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North Korea Political Position Regarding United States

Threatening for U.S. government

This assignment demonstrates the position of politics of North Korea regarding United States. North Korea developed third nuclear technology that brought an impact on United States. This assignment discussed the threats given by North Korea to United States. This assignment also puts light on the implications of technology on North Korea regarding United States.

During the period of the cold war, North Korea had become a main problem for the foreign policy of United States. United States and North Korea have never had the political relations with each other. North Korea has become a serious threat for United States because North Korea has introduced an advanced nuclear technology; and has become a more powerful nuclear power. The new nuclear device has a high range of strike against U.S. And lately established technology is beyond the ability of the North Koreans. U.S. takes an interest in North Korea's political policies includes human rights and political securities.

Centralization is the main principle of the political system of North Korea. The government of North Korea provides all the possible solutions regarding the human rights. The WPK has been established in 1948, as well as under the working party of Korea WPK, North Korea can also be defined as a "dictatorship of people's negotiation" because the constitution intimately oversees the lives of the people. In the past decades, from Clinton to Bush administration was not ready to negotiate with democratic policies of north Korea but at the time of Obama administration, he developed a strategy named as" strategic patience," according to which Pyongyang will commit to take steps toward denuclearization and will modify the relations with Seoul to return to the six party talks[footnoteRef:2]. [2: Chanlett-Avery, E. & Rinehart, I. (2013) North Korea: U.S. Relations, Nuclear Diplomacy, and Internal Situation. Congressional Research Service, Working Paper No. R41259.


Threatening for U.S. government

The new nuclear device has become a significant threat for the United States because it can strike the whole U.S. At the larger pace. After UN endorsement, the test of the third nuclear device has been taking place in February under the government of their new leader Jim Kun-un. Pyongyang has stated that the explosion of this nuclear device is not like the last two nuclear bombs and that nuclear device is considered to be the warning for the U.S. It has also become threaten for the U.S. constitution that the size of the lately nuclear device is subsequently diminutive and can be easily built-in at the apex of the missile[footnoteRef:3]. [3: Mail Online (2013) North Korea is a serious threat to U.S., says American Defence Secretary Panetta after secretive state's successful nuclear test. Associated Newspapers Ltd.]

The nuclear agency of North Korea has stated that they will acquire the austere action against the U.S. constitution with the use of their nuclear power if the U.S. will reveal the opposition behavior. The abilities of making the nuclear bombs and missiles of North Korea pose the main threat for international constituencies.

The United States have taken this threat seriously and have spent $1 billion to increase the number of interceptors at their perimeter. The U.S. also demonstrates the possible actions by increasing the number of military provocation against the nuclear threat. By analyzing it has been analyzed that North Korea has become a weapons stock because of which it has become a nuclear threat for U.S., Japan and South Korea. The U.S. constitution shows the confidence that the missile defense system in Alaska can rebuff any attack of North Korean (ICBM) intercontinental ballistic missile[footnoteRef:4]. [4: Windrem, R. (2013) North Korea threat of nuclear attack predictable but worrisome. NBC News.]

The new UN sanctions can become a threat for North Korea to continue the development of ballistic long array missiles. North Korea can face some issues in the continuing development of nuclear missile because the 2094 resolution isolates the North Korea and have ordered the North Korea to pay increasing cost for becoming part of the international community[footnoteRef:5]. U.S. And Japan became a threat for the North Korea that they adhere concurrently and have stated that North Korea must have to stop the establishment of nuclear missiles. They have planned to enhance the security level for avoiding the threats given by the North Korea. It must be possible that if, because of peninsula denuclearize, the threat given by North Korea become unreasonable. The vice president of U.S. Kerry visit China and Japan for congregate the plans in opposition to North Korea and they thrash out all the matter in support of each other and their conference might become a main peril for North Korea leader and they also stated that if Jim would exploit this nuclear technology then it will be his prevalent mistake. Furthermore, president Obama stated that North Korea can never become an atomic power and they do not have the abilities to build such large extent missiles[footnoteRef:6]. [5: Ibid. ] [6: Kim, J. & Charbonneau, L. (2013) North Korea threatens nuclear strike, U.N. expands sanctions. Reuters. ]

As the whole world knows that the United States is one of the strongest country, so after getting threats from North Korea, Us became aware of these threats, and they decided to communicate with those countries, who also receive threats from North Korea, like south Korea and Japan but China is also ready to stand with U.S., one of the foremost acquaintance of North Korea and have decided to meet their goals concurrently. One of the threats for North Korea is that the ambassador of United States stated the entire world amalgamates with us, and they committed us to de-nuclearize the Korean peninsula and Korea should have to comply with the international obligations[footnoteRef:7]. [7: Akaha, T. (2013) "The Future of North Korea" Routledge. ]

Later than the establishment of new-fangled nuclear missile and after poses threaten from North Korea to United Sates, the United Nation sanction passed the notice to North Korea which is interrelated to their black business for instance criminal activities and also declare their financial transactions. The numbers of 15 numbers of Security Council were in favor of United States. Kim Sook, ambassador of South Korea stated that the over efficiency of North Korea to destroy the United States, Japan and South Korea will lead them to their self-destruction. North Korea receives the threat from South Korea and U.S. that if Pyongyang attacks then they strike back to North Korea and their targets would be their top most leadership[footnoteRef:8]. [8: Maseda, J. (2013) Analysis: North Korea blinked in missile standoff, but will threaten again. NBC News.]


North Korea has developed a new fissile missile falsified of uranium and plutonium which was manufactured in December. They had a primary test of that missile on February and the troop of North Korean nuclear agency was assuring that the nuclear test would not be of an extensive range capacity, but afterwards they recognize that they have prepare an innovative nuclear technology of high range power and can annihilate the three major states such as United States, Japan and south Korea. Some of the implications are described below;

Is a nuclear threat growing?

There are diverse circumstances related to the nuclear power of North Korea, and there is unclear understanding regarding the abilities and intentions of North Korea that North Korea might be poses threats to demonstrate their enthusiasm or to endow with innovative nuclear technology to the region or individuals or to the criminal organizations. North Korea is now become a nuclear power that provides nuclear technologies to different regions by different ways of transport. Re-searchers have analyzed that North Korea is still not able to develop the nuclear missile of long-range that can reach at the mainland of United States. In fact for that North Korea have to establish further nuclear test to demolish the United States. Nobody has the clear information that how North Korea use their nuclear weapons to minimize the differences from other stable regions.

The foreign ministry of North Korea has stated in March 2005 that we manage our nuclear weapons in a superior mode against the epidemic of war and utilize our nuclear power to preserve the nuclear steadiness and to sustain the peace in the region. The North Korean ministry stated that we made nuclear weapons after receiving the threats from United States and theses weapons can control the U.S. preventive strike. According to the military perspective, the army of North Korea use the nuclear weapons by observing the type of attack either it is conventional attack or nuclear attack[footnoteRef:9]. In addition, it shows the capabilities of North Korean military force. Us official has stated that North Korea is implementing on nuclear weapons from several years by using plutonium in the development of fissile missiles but still the North Korean nuclear agency have to endeavor to strike the mainland of U.S.. [9: Avery, C. & Squassoni, S. (2006) North Korea's Nuclear Test: Motivations, Implications, and…

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