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The following is a screen capture of the game.


Mobile Advertising at Disney

At the initial Mickey and Minnie Block Blast game screens there is the potential to also use this on a tablet or smartphone by setting parameters. Disney is one of the leaders is using HTML5 and auto-sense technologies that allow games to immediately be configured on the fly for a given device they are going to be used on (Edwards, Grover, 2011). For this game, when accessible on an Apple iPad for example, the configuration and screen resolution completely changes and supports the device it is being viewed on. This supports the technology leadership position Disney has in these gaming areas. The full configuration of the game for Mobile is so transparency the player doesn't have to do anything on the most popular devices.

Disney has also created the ability to give parents control over many of the advanced functions of their most popular games that are accessible on mobile devices. The continued research in terms of the effects of mobile advertising-based advergames are having on children show on the one hand hwo effective they are, but also highlight the need for controls to be in place as well (Mallinckrodt, Mizerski, 2007). Disney has been ahead of this trend and has also been one of the most vocal in support of the legality of advergames as well

(Grossman, 2005). Disney has averted many head-on problems on this issue by concentrating...


This will also turn Disney increasingly into the provide of mobile applications that act in much the same way as digital nannies (Rocks, 2007). Parents trust the Disney brand more than many others, making the adoption speed of these advergames exceptionally quick compared to many others. This will continue as Disney sees the value of these games in creating greater awareness of their characters and loyalty to their brands.


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