered human rights activist on the issue of age discrimination as it is believed that this law violates the anti-discrimination law towards age. The law also deprived pilots from their privileges of flying commercial flights. These senior and experienced pilots can be the role model for the airline safety management.

In brief, the author recommends there should be a review on this particular regulation as it can be helpful in alleviating conflicting issues for example discrimination related to age which is impacting senior operating pilots. The extent of public pressure should be more aggressive and mass media should also play its role by giving coverage to this issue which will force the law making officials to reconsider this law. It is recommended that Federal Law should be amended as there are many negative impacts for this law as supported by Turley (2008). Age should not be the main basis for the implementation of Fair Treatment for Experienced act for the reason that all individuals having the age of 60 and above have different kinds of physical wellness and some senior pilots can be more physically fit than younger pilots.


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