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Adobe Photoshop Software Analysis

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems Incorporated (ASI, 2007, p.3). The program allows for not only the storage of images, but the alteration or manipulation of these images within the program environment. Adobe Photoshop features a significantly flexible and easily read format which allows for the program to be widely-utilized in the field of graphics editing in a way that allows both computer novices and experts to enjoy the quality and features of the program. To date, Adobe Photoshop is likely the fullest featured and most highly respected commercial image-processing bitmap manipulation program in the PC and Macintosh worlds, and its wide distribution has meant that image data is often left in the PSD format and may persist in this form after the original image data is long gone (EGFF, 2011, p.1).

Approach to Human-Computer Interaction

Adobe Photoshop operates largely on a menu-driven human-computer interaction system that allows users the ability to work through the program and its features through a series of categorized menus and sub-menus, allowing easy access to available features. Adobe Photoshop provides its user with a choice of input options, depending on their preference. Photoshop groups similar functions and tries to maximize usability by cutting the number of icons down to a minimum (Clark, 2004, p.1). Drop-down arrows on "vector shape" drawing and "fill" tools allow the user to more accurately specify what action they wish to perform (Clark 2004, p.1). Photoshop also features tools that allow for the implementation of image filters that allow for more complex actions to be performed through the direct access of the "filters" menu, which allows even first-time users of the program to maintain a control over the program itself and its included features.

Overall Effectiveness of the User Interface

Photoshop's user interface is largely effective. Its implementation of graphical user interface (GUI), provides for a modern,…

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