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On the successful completion of the programme, I will also be well prepared to undertake careers in other areas including consulting, education, planning and design as well as green business. In the long run, I seek to be a recognized figure on the international front on issues relating to environmental sustainability. To be an environmental leader of the future, I will need proficiency across disciplines concerning themselves with both environmental and ecological sustainability in addition to having a bias on management skills and analytical techniques. An MSc in Environmental Management will be a timely step towards this end. It is important to note that the environmental management arena is fast changing based on the growing complexity of the highly dynamic modern world. By undertaking an MSc in Environmental Management, I will be able to play a critical role in the enhancement of the quality of the environment in which human beings live.

At a professional level, the programme will equip me with the necessary skills so that I can appreciate the relevance of a number of environmental management issues including but not limited to the need for environmental legislation as well as control of pollution. The programme will also sharpen my skills when it comes to impact assessment associated in one way or the other with a wide range of organizational functions. Further, on completion of the programme, and most particularly some key modules, I will be better placed to apply for membership in a number of professional global bodies including but not limited to the Institution of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). As a member of IEMA, I will in addition to attending special workshops also gain access to a number of events at both the national and regional front. This will be of great benefit to my career.

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