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¶ … administration have to deal with continuous changes in the school, in the staff, and with the students. In order to be an effective school administrator, one has develop methods that will not only benefit and instruct the staff and students, but will also emphasize the importance of continuous learning. Most things in life are ever-changing. If people learn to adapt to these changes by continually learning new skills and approaches, they will be prepared for many of life's unexpected changes.

Taking this into consideration there are several points to cover to get this kind of message across. First and foremost, to promote continuous learning, one has to adopt a method of communication that is both effective and inspirational. People are more likely to want to learn when they feel motivated. Setting up and establishing rewards for meeting those goals is a great way to inspire people. Setting goals that involve learning like for instance anyone who goes on to get a PhD can qualify for a raise or a bonus, is a great way to get staff motivated to better themselves and in turn better their ability to teach.

If teachers are properly trained and qualified, they'll help students learn better. A education system falters. Setting up ways for teachers to continue their education is a great way to start.

In fact, certain programs reward teachers for continuing their education. Some have their tuition paid in full for them, others get a percentage paid, and so forth. Another thing to note to improve and foster an environment for continuous learning is adequate pay. If the school does not get sufficient funding, it cannot pay the teachers enough to teach properly.

There have been many times where teachers have had to use their own money to pay for activities for their classrooms. Low pay often demotivates teachers and instills in some of them a nonchalant attitude about their job responsibilities and their performance. If they cannot get adequate pay for their services, they can at least get good benefits. Motivation is key for any kind of prompt to learn.

One article sites professional learning communities as a great way to offer benefits and a chance for learning for staff. "Professional learning communities have several benefits for staff.…

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