Activity Plan Guidelines This Activity Thesis


Students will learn to categorize information and to evaluate differences and similarities. They will also learn to grasp abstract concepts, like the fact that solids can be things like ice but also books and pencils. Materials needed:

Bunsen burner or small stove top, to boil an ice cube is required. Boiling the ice can be performed in the classroom, or in the faculty lounge kitchen, or in the home economics or Chemistry classroom, if there is a stove or hot plate present on the premises. A TV monitor is needed if the teacher elects to show a film. If students must 'move' from the classroom, the 'treasure hunt' for objects can take place on the way back, provided that students return the materials they find to their original owners! Some supervision will be required of the treasure hunt, naturally, to make sure that things do not go 'out of control' or that valuable possessions are taken away from their owners!


Depending on the set-up of the classroom, the entire activity can...


If not, moving to a classroom with a small heating unit may be required. The teacher may elect to show the ice melting naturally while she speaks, then indicate that the water is evaporating, but the use of fire adds a certain theatricality to the presentation, as will a short but evocative filmstrip.
Set up:

The lesson will be enhanced by new and interesting objects, such as balloons, that the teacher can strew about the classroom, as well as bottles and containers of different liquids that will not cause damage if spilled.

Children participation:

As well as observers, the children are asked to be critical thinkers and 'treasure hunt' for solids, liquids and gasses.

Clean up:

Minimal clean-up is needed, depending on the messiness of the art supplies used in the reinforcement activity afterwards.

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