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American Revolution was one of the most significant historical turning points in which thirteen colonies in the New World got together to battle the British Empire and form the United States of America.

The first battles were at Concord and Lexington during 1775, but there was no formal declaration of war until 1776.

The battle was not a short one, with fighting continuing through 1781 and Lord Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown, VA to General (and future President) George Washington.

In 1783 the Treaty of Paris was signed, and the war formally ended.

The Congress of the Confederation ratified the Treaty of Paris in January of 1784, which made everything official and ensured that the United States of America was born and was no longer under the control of the British Empire.

The Founders, who are often called the Founding Fathers, of the American Revolution were vital to the start of the Revolution and the desire to see it through and gain independence. The names most commonly associated with the Revolution were George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, John Jay, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson.

Additionally, some historians include just about everyone who was involved with law or politics at the time of the American Revolution. While not common practice, this is sometimes done and the number of alleged Founding Fathers is greatly expanded. Most people, however, stay with the first seven as the true Founding Fathers.

The American Revolution was significant because the thirteen colonies wanted to have their independence from the British Empire. That was why they fought, and they would not have had to fight if the British had agreed to let them go peacefully. Because Britain was insistent on retaining control of the colonies in the New World, it eventually came down to war. It was not expected that the colonies would win because they were small and not well-established, but they were determined to have their freedom. Determination and an important goal often makes people capable of things previously…

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