2011 Christmas Holiday Season That Hollywood Movies Article Critique


¶ … 2011 Christmas holiday season that Hollywood movies sales experienced a rather lackluster performance. Theaters experienced both a decline in total revenue as well as total visits despite the fact that the average ticket price saw a slight increase. It has been traditionally the case that the holiday season represents one of the industry's best seasons with a fairly steady growth curve. Despite the overall decrease in sales the author argued that it wasn't a consistent trend. That is that some movies did well during the year, especially in the summer, while others seemed to suffer much worse than expected results. The author took a very neutral tone in providing the information about the Hollywood movie tone. It was a similar tone that one might find in a mainstream newspaper publication. Furthermore, the author provided multiple opinions about the movie sales revenues. The...


Instead it is apparent that the author is attempting to provide various explanations from different sources to provide a balanced approach to explaining the sales trends. They also offer information about markets outside the United States as another effort to provide a comprehensive approach to the analytics.
For example, the author stated the opinion of the studio executives that believed the sales were correlated with the fact that there were a larger number of movies available. However, he also provided an alternative opinion from distribution executives that speculated that the number movies available was not the primary cause as other holiday seasons had similar offerings. The only opinionated argument that the author really offered was the fact that sales were less than expected because movie goers were less…

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