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American Dream Essay Titles


The American Dream is something numerous writers and researchers have written about in the past.  The best way to attract new attention to your essay is to give it a great title that catches the eye of potential readers.  American Dream essay titles should pop with imagination and excitement.  After all, this is one topic that incites a great deal of enthusiasm in people, whether they believe in the Dream or denounce it as a nightmare.  So don’t be boring with your title.  Check these out for inspiration.

Top 25 American Dream Essay Titles

1. Ben Franklin and the Myth of the American Dream

2. The Pursuit of Mammon:  How the  American Dream Turned into out to be an American Nightmare

3. Edward Albee and Satirizing the American Dream in American Drama

4. Is the American Dream Still Possible?  For Those Who are Naïve Enough to Think It was Ever Realistically Possible, Sure

5. Proof That the American Dream is Alive and Well:  Stories of Americans and Immigrants Who Overcome Great Odds to Make Something of Themselves

6. How America Became the Land of Opportunity—and How Tin Pot Dictators in the Age of Coronavirus Locked It Down

7. When the American Dream Still Existed:  The US in the 19th Century

8. How Two World Wars, the Vietnam War and the War on Terror Woke Everyone up and Shook Them out of Their American Dream

9. 10 Falsehoods at the Heart of the American Dream


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…Parents Neglect to Tell Their Children That Prevent Them from Thinking Positively about the American Dream

23. Climbing the Ladder:  How Millennials are More Poised Than Any Other Generation to Pursue the American Dream

24. Disregarding the Critics:  What Dreamers Can Learn from Those Who Succeed

25. Antifa and the Death of the American Dream


American Dream essay titles should pop and sizzle and catch the reader’s attention by suggesting something witty, profound, intelligent or exciting.  Not every paper on this subject is going to be the same, but too often it is the case that writers stick a generic title on their essay and call it a day.  For this kind of paper you will not want to be generic.  You will want to think big because it’s…

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