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Injustice in the society

The tenacity of Bill's hypothesis of workplace toxins takes a clear significance when it comes to other experiences which together form the narrative reconstruction of the illness genesis that carries a political image of the social world. When it comes to both the illness and the response to it there is the suggestion that there is a world power inequality. Lot of Bill's account highlights some injustices and the world was portrayed as an environment where ordinary people were exploited manipulated and conned by some social powers including doctors, police or bureaucrats.

Reconstruction of social psychology

Bill's reconstruction left out references of his identity as he did not portray any sense of his self-identity. He did not bring out any sense of personal responsibility or any socio-psychological involvement when it comes to the development of his affliction. Social relations are a place where social identity can be developed and constrained, natured or even broken. Gill another RA patient was a school teacher who had suffered the illness for the pat five years.


Gill identified stress as an etiological factor. This was among the most popular factors especially when it came to women. The discourse of stress has been entrenched firmly in the modern way of thinking when it comes to disease and illness.in many cases however stress is left unspecified. Gill highlighted that her stress came from being a mother and a wife. She did not conceptualize stress as a factor caused by external stressors, exogenous agents that impinge upon the body in arbitrary fashion. She says that her illness was as a result of the bodily suppression of herself.

Transcendence of causality

Situations exist where the central meaning of life can be defined as the transcendent principle .God is a very powerful feature in the cosmology of individuals and his existence can be adduced as a reason why illnesses and misfortunes occur. Where God is the cause individuals might be liberated from burdens of narrative reconstruction and at the same time a casual analysis and they are left free for them to take part in lyrical sensibility. Betty was in her early sixties, married and worked both full and part time jobs. He had suffered from arthritis for the past seven years. She did not lead a comfortable life and had to work hard so as to supplement the low wage her husband was getting. Instead of her acknowledging that her arthritis was as a result of the mysterious works of God she goes ahead to give a different story. She claims that her attitude to her illness within the justification framework which had been called forth on some occasions by those who were nonbelievers. Her biographical robustness, narrative order and the personal stories were not contingent upon what had happened to her world.as a matter of fact the idea of vulnerable and separate personal stories would make little sense when it comes to the context of her relationship with God's purpose.

From a sociological point-of-view his concept that Betty held about God was similar to image Gill had of womanhood and that of work held by Bill.in the transcendent linear framework of effect and cause in order to define practical and symbolic relationship between individual, personal misfortune the life world and social milieu. Although Betty talked much about her material life suggesting a profound disruption in socio-economic circumstance there was no way there would be any sense of disruption since her life was all part of God's unfolding.


These narrative reconstructions are in attempt of reconstructing and repairing ruptures between one's body, self and the world through linking up and interpreting the different biological aspects as to realign the present, past and self with the rest of the society. For Bill illness result from working life; for Gill illnesses arises from way of life in which personal identity had been defined and constrained by important features of womanhood. For Betty, illness was seen to be residing from the realm of transcendence of the purpose tat God had.


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