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Ambulatory Care Unit

Designing your own healthcare unit

Designing a health care unit

The health care system in the world continues to grow amid the several challenges it faces from the developments in the related sectors. The world health organization puts strict restrictions on the quality of services that hospitals and all other care units should abide. It is in this resolution that the sector is changing tremendously from the federal centered and directed care units to privatization sector. Consequently, it increases the need for introduction of quality care units in hospitals to ensure that patients and all other needy people receive the deserved attention. The emergency care system is one sector that needs critical improvement and increment of services to cater for the rising incidences of emergencies. Thus, an ambulatory care unit best fits for introduction into the current hospital to ensure quality attendance to patients.

The mission statement and values of your organization

The realization that many medical treatments and investigations of illnesses that are acute and other preventive care services are possible to operate on an ambulatory basis. Issues such as minor medical and surgical procedures, dental services, dermatology and diagnostic procedures are possible to administer in the ambulatory care unit. Additional services such as emergency and rehabilitation visits and telephone consultation, the ambulatory care unit, can provide sufficiently. In my practice, I recognize that every person is valuable and as such; led by the dedication to excellence and headship. Therefore, in this line of commitment, the mission statement for the ambulatory care unit is to provide services of quality health and facilities to the community. Promoting the wellness of every individual, to relieve suffering and restore health to the individual as swiftly, safely and humanely as it is possible. With consistency, the care unit hopes to provide the best service, which gives the highest value for all the stakeholders employing technology precisely and conclusively.

The values of my ambulatory care unit work towards developing and fulfilling the mission statement of the organization. These values include, providing technologically precise, scientifically based and compassionately delivered nursing care for all individuals. The organization defines nursing as a scientific discipline that employs a holistic approach to the treatment and diagnosis of acute and potential illnesses response. In this value, the practice acknowledges the quality of the nursing profession in administering health care in the community. Therefore, we believe in the unit providing and promoting comfort and healing while lessening the effects of the illness. The organization believes in and ensures that patience get assistance to achieve the optimal level of self-care. In this value, the organization focuses on self-centered recovery care for the patient, thus involves the patient in the holistic treatment process. Additionally, the organization also incorporates practice in the dynamic medical institutions of learning to promote the ongoing learning of all professionals in the health sector. The organization believes in the strengthening of the nursing practice through a continuous commitment to innovation and research in nursing. Through this commitment, the ambulatory care unit hopes to revolutionize the quality of care services administered to the people. The unit will also grow the current technology to much improved technology that will enhance the quality in the care system. The organization also believes in responsibility, hence the value of accepting our professional accountability to the community, family and patients within our line of working. In this way, the staff in the organization works with keenness and accuracy in providing quality care: since they know that, they are accountable for their entire conduct in the work place. Additionally, the ambulatory care unit principles allow the staff to recognize the uniqueness of every individual, respect, protect and advocate for the observance of the rights of that person. Therefore, the workers in their line of duty work with self-determination and self-expression, confidentiality and dignity to honor the individual development of every patient. Therefore, the organization's staffs work in observance to the ethics of the profession, ensuring professional conduct between themselves and patients. A working and motivated staff is crucial in establishing and ensuring quality service delivery (Fisher & OCR (Organisation), 2005). Therefore, the organization believes in collaborating with the health care professionals, treating them in a manner that meets their expectations and terms and conditions for working. Moreover, the organization believes in developing and establishing relationships that are inherent in capacity. In establishing relationships with the community we serve, the families and patients and other professional health care service institutions, the organization grows its network and trust in the people it serves. The relationships that the organization establishes help in promoting the health care, the healing process and wholeness in the patient and working environment. Lastly, among the values is that of committing ourselves to sustain, grant and nurture one another in the working environment. In doing so, we create an environment that depicts mutual understanding, respect and care amongst ourselves and in society.

The organizational chart

The organizational chart represents the team leading the ambulatory care unit. As the founder and engineer of the unit, I will be the manager. Then I will have supporting leadership structure consisting of the assistant manager and the leader of the first department of emergencies; who will be working within the hospital premises. The other leader of field visits department will oversee the activities of attendance outside the hospital premises. The financial and strategic planning office will be heading the welfare of the organization, the staff and the whole unit.

The attributes to apply as a manager

An ambulatory care unit is a nursing unit, which offers services directly to the people. It deals with the people on a one-on-one basis; therefore, it is imperative to establish a top class management team and strategies that will lead to the success of the organization, there are factors to put in mind, such including, the fact that the quality is of more significance than any other form of gain. This way, as a manager, I intend to work tirelessly, in leading the staff towards the achievement of the visions of the organization, in adherence to our mission and values. The first attribute that I will apply in managing my team is that of representing and instilling integrity within the organization. It is momentous to appreciate that, the nursing work is more than just work. It is a calling to serve; it deals with the life of individuals; thus, care and keenness, along with integrity must come first. An organization without integrity means that there will be a lot of mishandling of works. Therefore, I will personally be the leading role in representing the practice of integrity, and instilling the same in the organization. The nursing unit will work with clear and unquestionable ethical conduct that allows the patients and nurses to relate with ethical conduct, free of integrity issues.

The second attribute that I will seek to apply and establish, as the manager in the organization is that of seeking continues improvement in the quality of service offered in the organization. Success mindedness is a key character of a manager, and as such, I will exploit this character in me to seek the continuous improvement of the quality of service that the ambulatory care unit will deliver. The quality of service that patients receive from the care unit is what will resolve the accomplishment of the new unit in the working place (Wolper, 2011). Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the unit service improves and progresses as the number of patients increase rather than decrease as it happens in the other organizations. Strong management is thus essential in developing this continuous improvement within the care unit, and as a manager, I will seek to maintain the growth of the organization through encouraging innovation by the staff among other means.

The third attribute that I intend to apply while managing this organizational unit is working towards the creation of a positive working environment and a culture of respect for one another within the organization. As a manager, I realize that the working conditions and relations in the working environment play pivotal role in the quality of service that the staff delivers. Additionally, the relations among the workers are essential in developing the working conditions that favor the peaceful coexistence among the workers. Therefore, as a manager, I intend to care for the staff by ensuring that they get the appropriate working conditions for them to deliver services accordingly. This way, the staff will have the motivation they need to deliver services while working as a team. Therefore, the attribute of creating an affirmative working environment for the staff is an essential development for the care unit. Another attribute of a quality and effective manager is that of leading by example (Mastal, & Levine, 2012). The manager has the duty to exemplify the ethical conduct and professionalism expected within the working environment. In nursing, every individual is a professional before any other post. Being a trained and qualified nurse, it…

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