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Office Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning business is known to come with a level of job security. The same routine is repeated every day to create and maintain cleanliness of a facility. In fact, every building with inhabitants irrespective of the city has to be cleaned by a cleaner. These cleaning services help protect the asset of the customer such as floor coverings, general furnishings and rest room fixtures. A professional cleaner makes a meaningful contribution to the society by prolonging the normal lifespan of both the facility and the contents (National Pro-Clean Corp., n.d; Lynn & Entrepreneur Press, 2014). Despite the presence of large multinational companies and franchise operations, more businesses now outsource their cleaning needs than they have ever done, as the larger cleaning services companies represent only about 30% of the entire market needs. About 70% of cleaning contractors are small, independent janitorial companies.

I would require a fairly low capital to start a new cleaning business. However, it can take up to six months before the cleaning business starts bringing in profits. As a new cleaning business owner, I can handle the initial growth challenges faced by the business by keeping my job, minimizing spending and conserving the flow of cash. A small start-up resource is needed before I can start my new office cleaning business (National Pro-Clean Corp., n.d). Here are the general cost projections (excluding salaries, taxes and profits):

Startup Instruction Manuals, JanBid estimating software, video, audio, literature along with FREE specialized consulting


Necessary set of janitorial supplies equipment and supplies


Commercial checking account and business license


Fidelity bond and general liability insurance


Office supplies (computer and printer)


Monogrammed shirts, literature and business cards




These services need additional equipment and training, but can earn up to double or triple of the total amount charged for major janitorial services. Before I start the business, I will need to validate whether the timing is appropriate to extend my cleaning business. Writing my business plan out will help me set up goals, create a written approach, and determine start-up costs. Contract cleaning business offers either the chance to grow steadily while the growing income finances used or new equipment purchases. Opening a new office or buying a brand new van is not mandatory (National Pro-Clean Corp., n.d; Gordon, 2008).

Good management skills are required to grow the business. I have mastered a number of requisites such as: proper time management, negotiation skills, appropriate business figure, effective management of the workforce and customer service. For contractors, accounting is a very important skill. Monitoring expenses and income regularly will help discover new tendencies as well as profitability. The skill will enable me track my efficiency for each and every building I clean, monitor my equipment, monitor costs of job as well as all financial fashions. Following monthly expenses and income is essential for realising cost-saving opportunities (National Pro-Clean Corp., n.d).

Hiring and Recruiting Workforce

Providing bad assistance may be a very fast manner to lose a client in office cleaning business. I can recruit workers through several means. I can ask my employees to provide me list of reliable, hardworking people they know who are…

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