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Individuals now have increasing control over how and when they receive information. Promoters now have to take a new approach to reaching potential consumers. The push method of promotion, broadcasting messages in bulk, is no longer as effective as it once was. Now promoters have to be more creative and implement more of a pull strategy to entice consumers. They have to create a desire for the consumer to want to hear the information.

Starbucks -- this brand is likely best target to populations at a national level. Not every country has a culture that values coffee in the same way.

Netflix -- Netflix is also best targeted at a national or regional level. Different populations and groups will have different media preferences.

Local milk -- the local milk brand should target the regional or local level since it is regionally produced.

d. North Face -- this brand could potentially be marketed on an international level since the target market is so well defined.

The military needs a comprehensive IMC plan given the fact that there target market is so diverse. The organization will have to command traditional media channels as well as embrace emerging ones to reach this broad a relatively young audience.

4.) One interesting brand that is gaining in popularity is Uber. Uber provides a platform that allows users to use ride sharing services. Much of the company's promotion seems to come from publicity. The company has created a good deal of controversy and one of its means of marketing has been to a strong public relations effort. For example, Uber has been controversial in New York City where cab drivers and their union have fought to keep Uber services out of the city. The Mayor, Bill de Blasio, has been critical of the company and has proposed limiting the license for "for-hire" drivers which would essentially ban Uber from the city. In response, Uber has taken out front page ads in papers like the New York Times and its public relations department has confronted the mayor publically about proposed legislation (Johnson, 2015). Uber is in a fairly unique situation as it is trying to develop markets for its services and one of the ways that promotion has been used is through public relations. Not only does this build support from consumers and the public, but it creates exposure to their services.


Figure 1 - Carl's Jr. Ad (White, 2015)

The Carl's Jr. series of ads promotes their "all-natural" burgers that is made with all-natural beef. The promotions are obviously using "sex" to sell their products. It is reasonable to believe that the supermodel does not eat unhealthy products such as these burgers regularly. However, the target market which is composed mostly of young males who regularly eat large hamburgers and girls body is used to highlight the fact that these products are natural.


Figure 2 - Women with Tools (BuildDirect, N.d.)

Women now tackle more of the home improvement projects than ever before. They are the target for many home improvement communications. The promotional image shows an empowered female and would likely be well received by women who are interested in fixing up their homes.

Figure 3 - Automotive Ad (Ad Respect, N.d.)

As women continue to have more equal opportunities in business, ads to female executives are more common. This ad for Avis appears to target a female professional that might use rental car services and demand a premium (or fun) vehicle. Female executive would likely respond well to the fact that there are "fun" premium vehicles available to rent on business trips.

Figure 4 - Ally Bank - (Free Checking Information, N.d.)

Ally seems to be also targeting women with their ads. More and more women are heading the household finances and banks are beginning to realize this. They are now promoting simplified products that can "free" the time of their customers. A busy mom or homemaker who runs the family's finances would likely respond favorably to the "simplicity" message.

7. Which of the marketing segmentation strategies are likely to be most effective for B2B marketing? Why would some techniques that are highly sucsussesful in targeting ultimate consumer markets, such as lifestyle segmentation, be less effective?

The segmentation that would...


Many B2B services are focused on the local or regional markets thus segmenting them in this way would make sense. In other cases, segmenting by industry might make sense in cases in which products might be highly specialized. For example, medical equipment suppliers would only want to advertise in things like medical trade journals for instance -- things that are industry specific.

Lifestyle segmentation can be difficult because often the case might be that the target market would be heavily geographically dispersed. For example, there would be a small group of marathon runners located throughout the country and this group could represent a large number of different demographics. Thus targeting this group can also be challenging and promotions need to be placed in places that are relevant to the groups interests.

8. Compose strategic planning triangles (SPT) for Starbucks coffee and Levi Strauss Jeans as follows: (1) identifying and profiling their target segments, (2) their brands value proposition, and (3) the appropriate persuasion tools.


Segmenting -- Starbucks has different segmenting considerations depending on the products in their product mix. For example, their retail operations will likely segment working professionals while their retail coffee that is sold in grocery markets will target consumers who drink premium coffee at home.

Targeting - Starbucks is typically going to want to target professionals with higher disposable income that can and will pay for premium coffee products -- probably mostly professionals.

Positioning -- Starbucks clearly positions its retail locations in areas that have high income levels and a significant amount of traffic.

Levi Strauss Jeans

Segmenting -- Levi's need to segment their target market into people that typically dress casually and also have the disposable income to buy premium brand jeans

Targeting -- Levi's is a global brand that must target the market differently in each country it operates in. For example, Levi's is a premium brand in many countries, however it is considered an average brand in some markets like the U.S. Therefore, Levi will have to have several target markets depending on the location.

Positioning -- again this will be relative to the particular target market for Levis. In the U.S., the company should position itself as an affordable but high quality brand. Somewhere in between designer level and the low cost leader. In other markets, they could be positioned as designer though.

9. Create a list of 3 products or services to which you are brand-loyal. For each, explain why you have a highly favorable attitude toward the brand and consciously seek to buy it whenever you make a purchase from that product category. Describe what factors could cause you to change your loyalty and switch to a competing brand.

Starbucks -- this brand represents premium coffee that really does taste great. Plus I admire their dedication to social and environmental performance. I would (and do) switch when a competing brand is more convenient.

Ikea -- although I don't really consider Ikea a premium brand, I do admire their products design qualities. These products are well designed for modern lives. Plus there environmental record seems impressive too. I switch loyalty whenever I see a well-designed product from other manufactures.

Toyota -- I consider Toyota vehicles to be among the quality and reliability leaders in the industry. I prefer this brand because I associate it with quality and value.

10. Find ads or document commercials that address each of the following 4 modes of decision-making: (1) extended problem solving, (2) limited problem-solving, (3) habit or variety-seeking, and (4) brand loyalty. Explain why each ad/commercial "fits" with that particular decision-making mode and state whether you think the ad/commercial is effective in persuading consumers.

Brand loyalty

By showing the brand with a popular musician, the brand is trying to build its image and consequently loyalty. Furthermore, loyal customers of the brand can also merge. For example, fans loyal to Katy Perry might be likely to try Popchips based on her endorsement.

Habit/limited problem solving

Smoking is clearly a habit. However, it is also an opportunity for problem solving. Quitting smoking is difficult and requires significant effort. This ad is pointing out some of the negative effects of the habit, and prompting viewers to problem solve to address the damages to their health.

Extended problem solving

I believe this is extended problem solving. If you are hungry and in a hurry, Burger King is offering a full meal that will meet both requirements. Thus the problem would be hunger and time, and the solution would be a quick and filling meal from BK.


Applying makeup is a habit and sort of a ritual as well. When people get in the habit of…

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