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Declaration of Rights of Students a Declaration
Words: 1564 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57726346
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Declaration of Rights of Students

A Declaration of the Rights of Students to the Uber Chancellor Supreme

Acknowledging that there is one governor above us, we the students put before his attention and the attention of all a list of complaints, which should, being rational and true, secure a place of prominence in the mind of any man, who calls himself a rational being. This Declaration casts no blame, nor proposes injury; its purpose is only to draw attention to the God-given, natural, and inalienable rights of students. For a student is no less a man than any other -- and for students to be viewed as something less than equal to any other living member of the human race is nothing but an abuse of reason, and an abuse of justice. In justice' sake, in equality's sake, and out of a fraternal bond that separates us not but links…

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Business Ethics
Words: 754 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64226066
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This paper will analyze a particular case scenario and address the ethical issues presented for both the employee and the organization. A resolution to the issue will be proposed, which can help prevent similar future ethical scenarios.
Case Background

Cindy has been employed with TA (Total Associates), a downtown city management consultancy company, for the past three years. She aspires to enroll in a graduate business institution a year from now, and has begun the application formalities already. According to her workplace's policy, personnel who work after regular office hours can arrange for their dinner at the company's expense Furthermore, the worker is allowed to take an Uber or cab home at the company's expense, as well. Cindy remains at her work place on a regular basis until 8:00pm, even if her work does not require it, and orders food more than sufficient for her dinner, whose leftovers she…

Analyzing the Busg 1301
Words: 641 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48423512
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Graham, J. (2016). Uber ditches e-Mail support. USA Today

This article discusses the changes that Uber plans to implement in the forthcoming periods with respect to its business operations. Uber users who use the commuting services as passengers should forget regarding writing to the customer support of the company through the use of e-mail in case they have an issue. This is for the main reason that Uber, in the forthcoming periods, is abandoning the use of the -- e-mail and substituting it for direct communication within the app. The company seeks to improve the level of haste and speed at which it offers service to the consumers and attains consumer response. Since the Uber users are able to get a ride simply through the push of a button, the company intends to make it possible for the users to experience customer support in the same manner. This implies that,…


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10 Marketing Questions Promotion
Words: 1653 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96850764
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Individuals now have increasing control over how and when they receive information. Promoters now have to take a new approach to reaching potential consumers. The push method of promotion, broadcasting messages in bulk, is no longer as effective as it once was. Now promoters have to be more creative and implement more of a pull strategy to entice consumers. They have to create a desire for the consumer to want to hear the information.

Starbucks -- this brand is likely best target to populations at a national level. Not every country has a culture that values coffee in the same way.

Netflix -- Netflix is also best targeted at a national or regional level. Different populations and groups will have different media preferences.

Local milk -- the local milk brand should target the regional or local level since it is regionally produced.

d. North Face -- this brand could potentially…


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Change Management Model and Project
Words: 684 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63664616
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Change management is one of the most important components in the successful operations of a company or business organization. The modern business environment is characterized by numerous changes that are attributable to various factors including technological developments and globalization. In this regard, business organizations or companies increasingly face the need to adopt changes in their operations in order to align their businesses with the industry they operate it. However, the process of instituting organizational change in complex and can hurt a company’s operations if not conducted appropriately. As a result, there are various change management models that have been developed to help the management in instituting and managing organizational change. These models help in management of planned and unplanned change in the organization in order to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness in the industry or market it operates in. Some of these change management models include Kurt Lewin’s Three-Step Change…

Boards of Directors Corporate Governance
Words: 13662 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50848269
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In contrast, within the firm, the entrepreneur directs production and coordinates without intervention of a price mechanism; but, if production is regulated by price movements, production could be carried on without any organization at all, well might we ask, why is there any organization?" (Coase, 1937, p. 387) In simpler words if markets are so efficient why do firms exist? Coase explains, "the operation of a market costs something [such as the costs of negotiating and concluding a separate contract for each exchange transaction] and by forming an organization and allowing some authority (an "entrepreneur") to direct the resources, certain marketing costs are saved" (Coase, 1937, p. 391). Thus, firms actually present greater efficiency over markets by decreasing such costs.

That being said, if firms are so efficient, why are markets needed? (Coase, 1937). As per Coase, as the firm grows (when the entrepreneur processes additional transactions), decreasing returns to…

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How Autonomous Car Will Change Everything
Words: 489 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22404772
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Electric and Self-Driving Cars

Both the electric car trend and the self-driving car initiative may be considered fads that in the long run are simply untenable. Autonomous cars present numerous safety obstacles that are currently not being addressed, and the electric car phenomenon presents numerous obstacles as well. Currently it is a niche market: increasing power to the electric car and making it equal to gas-powered vehicles is a substantial obstacle, and a solution—expanding the number of electric vehicle charge points—needs to become part of the infrastructural horizon. In the UK, this solution is already being applied, as Murray (2016) shows: charge points are set to outnumber petrol stations in the United Kingdom by 2020.

However, much of the rest of global society is affected by the autonomous car in only a marginal way: if they are ever allowed to proceed into the mass market it will be a different…

Marfan Syndromme Is a Multisystem
Words: 3574 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30500281
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This became more so with the advancement of molecular iology Tests. Subsequently a group of clinicians met in Ghent elgium and came up with the current diagnostic criteria known as the Ghent Nosology. (De Paepe et al. 1996) Similar to the erlin Nosology the Ghent criteria was based on clinical findings in the various organ systems as well as the nature of family history and relationships, a major criteria was classified as which has a high diagnostic specificity because it was less frequent in other conditions and in the general population. A point of divergence from the erlin Nosology was the conversion of minor criteria in the skeletal system into major criteria. For one to be diagnosed with Marfan's the patient must have a first degree relative diagnosed with the disease in addition two systems must be involved with one having a major sign. In the absence of a family…


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Hipster Consumer Behavior Following the Publication of
Words: 2312 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76984759
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Hipster Consumer Behavior

Following the publication of Norman Mailer's essay, "The White Negro" in 1957, the term "hipster" has become part of the American lexicon. The image of hipsters has changed in fundamental ways since that time, though, and marketers interested in this segment are therefore faced with some significant challenges in fine-tuning their marketing mixes to appeal to young adults who define themselves as hipsters or who are attracted to the image for other reasons. This paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning hipster consumer behavior, including a background, a description of the lifestyle branding theoretical foundation that can be used to formulate marketing initiatives, and the findings that emerged from the research. Finally, a summary of the research and important findings are presented in the conclusion.


Although adults of any age may be regarded as "hipsters," this category is commonly regarded as…


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139(5027), 39.

Amex Return on Investment
Words: 1602 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 44665114
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American Express

Creating ROI in a New Environment

American Express (Amex) is one of the world's largest financial services company in the world, as well as the largest provider of many travel services. The company has a long history of building value for consumers by offering many services that are often free to them. Most credit card companies charge the consumer an interest rate for the use of their services, however Amex created an innovative strategy to differentiate that model. AMEX typically does not charge interest rates and the company generates its revenue through merchant processing activities, annual fees, and various fees. However, has struggled with many of its growth initiatives in recent years and faces and increasingly competitive environment in the financial services industry as there is a high level of innovation from within the industry. This analysis will consider the company's current operations in light of the evolving…

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Identifying Opportunities to Improve Revenues and Ridership Levels at WMATA
Words: 3190 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46199083
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Safety Concerns at Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) and Implications for Ridership

The Metro network operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) provides mass transportation for the nation's capital region for visitors, residents and especially members of the federal government workforce. Besides 118 miles of rail tracks and 91 stations (making it the nation's second-largest heavy rail transit system), the Metro also operates the fifth largest paratransit service and sixth largest bus network in the country today (Metro facts, 2016). Taken together, the Metro clearly represents a valuable transportation resource, but the WMATA has been plagued by several safety-related issues that have adversely affected ridership levels in recent years as discussed further below.

Problem Statement:

Metrorail ridership in the second half of 2015 dropped to levels not seen since 2004, overall weekday ridership was down six percent compared to FY2015 and weekend ridership was down twelve percent.…

healthy meals delivered to elderly
Words: 2733 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27634439
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An opportunity has been identified in a growing niche that has been largely untapped to date. The opportunity further can be described as being at a crossroads that exists where many factors come together in an intersection in which many social changes are present. The business model that is being proposed in this report consists of developing prepped meal service for seniors, where prepared, nutritionally-balanced meals are delivered to seniors who have trouble cooking for themselves, at a cost-effective price. The need for a sustainable food service model that focuses on meals that are easy to prepare, nutritionally-balanced, consistent with dietary requirements, and affordable is especially relevant to a vulnerable population like the elderly who, in many cases, has difficulty in maintaining a proper diet. The demand for such a service has quietly build a niche industry that is still developing.

There are many social factors that have been identified…

Perceptions of Health-Care Reform in
Words: 1415 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 26283579
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. .] a sure recipe for a second wave of financial disaster" (Segal, 2010), has an overall nonpartisan tone. Instead of focusing on the controversy between the parties, Segal, like Balassa, draws attention to facts. He discusses the vast amount of bankruptcies declared every year in the U.S. As a direct result of health-care costs (Segal, 2010).

The most conservative, and by far the largest publication, in the region is the Denver Post; it too sees the issues surrounding of health-care reform apolitically. Turning away from slander and political infighting, the article "Health Care eform Bill Cuts Deficit," by obert Pear and David Herzenhorn, discusses what they believe to be the basic concern of the health-care bill as it stands today: the cost to the consumer (2010). Their primary consideration is that the health-care reform bill currently under consideration does little to ease the financial burden of the insured (Pear…


Associated Press (2010, February 26). After Summit Democrats push ahead with health care reform. The Colorado Daily. Retrieved from!ADID=search.html 

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Retrieved from!ADID=search.html 

Gay, Chris (2009, September 3-9). The Wrong Argument: the democrats approach doesn't explain why the market can't fix health care. The Boulder Weekly.

Turned on the Television Any
Words: 3301 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18606096
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Some governments are terrified of their people: The military government that is running Burma (the junta calls the country Myanmar: Many of those who oppose the brutality of the regime refer to the nation by its former name of Burma) murders Buddhist monks who protest its policies.

The longer one thinks about this fact, the more clearly one summons up the image of the slaughter of young holy men, the clearer it will be that this is a government that will do anything that will increase its power, its control over the population, and the longevity of their regime. When one reads Orwell and thinks about Burma, one thinks that Orwell was a jolly optimist about human nature and the role of government.

And Orwell's vision of government is indeed grim one, and it gets grimmer over the course of the novel as Winston -- the protagonist who is nothing…

Message Board for Order Number
Words: 2505 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 11562331
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The same argument could reasonably be made for the United States' even more egregious subsequent invasion of Iraq in 2003; the pubic, altruistic reason given was that weapons of mass destruction must be eradicated from this potentially dangerous rogue state. The terrorist attacks on the orld Trade Center in 2001 surely gave the U.S. more fodder for its defensive justification for invading. Iraq is, perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not, an oil-rich nation and curiously, to date, no weapons of mass destruction have ever been located within its borders.

One could argue that this unilateral action by the United States to protect its resource is no different that the colonial imperialistic power games of decades past. Kuniholm goes so far as to call this the "Great Game," and avers it is no different from that played by imperial powers in the past (546).

The preceding figure and facts make clear which states…

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ERP Systems Challenges of Enterprise
Words: 22297 Length: 81 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 27293594
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ole-based EP systems are critical for the siloed, highly inefficient architectures of legacy EP systems to be made more relevant, contribute greater financial performance, and lead to higher levels of overall customer satisfaction.

c. Purpose of the study

The purpose the study is evaluate how enterprises who adopt role-based EP system implementations are able to attain higher levels of financial and operations-based performance vs. those that rely on silo-based, more functionally defined EP structures. ole-based EP systems have been proven to lead to greater order accuracy, velocity and customer satisfaction as a result. The ability to gain greater visibility throughout supply chains, better manage pricing, discounts, implement and maintain contract management systems, and also deliver consistently high customer service have all been attributed to role-based EP systems. Conversely siloed EP systems that are managed strictly to functional areas have been shown to severely limit the ability of enterprises to be…


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Globalization Selling Cars in China
Words: 692 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28630290
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For the Chinese, cars represent both freedom and affluence. Despite its flagging fortunes at home, General Motors doubled its sales in China during the third quarter of 2009, compared with the same period in 2008 (Stoll 2009). Although GM may be associated with government bailouts and failure in the U.S., in China GM has been able to successful craft an attractive and affluent image for China's emerging financial elite. Significantly, when GM was forced to sell off its 'uber-luxury' brand, the massive Hummer, a Chinese firm was the first to 'bite.'

Marketing in China, GM's example suggests, requires a two-pronged strategy. To the affluent, the attractiveness of a foreign vehicle that can give the driver the luxury experience he or she has long desired but never possessed will be compelling. Driving a foreign vehicle connotes wealth and prosperity. To the rural population, who may desire more moderately-priced vehicles, the ideal…

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Marketing Strategy Assessment of the
Words: 4165 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 62473460
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There is also the need to concentrate on the interaction of these personal demographic factors as the foundation for group factors analysis.

Group Factors Analysis

The accumulated effects of the personal factors defined in the first section of this paper are put into relevance when the social factors are quantified and measured specifically relating to the retail home furnishings industry. One of the most commonly used is the VALS2 methodology (Piirto, 1996) which has its basis in the following set of metrics as shown in Figure 2, Lifestyle Orientation Definitions.

Table 2: Lifestyle Orientation Definitions

Source: (Piirto, 1996)




I am successful and deeply committed to work, family, and community.

A like predictability and consistency over risk.

My work affords me material rewards and prestige that shows success to my friends.

Strivers like to be trendy want to be stylish and admire people who are well-known for their…


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Edward Gordon Craig The Master
Words: 1708 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15191036
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"hen (the stage-director) interprets the plays of the dramatist by means of his actors, his scene-painters, and his other craftsmen, then he is a craftsman - a master craftsman; when he will have mastered the use of actions, words, line, color, and rhythm, then he may become an artist," wrote Craig (Pepiton 2008). Because of Craig, set designers are revered as artists and equal partners with directors, actors, and authors. ithout Craig, classes in set design would not have the prestige they do today. No director would dare to embark upon a 'black box' production of Shakespeare or opera. Because of Craig, even those directors and designers who still see the value of realism strive to create impressions in the hearts of the audience, rather than literal representations of a drawing-room reality.

orks Cited

Duncan, Isadora. "On Gordon Craig." 1999. 2 May 2008.

Pepiton, Charles. "Edward Gordon Crag &…

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May 2008.

George Ritter Von Schnerer Von
Words: 5347 Length: 19 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2292508
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Most of the Jews who had settled in the Austro-Hungarian Empire were in the hinterlands, and were as poor as their neighbours. In those provinces where Jews could own land, there was a requirement that the Jews live on and work their land -- in order to prevent land speculation. As a result, many Jews in Niederoestereich and around Linz, where von Schnerer and his family resided, were themselves farmers. Natural increases and immigration resulted in large Jewish populations in the Austrian Empire; it has been estimated that over 70% of all the Jews in the world lived in these areas in the late 19th century (Engleman, 1933) One can imagine that the entry of Jewish farmers created tension within the communities of rural Austria, as they competed in the marketplace for customers, and demonstrated their abilities to succeed through education and hard work. This contrasted with the Austrian "auern,"…


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Unleashing Human Potential Treating People Like People
Words: 2044 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55887680
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Unleashing Human Potential: Treating People Like People.

The idea that one can accurately predict the future performance of an organization based on a given set of variables is a very fascinating proposition. In many ways it's no different than gambling on a professional football team. In both cases the key variable or determining factor is personnel. The company with the shrewd, "vivid spirited" CEO and the out-of-the-box thinking sales team has the greatest chance of success, as does the football team with the uber-accurate star quarterback and the injury-resistant running back (Fisher).

This should, of course, come as no surprise. In theory it makes perfect sense. However, in practice, in the real world, prognosticating success is not that easy. For one thing, corporations do not operate in a vacuum. There are external forces in play, many of which are beyond a corporation's control, that affect their capacity to perform at…

Works Cited

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pp. 197-202.

Auden the Amazing Moderns W H Auden Radio
Words: 1319 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61622904
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The Amazing Moderns W.H. Auden (adio Script)

"Jumpstart" radio show theme song playing.


Good afternoon girls and boys, guys and gals! This is Boom Bill Bass, a.k.a. Three B, ready to jumpstart your afternoon with my "unofficial" DJ mix and musings about prose and poetry, music and lyrics, and anything in between these things!

Listen up! We will be doing a great series in Jumpstart this month, called the "Amazing Moderns." This is a poetry series -- yes dear listeners, a poetry series this time -- showcasing the works of great poets in American literature in the 20th century. If you're wondering what 20th century means, guys and gals, it's that period when you're not yet born, oh yeah I'm kidding -- NOT! This period is between the 1900s and well before the Millennium, before the futuristic years of "2Ks" -- that's 2000 and up -- started.…


Auden, W.H. "The Fall of Rome." Available at: 

____. (1969). "Moon Landing." Available at:

Women in Middle East
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67763112
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Women in Middle East

Western Influence on the Lives of Islamic Women

September 11th and the war on Iraq have managed to demonize and stereotype Islam in the popular Western mind even more than its foreign nature had independently achieved. In addition to the furor over Islam spawning terrorism, renewed attention has been pointed at the supposed oppression and abuse of women in Islamic cultures, to the degree that these human rights abuses have been cited as one of the justifications for Bush's war on Iraq. However, there remains among thinking people, particularly those with cultural, religious, or ethnic ties to both Islamic and Western cultures, as to whether or not Islam has a negative impact on women's rights in the modern and historical Middle East. Because the false dichotomy between "good" Western ideals and "bad" Islamic ideals has been propagated for so long, it might surprise a Western reader…

East Culture History Beijing Previously
Words: 1777 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: A2 Coursework Paper #: 66878653
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One of those buildings was the International Foreign Trade Center -- Shenzhen's first skyscraper and the tallest building in China (36).

Hong Kong is commonly referred to as a place where "East meets West" because of its hybrid nature. That is, there is a culture mix occurring that is part traditional Chinese as well part ritish due to its colonization by the ritish. Hong Kong is quite a modern place, yet there is an infusion of traditional Chinese practices that makes the place unlike any other in the world. One example of how East may meet West in Hong Kong is how the art of feng shui may be utilized in constructing a modern piece of architecture. The old Chinese traditions are used to support newer ways of thinking and living. The architecture in Hong Kong is contemporary and reflects a more Western style as opposed to a Chinese traditional…


Campanella, Thomas. The Concrete Dragon: China's Urban Revolution. Princeton Architectural Press; 1st edition. 2008. Print.

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China Tour Online. "Shenzhen History." Retrieved on June 13, 2012 from Web.

Ching, Julia. Chinese Religions. Orbis Books. 1993. Print.

Matthew's Passion of the Christ
Words: 2610 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44052816
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Second, he must attempt to present good doctrine. Contrary to what some may suggest, these first two goals are not identical -- merely by translating from the page to the screen what the gospels describe happening would not explain the theological significance of the events, as Jesus is rather too busy being executed to have much time to explain his purpose of salvation in those chapters -- this purpose is clarified at other points before and after his death, and must somehow be worked into this narrative without making it overly ahistorical. Finally, in order to function as a film, the film must function on an artistic level and be coherent both to the viewer and within the tradition of Christological art. It would not reflect well on Christ to be presented within the context of a shoddily film -- many people would refrain from belief for no other reason…

Gothic Feminism in Wollstoncraft and
Words: 5296 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87576013
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The lack of rights within marriage that makes women basically "property" to the man is obviously central to this story, as indicated by the way in which Maria is imprisoned. There are a variety of ways in which this most disturbing of issues is addressed in the book. Women who are married loose control over their own bodies, and are required to submit to caresses to which their soul does not consent. One woman in the madhouse is, in fact, there specifically because she could not tolerate her husband's caresses. "she had been married, against her inclination, to a rich old man,... In consequence of his treatment... she had... lost her senses." (1.39) Not only is a woman prone to institutionalized rape, but she also has no right to require the man to remain as he was before they wed. Maria declaims bitterly of how her husband deteriorates into a…

Forest Fire Management Systems and
Words: 17324 Length: 63 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50516012
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It was then important to see the degree at which technology and training played a role in combating each fire.

1.2.4.ationale of the Study

What is that can be gained from this study? The reasoning behind such a study is born out of a need to provide better training for fire fighters so that fire management systems will improve and reduce the amount of loss due to the fire. By studying such a topic, one can gain the knowledge of how to better train fire fighters and how to make his or her job safer in the process. This in turn, results in reduced losses due to the fire. This also results in higher service ratings for the fire department and an increase in morale for the community.

1.3.Definition of Terms


The Underlying Causes of Fire.

It has already become a general knowledge that the majority of forest and…


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Do Heidegger's Political Views Influence His Metaphysical Views
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Heidegger and Hitler

Proponents of Heidegger's metaphysical viewpoint are reluctant to identify a relationship between it and the opprobrious Nazi regime which Heidegger supported from 1933 to 1945. Critics of Heidegger, however, view the relationship between his metaphysics and his politics as significant. One might well ask, therefore, whether the relationship is real or only apparent -- whether the tenets of National Socialism are found in Heidegger's philosophy, or whether the fact that the two came from one man is merely a coincidence that ultimately means little.

Yet, by the formula of his own analysis (set forth in Contributions to Philosophy: Of the Event), one can see that Heidegger's metaphysics cannot be separated from his politics anymore than he himself can be separated from the environment and context in which he came to maturity. But while some scholars view Heidegger's political views as having an impact on his metaphysical views,…

Works Cited

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Party Machines and Immigration
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Party Machines and Immigrants

For more than a century, party machines dominated the political process in many parts of the United States where William "Boss" Tweed and his Tammany Hall henchmen and their ilk controlled the outcomes of elections in many major American cities by manipulating the immigrant vote. Although these political figures were eventually displaced by other politicians, they left a legacy of corruption, back-scratching and double-dealings that persists to this day. To determine the impact of these events on modern American politics, this paper provides a discussion concerning some of the main actors involved in party machines and immigration in the United States during the 20th century, including Frank Hague, William "Boss" Tweed, Abraham euf, George Cox, ichard Daley and Vito Lopez. A summary of the research and important findings concerning party machines and their implications for immigrants are provided in the conclusion.

eview and Discussion

Frank Hague…


Hamilton, C. (2012, September 4). County party chair remains powerful, if poorly understood, position. WNYC News Blog. Retrieved from -blog/2012/sep/04/powerful-poorly-understood-county-party-chair-seat-have/.

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Gender Matter in Sports There
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234). Culturally, trainers may simply be paying more attention to girls' injuries due to our culture's tendency to protect females more than males (Tierney, et al., 2005, p. 278) and/or boys may simply under-report concussions due to "macho" tendencies to play through pain in order to continue playing (Covassin, et al., 2012, p. 926). Hormones may contribute to the greater incidence of concussions among female high school athletes because researchers have found that estrogen protects male rats from brain trauma but actually makes female rats more vulnerable to brain trauma (Makdissi, et al., 2013, p. 319). Whether caused anatomically, culturally, hormonally or for some other reason, the fact remains that girls are reportedly highly more likely to sustain concussions in sports such as soccer and basketball. Consequently, gender matters in the sports injury of concussion.

3. Conclusion

Development of a masculine identity is psychologically fundamental for males and particularly for…


Allan, E.J., Gordon, S.P. & Iverson, S.V., Fall 2006. Re/thinking Practices of Power: The Discursive Framing of Leadership in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Review of Higher Education, 30(1), pp. 41-68.

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Children's Literature
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Children's Lit

Montano urges a rigorous critical examination of children's literature for racism, linguicism, sexism, and bias. The importance of critical examination is to empower teachers, students, and parents to recognize the root causes of bias, prejudice, and stereotype. The function is not simply to point out obvious instances of racism, linguicism, sexism, and other biases. Moreover, it is not enough to include literature written from multicultural perspectives in classroom syllabi. As Gonzalez & Montano (2008) point out, it is important to recognize bias in all its forms: "The mere inclusion of multicultural literature is not enough to disrupt privilege or injustice. Nor is it enough to ask teachers to deconstruct stereotypes in texts and images if teachers are unaware of the subtle biases that exist therein," (p. 77). Montano calls the process of analysis critical literacy.

The process by which critical literacy can be attained varies but Montano provides…


Baum, F. (1900). The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Gonzalez, R. & Montano, T. (2008) "Critical analysis of Chicana/o children's literature: Moving from cultural differences to sociopolitical realities," Journal of Praxis in Multicultural Education: Vol. 3: Iss. 1, Article 6. DOI: 10.9741/2161-2978. Available at: 

Herge. (1930). Tin in the Congo.

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Marketing Online Apparel Company Focused Young Adults
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marketing, online apparel company focused young adults. The online apparel store a unique product like customize shirts, hats, foodies logos company customer create. The key areas marketing product, pricing strategies, place, customer relationships, promotion, technology

Key areas of marketing: Online apparel

Advertising and promotion strategy

Online advertising has the advantage of being extremely easy to segment. In this case, the company merchandise is specifically targeted towards the consumer demographic of young adults. The company can choose to advertise on popular websites amongst that age demographic, versus disseminating more general, generic advertisements on websites without such a specific readership. Using Google ads or Facebook advertisements that specifically target Internet users that have a search profile that suggests they are interested in youth-oriented clothing is yet another economical yet effective way to meet company sales projections by reaching its target audience.

Another effective advertisement can be the creation of online videos specifically…

Risk and Insurance Management Risk Is Believed
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isk and Insurance Management

isk is believed to be a newly coined word of assurance (for example, Ewald, 1991: 198). One of the broadly shared suppositions regarding insurance is that it spins around an instrumental concept of risk. Possibility and the amount of influence make up a technical concept of hazard/risk and hazard administration is chiefly worried about reviewing these possibilities and influences (for an overview see Gratt, 1987). For instance, external profits of financial or political occurrences lay down thresholds for the availability of associated risk guesstimates or reckonings (Huber, 2002).

So, the range of the risk groups cannot be clarified by risk judgment single-handedly; peripheral circumstances that could be political, financial or inclusive of image, arts and manners, are also required to be taken into account. Therefore, if risks are not be present, per se, but are deliberately selected, we can go a step ahead and presume them…


Douglas, M. And Wildavsky, A. (1982) Risk and Culture. An Essay on the Selection of Technical and Environmental Dangers. Berkeley: University of California Press.

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Development of International and Trade and Commerce History
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fragmentation and integration of economic and political power has contributed to the growth of market economies, but this has in fact historically been the case since the Middle Ages. The sprawling political and economic entities of the Middle Ages - especially, of course, the Holy Roman Empire - were (like feudalism) based on ancient ties of family and fealty. Until these entities were broken down by the series of lengthy wars newer and more purely economic relations between newly defined political entities could not be established.

Yet even as entities like the Habsburg Empire were disintegrated, nations were integrating their economic and political power through the process of colonization, a process that supplied the colonial powers with sufficient raw resources and cheap labor to commit themselves (without too much sacrifice to their own citizens) to the process of industrialization.

Feudalism and capitalism are based on fundamentally different assumptions about the…

Images About Sexuality in Media
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Gay Media

L. Jones

Sexual Orientation and Openness:

The Role of the Media

It wasn't long ago that many gays and lesbians remained in the closet for most of their lives. Although there is little question that the percentage of gays and lesbians in past generations was comparable to the overall percentage within the general population today, the actual numbers of "admitted" homosexuals was much less in previous decades than those "out" today. Much of this difference can be directly attributed to the role of the media -- specifically prime-time television.

Although the story of Rock Hudson is no longer new, many consider him to be the pinnacle of the representation of the "closeted for life" gay man. Further, many also consider him to be an excellent example of the rigidity of the entertainment industry concerning issues of sexual orientation -- especially in the years during the 1950's and 60's…


WNYC Radio. (2001). "Queer as Folk." Transcript. Retrieved on October 8, 2004, from,

EU and Absolute Control
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Meeting the Objectives of the EU: What They Are, What They Entail for Member Nations, and Why They Are Difficult to Attain Without Absolute Supremacy

That it would be difficult for the European Union (EU) to meet its objectives effectively without the principle of supremacy is true enough, but what are the objectives that the EU desires to meet? Can what is good for Croatia be equally good or even relevant to nations like UK, France or Spain? If supremacy is important, who is supreme? In modern times, behind federalist powers always lurks a deeper state (Scott, 2007). Identifying the deeper state then becomes necessary in understanding the EU's objectives. However, if the objectives of the EU are to preserve the sovereignty and dignity of its member states, the principle of supremacy may not be the best option, as the Treaty of Lisbon appears to recognize. This paper will discuss…

Reference List

BBC News (2014). Germany 'would accept UK exit from EU' to protect migration rules.

BBC. [Accessed 24 Jan 2015]. Retrieved from: 

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Article Summaries of American Dream
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American dreams can sometimes be just a pipe dream as many new articles showcase the bad side of dreaming. In one article, "Poll: hites and Republicans Rank as Angriest Americans" by Rafferty, hite Republican Americans have shown the most anger at the current state of America. Polls recently released information showing whites in America are the angriest because 54% of the white American population have grown more outraged in the last few years. Latinos come in second 43% and African-Americans third at 33%. Another poll revealed 73% of whites feel anger at least once each day in comparison to the 66% of Latinos and the 56% of American blacks.

The topics they feel the angriest of are consumer fraud and congressional dysfunction. Overall, there is a growing sentiment that the American dream is no longer possible. "52% of the country said the idea of the "American dream" no longer holds…

Works Cited

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Cold Forging Production Case
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CX Technology

MIT Sloan Management Case Study

Evaluate the internal resources and core capabilities of CX Technology. This should include as a minimum the value chain for this firm. Overall, what are the key strengths and weaknesses of CX Technology? (Johnson et al., 2014)



Value Chain

Conduct a detailed and systematic external environmental audit of the U.S. automotive industry market. This should include as a minimum; PESTLE, 5-forces, industry life cycle and competitor analysis (Johnson et al., 2014). Overall, what do you conclude about the opportunities and threats for CX Technology?

Industry Overview



Critically evaluate the factors that an organisation should investigate when considering entry into emerging markets. Use relevant theories and models to support your


Question 1 - Evaluate the internal resources and core capabilities of CX Technology. This should include as a minimum the value chain for this firm. Overall, what are the…


Bhole, K., Lee, J., Lu, E. & Sen, I., 2009. CX Technology. MIT Sloan Management, 28 May.

Boudette, N., 2014. Car-Sharing, Social Trends Portend Challenge for Auto Sales. [Online]

Available at: 

[Accessed 13 October 2015].

Business Plan for Tiny Home Community
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SWOT analysis. The first is that this is a relatively new, untested concept. Tiny homes are a niche, and while they have piqued some interest, the market for them is, well, tiny. The idea of a tiny home community is even less tested. The biggest critical issue therefore revolves around how Slice of Heaven will be marketed. It could be packaged as an economical solution, which would appeal to two of our major target markets. But ultimately, if the Slice of Heaven concept is to have legs in the marketplace, it needs to appeal to people on more than just the basis of cost. There is also the possibility of presenting the community as more of a community of like-minded people. This will make for a stronger community, because there will be a higher level of commitment among the people that choose to live there, but again, this is a…

Berlin Dada and the Modern Artists of the Weimar Republic
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Dada and Degenerate Art in Germany

At the end of WW1, Germany found itself in a period of transition. Held responsible for the war and forced to pay reparations, the Weimar Republic was in a disastrous state. The Kaiser Willelm II had abdicated, hyperinflation decimated the value of the mark, and erlin was fast becoming vice capital of the world with "New Frau" poster-girl Anita erber taking pride in her position as the high priestess of immorality.[footnoteRef:1] It was a new Germany in every respect -- but not one that was destined to last: it was new in the sense that for the first time in its culture, the Germans were embracing the end -- the end of the old order, of the old code, of the old art and moral imperatives; life was short and falling apart at the seams as fast as the mark was becoming worthless. Jobs…


Altshuler, Bruce. The Avant-garde in Exhibition. NY: Abrams, 1994.

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Abrams, 1992.

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The Marketing Project Phase
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Slice of Heaven and Associates

Tiny Homes Market Plan

Slice of Heaven Marketing Plan

Product Description

Value Proposition

Critical Issues


Macro Environment

Market Size and Growth

Market Trends

Target Market Segments

Competitive Analysis

Direct Competition

Indirect Competition


Marketing Objectives

Financial Objectives

Positioning Strategy

Product Strategy

Pricing Strategy

Distribution Strategy

Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy


Sales Promotion

Direct Marketing

Public elations

Branding Strategy

Market esearch


Break-Even Analysis

Sales Forecast

Expense Forecast


Marketing Implementation


Marketing Organization

Contingency Planning

Appendix 1 Positioning Map

Appendix 2 Marketing Organization

Executive Summary


Founded in 2016, Slice of Heaven is a community of small economic homes set in an urban setting that are both environmentally friendly and aligned with your values for low cost. We build small homes using recycled materials such as reclaimed lumber and generate power through the use of solar energy. Our homes are situated in a gated…


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How to Market to Generation Z
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Gen Z's and Marketing

The upcoming Gen Z generation (born mid-1990s to 2007) consists mainly of youths who have grown up with the Internet, with cell phones, computers, and are technologically sophisticated, savvy, and dependent. They have come to age alongside the rise of smart phones. They possess financial concerns as a result of student loan doubt and a souring economy (the tech bubble of the late 90s, early 2000s and the recession of 2008 due to the home mortgage meltdown), 9/11, and the War on Terror. They are also part of the PC culture that has inundated colleges. They are diverse and many of them still live at home with their parents, participating in what has come to be known as a share economy, with share space platforms like AirBnB, Uber, and other web-based concepts helping to define their socio-economic outlook. They use the Internet for everything -- from…


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Strong Brands, NJ: Lawrence Earlbaum Associates.

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Neo-Confucianism Is a Philosophy Which Was Born TEST1
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Postmates' Expansion to Japan: Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis

Postmates is an on-demand good delivery platform that has a presence in more than 100 town and areas in the U.S.A. It enables people to get anything from local stores delivered in their doorsteps for a small fee. The model used by Postmates is similar to that of Uber but instead of using taxis, Postmates enables people to get goods from local stores using many other methods. Similarly, the company makes use of the rich human courier network in the delivery of goods. The company makes use of mobile devices and GPS to make sure that they match the demand and supply and within the shortest time possible. This means that most of the things done by the company are virtual with some of the employees working full time or part time. Entering the Japanese market will allow the company…


Cunningham, P., & Froschl, F. (2013). Electronic Business Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges In The 21st Century. Springer Science & Business Media.

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Xue-Jie, B. A. I. (2007). Characteristics Of and Lessons from Japanese Logistics Policies [J]. Contemporary Economy of Japan, 3, 008.

How a Company's Flowchart Should Look
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Hybrid Organizations blur the boundary between for profit and non-profit: they serve a social or environmental purpose yet utilized for-profit business model in order to sustain their mission. Examples include Ten Thousand Villages, which is a non-profit that acts as a retailer for artisans around the world seeking to sell their products and earn a living. Or there is Seventh Generation, a for-profit that sells environmentally-safe products and makes this the basis of its brand. Common commercial functions of this type of organization include selling a product that is environmentally safe or that helps achieve a social good -- such as the livelihood of a minority group (Haigh, Hoffman, 2012).

Service organizations provide a service for customers and can include anything from Midas, which provides car service, to Uber which provides a pick-up service. These companies do not produce anything but do provide a service. Common commercial functions of these…


Anjard, R. (2008). Process mapping: a valuable tool for construction management and other professionals. Facilities, 16(3/4): 79-81.

Biazzo, S. (2002). Process mapping techniques and organizational analysis. Business

Process Management Journal, 8(1); 42-52.

Haigh, N., Hoffman, A. (2012). Hybrid organizations: The next chapter of sustainable

Pro Sports and Stadium Construction Trends
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Multi-Use Sports Venue

The trend in modern-day professional sports is for teams to make their mark -- to brand themselves into giants with millions of fans and followers wearing the jerseys of the athletes they love. Part and parcel with this devotion is the concept of a sports team having its own arena or stadium -- just like a god or goddess in ancient Athens would have had its own temple dedicated just to their worship. Indeed, of the 30 Major League Baseball teams, 22 of them have their own publicly-owned single-purpose stadiums. In the NFL, a similar ratio is found. Among pro-sports clubs where arenas can be shared in cities that host NBA and NHL, multi-purpose venues are not uncommon -- but when it comes to strict observance of devotion -- the lone stadium designated specifically for 8 games a year -- such as the Cincinnati Bengals' Paul Brown…

Meal Delivery Service
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The business is a prepped meal service for seniors, where prepared, nutritionally-balanced meals are delivered to seniors who have trouble cooking for themselves, at a cost-effective price. The industry is at the intersection of food service and senior care. The core competencies that drive the business are in the efficient preparation of food. The difference is that we are targeting seniors who live on their own, a market not reached by institutional food service providers.

The industry has existed for a number of years, and as of 2013 was estimated to be worth $1 billion annually (McDill, 2013). This is a niche market, catering primarily to seniors with ample disposable income, but without either the ability or inclination to prepare their own food. Some simply have never prepared much of their own food, while others are more in a position where they can no longer regularly and reliably cook…

Launching a Car Rental Company at OKC Airport
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New Car Rental Property Proposal

Despite the proliferation of ride-sharing services such as Lyft and Uber, the rental car industry continues to thrive, with average fleet sizes and revenues experiencing significant increases since 2015 (2016 U.S. car rental market, 2017). One market location that is well positioned for a new non-franchise car rental enterprise is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OKC) which hosts a world-class international airport, the Will Rogers World Airport, located just 6 miles from the city's downtown. This paper provides an overview of the U.S. car rental market and a description of the basic business model that will be used by the new car rental enterprise which will be known as Stardust Car Rentals. In addition, a description of four performance measures, data collection methods and how the data will be used is followed by an outline and analysis of two cost-benefit decisions that will have to be considered.…

Vice Principals on HBO Advertisement Analysis
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Race, Gender and Class as Sources of Comedic Tension in HBO’s Advertisement for Season One of “Vice Principals”

An online ad for Season One of HBO’s show “Vice Principals,” starring Danny McBride, Walton Goggins and Kimberly Gregory, consists of a two-minute trailer that showcases the main “selling” points of the comedy series—conflict, romance, “bromance,” action, and racial tension. The two main sources of conflict in the series, as represented in the ad, are between the two rivaling vice principals played by McBride and Goggins, both of whom vie for the Principal’s job, and between the two of them and the new principal played by Gregory, against whom McBride and Goggins unite to overthrow). The characters represent various types: McBride plays a middle-class, middle-aged white male with a traditional though pudgy bearing (he sports a sweater vest to school and has a very out-of-date hair cut and moustache that resembles more…

warehouse management information'systems and technology
Words: 636 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24558730
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1. Privacy laws are continually in flux. The most recent blow to consumer privacy was the 2017 Congressional overturning of Internet privacy protections. According to the ACLU, those pro-privacy laws “would have prevented ISPs from sharing our browsing history with advertisers, forced ISPs to be clear about what information they’re collecting, and required ISPs to take reasonable steps to protect our data from hackers,” (ACLU, 2018). Several states, including Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, and most of the Northeast have since begun the difficult process of working to reinstate Internet privacy laws (ACLU, 2018). The decision made in Washington, supported by the Trump administration, bequeaths a tremendous amount of power to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), giving them leeway and control over consumer information. Prior to this federal legislation, ISPs were not able to share customer data such as browsing history with marketers. The only potential benefit to customers would have been…

Approaches to Psychological Profiling
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Four types of profiles are 1) the offender profile, 2) the victim profile, 3) the DNA profile, and 4) the geographic profile. Offender profiling involves obtaining information from law enforcement regarding the types of people who commit crimes (Douglass & Burgess, 1986). From the data compiled about crimes and individuals who commit crimes, an offender profile is developed to identify the type of person who might commit crime. These types are categorized according to crime, with a specific profile developed for a specific crime. For example, the profile of an individual who might be an arsonist would differ from the profile of an individual who might be a drug dealer.
Victim profiling involves creating a database of information on victims of crimes obtained from law enforcement. Specific crimes are linked to specific types of victims and a profile is created of individuals who are likely to be victims of a…

Business Ethics and Equality at the Top Women in Positions of Leadership
Words: 1026 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 13296586
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Business Ethics and the Art of Inclusion: Women in White Collar America
The quantity of female CEOs at Fortune 500 companies decreased by 25% in 2018, falling from 32 to 24: this means that only 4.8 percent of the most profitable 500 firms in the world are run by women in America (Stewart, 2018). How one can achieve inclusiveness within the workplace is definitely a hot-button issue in today’s workplace, particularly given the climate. Social movements for equality and safety in the workplace for all genders such as the #metoo and #timesup movement have made companies large and small look inwards and attempt to clean house, revising their practices. This is in part because of numerous corporate scandals such as the ones at Nike and Uber that have shown white collar America still often does not provide a balanced work environment for women, even in the 21st century. This paper…

Why The Beatles Were Loved
Words: 3863 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 58909766
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How the Beatles Made History
Everyone knows their names, even if one never cared for their music: Ringo, John, Paul, and George. Just 15, 16 and 17 respectively, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and John Lennon came together in 1958—young but passionate musicians from Liverpool, England, who wanted to play jazz, blues and folk music on improvised instruments. By 1962, they had added Ringo Starr to the group. With Starr on drums, the group’s first single “Love Me Do” hit the airwaves and changed the face of pop music forever. Beatlemania became a thing and the Beatles themselves became “more popular than Jesus,” as Lennon put it four years later to a London journalist (Runtagh). The Beatles surely did make history (whether they were ever actually bigger than Jesus was a controversial point): they had more number one singles than any other British band or artist, and there 17 number…

Man Did Evolve Man Is
Words: 3818 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67588956
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He purported the theory that strength is the only acceptable or even desired quality in a human being and weakness in any form was a great failing, good will survive, and bad will fail. Ultimately, goodness will be replaced by strength; humility will be replaced by pride, the very basis of survival will be threatened by equality and the principle of democracy and power will replace justice in all aspects, and power will eventually be the judge of the destiny of humankind. The Church and religious heads of the time vehemently opposed these theories since they felt that this meant that human kind would be subjected to the theory of the 'survival of the fittest' wherein the weak become exterminated by the strong. (it's a Matter of life or Death)

Nietzsche's thoughts, though for the most part forgotten, do stay alive in 'Philosophical Investigations' by Wittgenstein, where Nietzsche's 'Theory of…


Aristotle: (384-322 B.C.E) Retrieved at . Accessed on 16 November, 2004

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