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This is important, because in the story Lilia, does not understand the conflict in Pakistan, much less cares about the issues, until Mr. Pirzada becomes a family friend. An example of this can be seen with the passage that says, "No one at school talked about the war followed so faithfully in my living room." This is significant, because it shows how the lack of studying world history could cause, a disconnect, as the class would cause the students, to instinctively focus on those issue that are relevant from an American perspective. In many ways one could argue, that this is microcosm of the cultural assimilation that the entire family is going through. Evidence of this can be seen by looking no further than the passage that says, "It occurred to me that the television wasn't on at Dora's house at all. Her father was lying on the couch, reading a magazine, with a glass of wine on the coffee table, and there was saxophone music playing on the stereo." This is significant, because it illustrates how in school, the course of study is influencing the children. When they go home, the family embraces the same lifestyle as the new country. This is how the disconnect, between the home country and the new country take place, as it can change a family over time. As a result, the study of world history would help to keep things in more of an international focus.

To be ignorant to World History is doing an injustice to oneself because it affects us a whole.

The lack of learning World history has meant that Lila is having a more narrow focus, as to how she views the world around her. As the story unfolds, this is obvious as her perspectives begin to change, once she sees what is happening through the eyes of Mr. Pirzada. An example of this can be seen with the excerpt from the text saying, "All of these facts I know only now, for they are available to me in any history book, in any library." This is significant, because it shows how Lila could have easily been able to understand what was occurring, by doing research on her own. Instead, because of the focus on studying American history she does not. This is a tragedy, as the lack of studying World history, has made her unable to understand what was happening. Over the course of time, this will affect everyone, as these views would cause them to be less informed about history and how it applies to culture.

Clearly, the ability to understand the lessons of history will have an impact on everyone. This is because, the lack of learning and understanding the different lessons taught, will cause someone to view various issues from a more narrow focus. In the short story, When Mr. Pirzada came to Dine, this issue is highlighted through Lila and Mr. Pirzada. Where, their relationship shows this injustice that is occurring, as Lila does not understand or care about what is happening in India and Pakistan. This is despite the fact that her parents are from India. However, over the course of time, she begins to see what is happening from the views of Mr. Pizada. Once this takes place, is when Lila will have a greater understanding of the world around her. Therefore, the ideas that are presented in the story; shows how what is being taught in the classroom, will have upon the individual in the home.


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