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University of Cambridge International Examinations

Cambridge International Diploma In Management

Higher Professional Level

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Alaa Eddin Al Jabban

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Organizational Behavior and Change Management


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Alaa Eddin Al Jabban


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Arijit Bose

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Arijit Bose


Table of Index:

Executive Summary

42. Research Methodology

43. Organizational Background:

43.1 Industry Background

43.2 Company Information, Market Coverage and Services

Source: Eurosec Automation & Security.

53.3 Vision

53.4 Mission

53.5 My Role

53.6 My Department

54. Organizational Strategy and Human Resource Planning

54.1 HRP and Its Strategic Objectives

54.1.1 Definitions and Background

64.1.2 Strategic Importance and Objectives

64.2 Strategic Plans and Objectives

74.3 HRP Best Practices and HR Policy

85. HR Planning Process

85.1 Internal Analysis

85.1.1 SWOT Analysis

105.2 External Analysis

105.2.1 PESTLE Analysis

105.2.3 Economic

115.2.4 Social

115.2.5 Technological

115.2.6 Legal

115.2.7 Environmental

126. HR Plan

126.1 Demand and Availability Forecast

126.2 Job Description and Job Specification

127. Recruitment and Selection Strategy

137.1 Existing Recruitment Process

137.1.1 Recruitment Methods Followed at Eurosec

137.1.2 Existing Selection Methods

147.1.3 Revised Recruitment Methods for Eurosec

147.1.4 Revised Selection Methods for Eurosec

148. Measuring Recruitment and Selection Methods Effectiveness

159. Implementation Plan

1710. Evaluation of the Process

1711. Recommendation

1812. Conclusion

1913. References

Executive Summary

The focus of this paper study is to assess current human resources practices at Eurosec. Eurosec Automation & Security Systems L.L.C is an independently owned and operated company that offers security solutions with branches in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. The assignments started by linking strategic human resource planning with the overall company's objectives. Current human resource practices at Eurosec have been evaluated with the best practices to identify the gap. External factors have been considered and current culture has been studied to identify the effect on human resource. Staff audit matrix has been used to identify the needs of human capital in line with the strategic growth objectives for Eurosec. Current recruitment and selection plans have been assessed and based on the gaps a new recruitment and selection plan have been recommended. A job specification has been looked at for one of the identified openings and the role of line managers in the process has been discussed. Validity and reliability test have been discussed to evaluate the recommended methods in human resource. Implementation plan has been prepared and the evaluation of the process as well. A letter to the management illustrated the findings, recommendation and suggestion to improve HRP practices has been presented.

2. Research Methodology

Primary research was conducted from the Eurosec annual report as well as from the information in the website and by way of research about the company.

Secondary research

Interviews were conducted with the top Management. These were very helpful to discus with them the future of the company and the future plans.

3. Organizational Background:

3.1 Industry Background

The security solution industry offers a complete range of life safety and security solutions to meet the needs of growing and diverse communities in both the residential and commercial areas. From standard locks and hardware to the most sophisticated alarm, access control and surveillance systems (Welcome to Security Solutions, n.d.)

3.2 Company Information, Market Coverage and Services

Eurosec Automation & Security Systems L.L.C is an independently owned and operated company that offers security solutions with branches in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Service wise, the company offers the following today:

CCTV System Monitoring

ANPR System

Smart Home System

Hotel Management System

PABX System

Video and Audio Intercom System

Public Address

SMATV System

Structure Cabling

Access Control System

Shutters and Grills

Gate Barrier System

Alarm Systems

Source: Eurosec Automation & Security.

3.3 Vision

Eurosec prides themselves in their customer satisfaction and offer personal service to all of them (Eurosec Automation & Security, n.d.).

3.4 Mission

Eurosec aim is to provide their clients with the most innovative and latest technologies (Eurosec Automation & Security, n.d.).

3.5 My Role

I currently work at Eurosec as the Marketing Manager. Under this role I take care of implementing the policies and measures relating to the marketing management teams, the client relationship and driving the branding and marketing efforts at the company.

3.6 My Department

The department that I lead is directly responsible for improving the productivity and performance of the customer services teams by providing them the essential tools, infrastructure, analysis and direction needed. Since my role and department has many responsibilities, we also lead the marketing efforts ranging from the current re-branding efforts to improving the company's market visibility, to conducting market surveys, to improving the lead capturing processes, and to better positioning the company in the markets we exist in.

4. Organizational Strategy and Human Resource Planning

4.1 HRP and Its Strategic Objectives

4.1.1 Definitions and Background

Human Resource Planning can be defined as "The ongoing process of systematic planning to achieve optimum use of an organization's most valuable asset - its human resources" (Human Resource Planning -- HRP, 2011). For resourcing strategies to be implemented they must be translated into practical action. The strategic process should be organized logically. For these decisions to be taken, information must be obtained, consequences gauged, political soundings taken and preferences assessed (Human Resource Planning, 2007).

4.1.2 Strategic Importance and Objectives

The object of human resource (HR) planning is to make sure the best fit between employees and jobs, while avoiding manpower shortages or surpluses. The three key elements of the HR planning process are forecasting labor demand, analyzing present labor supply, and balancing projected labor demand and supply (Human Resource Planning -- HRP, 2011).

4.2 Strategic Plans and Objectives

Eurosec uses a customized balanced score card methodology to set its strategy, describe it, and measure their progress. This is also the basis for employee appraisals and evaluations (Eurosec Automation & Security, n.d.). "The balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in business and industry, government, and nonprofit organizations worldwide to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals. It was originated by Drs. Robert Kaplan and David Norton as a performance measurement framework that added strategic non-financial performance measures to traditional financial metrics to give managers and executives a more 'balanced' view of organizational performance" (Balanced Scorecard Basics, 2011).

Eurosec's Strategic Plans and Objectives and their relation to HRP.

Strategic objective

HR objectives and plans

Attain organizational resilience

• Re-evaluate the accessible organization structure and put into practice a succession plan

• Accomplish proper resource planning to support demand variation

Advance overall organizational competitiveness and market positioning

Progress recruiting process

• Hire and retain key talent

• Advance existing training program

Facilitate organization's organic and geographical growth

Diminish worker turn over

• Initiate a reward and recognition program

• Offer intra-company career occasions

4.3 HRP Best Practices and HR Policy

Eurosec's HR policies and procedures


• Employment/end of employment strategy

The general policy and sub-policies administrate all features of employment from placement to interviews to examinations to selection process and confirmation of employment. The HR & Training Representative will make every feasible effort to aid the new worker feel at home by introducing their workers in the station, work area, training room, facilities and Eurosec environment on the first day of employment. The HR & Training Representative will plan an orientation program in harmonization with the teams concerned for the newly appointed staff.

• Training

Training strategies cover all features of worker training starting with a Basic Training Program, the induction program for new recruits, continuing training and development, number of training hours per person, internal and external trainings, and training reimbursements.

• Performance appraisal

This policy covers worker appraisals and the dissimilar systems in place that are appropriate to different group and grades. It also covers the relation between appraisals and promotions, increments or bonuses.…[continue]

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