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Sometimes it’s best to save the title for last.  Other times coming up with a title first helps one focus the essay.  Either way is fine when it comes to writing abortion essay titles.  These titles are generally merely reflective of the subject of the paper.  So if you’ve written the essay already or are in the pre-writing stages, it makes no difference.  The title of the paper should give the reader a good sense of what your position in the paper will be.  Here are some examples to help you get started.

Abortion Essay Titles

1.  The Abortion Dilemma: How Duty to Protect Life Gave Way to a Focus on Political Rights in the 1960s

2.  Pro-Choice Does Not Mean Pro-Murder:  Why Women Who Would Never Personally Have an Abortion Still Support Others’ Right to Have Them

3.  Abortion is Infanticide:  The Ugly Truth behind the Abortion Rights Movement

4.  How Roe v. Wade Changed America Forever

5.  The Conversion of Jane  Roe:  From Pro-Choice Advocate to Pro-Life Advocate

6.  Jewish Power Players in the Women’s Choice Movement

7.  Late-Term Abortion Laws in US States and What Doctors and Legislators Don’t Want You to Know

8.  What the Abortion Documentary Lake of Fire Revealed about the Two Sides of the Abortion Issue

9.  The Mental Health Effects of Abortion on Women:  Analyzing the Statistics and the Stories from around the Country

10.  Where Women Went for Abortions Prior to Legalization in the 20th Century

11.  How Many Babies Die a Year from Abortion?  The Infant Holocaust That Goes Unsaid in the US

12.  Never Mind the Bollocks:  Both Parents Have a Duty to Preserve Life—Abortion is Not a Solution

13.  All Play and No Work:  Why Sex and Procreation Have to Go Together for Society to Survive

14.  The Self-Destruction of Civilization:  When Women Start Killing Their Babies and Men Support Them…

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…Youths When It Comes to Sexual Relations, Romance and the Possibility of Parenthood

21.  Every Recourse to Adulthood and Accountability Has been Taken Away from Them:  Why Kids Today Never Grow Up, and the Role that Pregnancy, Motherhood and Fatherhood Used to Play

22.  Praying Outside an Abortion Clinic:  Does It Work?

23.  The Story Behind Planned Parenthood and the Promotion of Abortion in America

24.  How Ms. Magazine and Gloria Steinem Celebrated Abortion and Made Having One into a Badge of Honor

25.  Abortion as the Eradication of Motherhood from the Identity of Woman


There are a lot of different ways one could take an abortion essay.  Coming up with different abortion essay titles is a good way to get the wheels turning.  Whichever way one chooses to approach the subject, the title should reflect the position of the writer or the topic of the essay if the writer is not giving an opinion or arguing for one side…

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