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Academic Writing and APA Style and Formatting

Academic Writing, APA Style, and Format

Sociology is among the disciplines that allow individuals to explore issues affecting the society and alternatives applicable in preventing or managing their occurrence (Lipson, 2006). While analyzing the social problems, academic writing, and critical thinking skills prove effective in promoting the realization and analysis of the presented sociological issues. Critical thinking entails considerate analysis, interpretation, and presentation of information related to the concept on various sociological issues. Conversely, academic writing guides individual writing when conducting an analysis and reporting the findings related to a sociological issue in focus (Michalopoulos, 2001). Combining critical thinking skills with academic writing result in the presentation of the sociological issue in focus in the required dimension that meets the needs of the involved stakeholders (Lipson, 2006). Therefore, it is with this that the following essay presents an analysis of causes of poverty in the developing countries as my topic of interest for my future research. The analysis focuses on the proper use of academic writing skills and critical thinking.

A large percentage of the global population suffers from destitution as evidenced by their inability to access fundamental needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. The causes of poverty are varied. Significant evidence shows that human activities have a great role in contributing to poverty across the global states. The increasing rates of mortalities and morbidities witnessed over the recent past have necessitated the consideration of poverty a multi-dimensional phenomenon that must be eliminated with collaborative actions by the states involved in the process (Odeku, 2014). While significant strategies have been adopted by the states involved to eradicate poverty, analysis shows poor management of the adopted strategies and resources to underpin the challenges associated with its elimination (Michalopoulos, 2001). For instance, a study conducted by Cobbinah, Black, & Thwaites (2013) to determine the causes of poverty in the third world countries showed that mismanagement of the international donations to curb the increasing cases of poverty was the major cause of continued poverty in the developing countries. For instance, the study revealed mismanagement of the international aid provided to the countries to prevent the effects associated with poverty (Cobbinah, Black, & Thwaites, 2013).

According to Odeku (2014), poverty is caused by a combination of various factors. As noted by Odeku (2014), the major causes of poverty in the developing countries are the natural calamities such as drought, floods, and earthquakes. Natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods increase the vulnerability of the affected by poverty. Such is possible due to the destruction of their sources of livelihood. Similarly, poor economic structures in the developing states predispose the population to poverty. Poor economic structures translate to the inability of the states to manage the allocated resources effectively meeting the needs of a growing population (Odeku, 2014). In addition, Michalopoulos (2001) shows the high rate of unemployment in the developing countries as a key contributor to poverty in such states. Countries with high rates of unemployment reports high rates of dependency ration that have a direct influence on the health of the citizens, as well as, the economic…

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