Academic Interests, Personal Perspectives, and Research Proposal

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I am amused when I remember my first dance lesson, and the pressure I felt until then because I was practically afraid of interacting with people I did not know. Gradually I learnt that my fear had not been justified and I even became a very sociable person thanks to the fact that I entered the world of break dancing. Not only did I learn how to dance consequent to having become accustomed with this new style of living, but I have also learnt how motivation can be a great helper in any situation. In addition to constantly improving my dance techniques, I also began to get better grades and to become more interested in accumulating information.

It is very probable that break dancing has also gotten me to apply and to be accepted at the University of California San Diego's California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS). The fact that I had already become a popular person had been a huge help in making me form strong bonds with my team mates in spite of the divergences which emerged in the beginning of the project. My fluency in English, Chinese, and Spanish has also proved to be valuable when concerning my ability to integrate in an environment filled with ethnical and cultural diversity.

I consider myself to have been extremely privileged because of getting the chance to present the results of our program to Nobel Laureates. During my stay at COSMOS I realized how lucky I was to be part of such a community and how motivated I got to work hard and efficiently in order to use all the advantages I had. In the end all that work paid off, and, thanks to the humorous and attention-grabbing nature of my presentation I managed to become one of the most reputed students from the University that year.

Considering my experience in break dancing and my success at COSMOS, I believe that I have what it takes to bring a little taste of diversity to a…

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