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Koreas North and South Korea

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Furthermore, an outright war could embroil the United States in a conflict far bigger than Iraq or Afghanistan, causing serious detriment to life, liberty and economic stability (Farrell, 2006).

At this point, North Korea is still engaged in a process of saber-rattling. Their ability to impact markets and security is limited, but should the North Korean government make a bolder move, or force the West into a response, the situation on the Korean peninsula could destabilize the entire world.

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Korea's Place in the Sun

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After dividing into the two nations, the Korea's still had problems with what their arrangement turned out to be. South and North Korea both wanted land that turned out to be in each other possession, something that they did not want. Because of this fight over land, politics, and rights, a civil war broke out. South Korea received most of the blame for this war within one country. South Korea was said to provoke the North and were actually the ones who not only started most battles, but also was the side that sent the most troops in to invade North Korea. This strong overwhelming insurgence from both sides made this civil war one that would damage land and its people far beyond repair.

This was a very sad occurrence as it was a war between a nation that had high hopes of being freed from an overbearing power, such as Japan. After so many decades under Japanese rule, Korea was finally free to establish itself as its own independent nation, but instead had so many political, governmental, and outside forces influencing their every decision, that it instead caused a turmoil that is still present till this day. When Korea was finally no longer under Japan's colonization, it instead turned one people against another and at the cost of so many lives. What is even more astonishing about all this, the disagreements, the civil war, is that even after all that fighting, and all the deaths, everything is still the same. Nothing was won, but so much was lost. Had it not been for so many outside influences, influences that did not fully comprehend their already established culture, and their way of living, things could…… [Read More]

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North and South Korea the War Between

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North and South Korea

The war between North and South Korea is now a few decades old. Ever since the two countries split in the 1950's, the world has been trying to find a way to reunite both the land and its citizens, some of whom have not seen their family for many decades. No other country in the world exists in the same complete (literal) darkness as North Korea. Sheltered from the world, the country and its citizens are living stuck in time, without modern technology and conveniences. However, North Korea does show its prowess once in awhile to discourage other from encroaching upon its authoritarian territory. This short analysis will focus on the situation between the two countries, complete with an analysis of their respective populations. [1: McDonald, M. (2010). "Crisis Status' in South Korea After North Shells Island." New York Times. Retrieved April 19, 2011, from . ]

North and South Korea were once one country. In the 1950's as aforementioned, the South allied with the United State and the North became community, thus successfully splitting. Since that time, the North's philosophy has been one of "self-sufficient industrialization." The government in the North, headed by Kim Jong-Il, is a centrally planned Communist republic, who control foreign trade and any other contact with the outside world. To make matters worse, North Koreans are not allowed to travel outside their country at all. Even within the country, citizens need special visas to visit a neighboring city, and spies are everywhere. [2: Source provided by customer. ]

In the South, however, the situation is much better. The South has been able to use American principles to advance its economy, and now it is one of…… [Read More]

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History of Korea

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North/South Korea + Korean-Americans

The Two Koreas:

South Korea is known today as one of the rising economic giants of the industrialized world. The nation is a respected U.S. ally, and a center for fashion and technology, not to mention other industries. While South Korea's "star" is on a constant rise, its neighbor, North Korea, continues to live in a tightly closed society, with restrictive and degrading practices, whereby its citizens are almost like robots, not allowed to think for themselves, to eat properly, or to explore their world. The different between the two countries is stark, and in order to even begin to understand South Korea's ability to progress so much, one must analyze its history. However, for the purposes of this paper, three main questions will be analyzed in order to begin to understand the two countries in an initial phase:

South Korea's path of democratization in the 1980s and 1990s will be described,

North Korea's policies in the 1990s will also be described, and,

3. Lastly, the paper will describe the Korean diaspora with a focus on America.

South Korea Democratization in the 1990s

Korea was "supposed to be" a mix of "cheap and disciplined labor, talented technocrats," high GNP, equal distribution of wealth, and citizens who "never said Yankee, go home," according to Bruce Cummings who writes about the phenomenon in his book Korea's Place in the Sun, upon which the following paragraphs are based. However, according to Cummings, this model did not quite work out. Until 1992, every single Korean republic, in the South, was ended by either a coup or a massive uprising. In order to illustrate this, the author has separated the period from the 1960's to 1992…… [Read More]