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They still continue to handle the shareholders who own Kraft Foods stocks as to best help them (Official Website of the Altria Group, 2008).

The Altria Group currently has three major components: Phillip Morris USA (PM USA), Phillip Morris Capital Corporation and Phillip Morris International. Each one of these components has the ability to influence the managerial and ultimate business outcome of the group. "Phillip Morris USA is the largest component of the company, with its focus on domestic sales of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products" (the Altria Group 2007 Annual Report). A most recent and relevant way in which they influenced the management of the group was of having them allow and fund the purchase of John Middleton Incorporated, a leading manufacturer of machine-made large cigars.

The Phillip Morris Capital Corporation is the financial subsidy of the Altria Group, which handles portfolio operations. They influence the managerial operations in the meaning that they request and implement...


They also handle the 28.6% in SABMiller, a world leading brewing company based in the United Kingdom. Along the recent years, the division has registered the most positive results. Phillip Morris International has managed to register sustained and constant growth through both 2007 and early 2008. The organization operates in various global locations, including, but not limited to, Germany, Poland, Japan, Korea or Brazil. Their influence upon the group's management could result in stricter control and compliance with international regulations, but also a chance to register profits at global scale.


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Official Website…

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