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Laboratory reports are like any other deliverable in school. They require original work, and the citation of work borrowed from others. When referring to prior research, I need to cite that research properly. When I like an idea or theory, I can include that in my paper as long as I give credit to the source. If I like someone else's words, I can quote those words and give credit. This way, I will not be plagiarizing. Laboratory reports are not like essays in that our laboratory partners are working with the same basic concepts, variables, and ideas. My partner and I will have worked together and therefore share the same hypotheses and conclusions. However, there are ways of delivering different laboratory reports based on our collaborative work ("General Information," 2014). Methods of writing a report independently will include receiving help from a writing tutor, as long as the tutor only helps me correct my grammar. When we receive help with our writing from tutors, we can improve our work without plagiarizing. Of course, inventing data, forging lab results, and altering lab results are types of fabrication and are prohibited ("Academic Integrity Policy," 2014).

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Because software like "Turnitin" can be highly sensitive, it is important to remember to provide citations. I have learned that it can be difficult to distinguish between what is common knowledge and what is considred proprietary information. The Northeastern University Citation and Academic Integrity Checklist (2014) does not clearly distinguish between what might be common knowledge and what is not. For example, I know some things about chemistry that I believe to be common knowledge but my sister does not. My sister knows some things about history that she believes to be common knowledge. When in doubt, I need to create a citation, even if it means looking up what I already know and finding a source to cite. This safeguards me against disciplinary actions and ensures that I learn the proper citation methods, too. When I have a new idea, I might be accused of stealing it if the professor does not believe that I am capable of independent thought. In these cases, I can appeal the case.

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