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b. Deflation

c. High railroad rates

d. Rising interest rates

14. Which issue led to the organization of the Populist Party?

a. The desire to lift the burden of debt from farmers and other workers

b. The collapse of the Second Bank of the United States

c. An increase in immigration

d. Limited availability of land in the West for use by new farmers

15. Which factor contributed most to the passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882?

a. Lack of mining jobs

b. Economic war in Asia

c. Overcrowded neighborhoods

d. Rise of nativism

16. What was the impact of westward expansion on American Indians during the Jacksonian era?

a. Most American Indians were forced to move to Canada

b. Most American Indians were assimilated into U.S. society

c. Most American Indians were relocated to lands west of the Mississippi River

d. Most American Indians were able to negotiate to keep their land.

17. Which statement best explains the increase in sectionalism between 1820 and 1850?

a. Westward expansion created a heated debate over the nation's policy concerning American Indians.

b. Westward expansion caused a recurring debate over the expansion of slavery into new territories

c. Western expansion occurred faster over the northern plains than the southern river deltas

d. Western expansion created a need for government spending to improve transportation


How did the transcendental movement influence U.S. society during the mid to late 1800s?

a. Transcendentalists emphasized the need to get material wealth

b. Transcendentalists encouraged the spread of slavery

c. Transcendentalists created neoclassical style architecture

d. Transcendentalists wrote about the idea of self-reliance

19. What was the effect of the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

a. The concept of popular sovereignty led to armed conflict between slave owners and abolitionists

b. Slaveholders gained the right to establish slavery in those territories

c. The extension of slavery into the new territories was prohibited

d. Residents of Kansas and Nebraska were prohibited from considering the issue of slavery until the territories became states

20. "While society in the United States gives the example of the most extended liberty, the prisons of the same country offer the spectacle of the most complete [dictatorship]. Beaumont and a. de Tocqueville (1831) Which nineteenth-century reformer most likely agreed with de Tocqueville?

a. Angelina Grimke

b. Charles Finney

c. Dorothea Dix

d. William Lloyd Garrison

21. Which event is associated with the outbreak of war between the United States and Spain in 1898?

a. The sinking of the U.S.S. Maine

b. The Pancho Villa raids

c. The sinking of the Lusitania

d. The announcement of Mexican independence

22. In 1898, William Randolph Hearst reportedly sent a message to his photographer in Cuba that said, "You provide the photographs and I'll furnish the war." Which technique was Hearst using?

a. Muckraking

b. Transcendentalism

c. Censorship

d. Yellow journalism

23. How did the role of journalism change during the Progressive Era?

a. Journalism became the leader in the literacy movement

b. Journalism helped the captains of industry sell their products

c. Journalism opened the door for modern publishing companies

d. Journalism uncovered scandals and evoked people's emotions

24. Why did Theodore Roosevelt build the Great White Fleet?

a. To compete with the Russian navy

b. To help him win the Nobel Peace Prize

c. To protect U.S. trade interests in Japan


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